16 Best Spotify Promotion Services 2024 – For Playlist Submission

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Most artists know one of the quickest ways to get their music heard on Spotify is with playlist placements.

Of course, to get placements, you’ve either got to pitch your music around the clock or be willing to invest a bit of money into promotion. But with so many great services available, which company should you choose to help you with marketing your music?

In this guide, we look at the best Spotify promotion services for playlist submission.

Playlist Push – Best Overall

Playlist Push – Best Overall

Playlist Push may be a relative newcomer in Spotify promotion, but the quality of their service is nearly unmatched, making them our best overall pick.

Their service has been featured in notable publications like Rolling Stone, CNBC, Los Angeles Times, Fortune, and Wired, among others.

In addition to Spotify promotion, Playlist Push also offers TikTok promotion services, and their service allows you to run Spotify and TikTok campaigns simultaneously.

On the Spotify side, they’ve got a reach of over 150 million, with access to over 4,000 verified playlists, and 500,000+ successful playlist adds.

On the TikTok side, they’ve managed to generate over 6.8 billion views for their clients, with access to over 3,300 TikTok Creators, who’ve created over 90,000 videos using submitted musical content.

Playlist Push is a service utilized by artists, managers, and labels alike. It’s simple enough for anyone to figure out but sophisticated enough to offer substantial results for promising songs.

Their service utilizes an AI-powered algorithm to help pitch your music to the right playlists and creators. This differs from a boutique agency (and some of the other services referenced below), which would get to know your music and needs and identify specific playlist opportunities before pitching.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Using an algorithm does make things more efficient for the company and the musician, and customers report the placements are largely on-point (in other words, they’re not being placed in low-quality, low-relevance playlists).

Most artists who’ve used Playlist Push report a positive experience, proving that the service delivers results.

As we also covered in our Playlist Push review, they have a live reporting dashboard. This lets you know how placements are going, along with detailed data on streams, listeners, monthly listeners, followers, and more.

If you’re considering working with Playlist Push, then you should know that the minimum budget they advise working with is $300. Although you can certainly spend more, it would be a good idea to save up the amount you’re planning to spend before starting a campaign with them.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Playlist Push is the fact that it’s practically “set and forget.” Whether you’re thinking about promoting on Spotify, TikTok, or both, all you need to do is submit your song along with some basic details, select your targeting, and you’ll be off to the races.

One note of caution (and this applies no matter what service you might be thinking about using) is that you should not expect to see much traction with basement or bedroom demos. After all, playlist curators have heard a lot of music, so they are unlikely to be impressed by subpar music with subpar production values.

Pitch your best songs. This is the best way to ensure you drive real results.

And while site design isn’t everything, Playlist Push has one of the most attractive websites of any music promotion service out there. Someone at their company knows what they’re doing.


  • Even as a relative newcomer, Playlist Push is one of the best Spotify promotion services in the business.
  • In addition to Spotify, they also offer TikTok promotion, and you can choose to promote on both platforms simultaneously.
  • Playlist Push uses an AI-powered algorithm to get your music placed in pertinent playlists.
  • Playlist Push offers reporting on key metrics for all campaigns.
  • You won’t be able to get started with them for less than $300 (minimum), but you can set your campaign budget much higher.
  • As with any reputable service, Playlist Push does not guarantee results. That said, many artists have tried them out and have reported competitive results with other services.
  • Playlist Push has a very professional-looking website.

Omari MC

Omari MC

Helping musicians since 2014, Omari MC could be considered one of the “old guard” Spotify promotion services. They’ve worked with over 21,000 artists to date and have managed to maintain a high rating online too.

Omari MC has worked with notable clients like Spinnin’ Records, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and Capitol Records. You can also find artist testimonials on their website.

While their website paints the picture that they do a lot of different things for artists and labels, what they are most known for, and what they do best, undoubtedly, is their promo services.

Besides Spotify, they offer promotion services for YouTube and TikTok. They will also manage Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for a fee. If you need promotional services in addition to Spotify, it may be worth your time to get everything done in one place.

In terms of customer experience, at Omari MC, as you'll see in our review, almost everything is handled through a single secure order form. All you need to do is choose the service(s) you want to purchase, follow the prompts, enter the relevant data, and Omari MC will go to work for you.

Omari MC’s pricing is clear and competitive. If Spotify promotion is what you’re looking for, you will effectively be paying for a certain number of placements and streams.

At the Gold level, for example, you can expect nine to 27 playlist placements and roughly 2,500 to 25,000 plays for $357.

Of course, that huge margin of error is something artists might worry about. 2,500 to 25,000? That seems like a rather big spread.

It would be irresponsible, however, for Omari MC to guarantee results. Services that guarantee a certain number of plays are often scammers, and we recommend using your best judgment when shopping for a service that’s matched to your needs (and that includes all services referenced in this guide).

Either way, it’s good to know that Omari MC can be trusted because they are only guaranteeing a certain number of placements and streams within a range.

And if you’re wondering what accounts for this margin of error, it’s usually the quality of music you provide. Again, it’s in your best interest to come to the table with your best quality recordings in hand, no matter the service employed.

But you will have a much better chance at success if your music is worth writing home about.

Omari MC has a decent-looking website, but it’s not the best. It’s a little overcrowded, some of the menu links lead to the same places, and graphically, it’s kind of amateurish. They might be a little too busy with clients to fix it, however, and it may be inconsequential so far as their business is concerned.

You can’t choose who you work with based on website design alone. We compared Omair MC and Playlist Push here if you want something more indepth.


  • One of the “old guard” promotion services, Omari MC has been helping over 21,000 artists since 2014.
  • They claim to offer many things, which you can explore at your leisure, but their staples are Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok promotion, as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising management.
  • You can place your orders through their catch-all secure order form. The process can be a little lengthy, though, so come prepared with as much relevant information as possible before going through the process.
  • Omari MC guarantees a certain number of playlist placements and streams within a range (usually with a substantial margin of error).

Indie Music Academy

Indie Music Academy

Indie Music Academy promises to be able to help you grow your fan base, no matter where you might be starting from. They offer both training programs and music promotion services to help you accomplish those ends.

Their Spotify promotion service is a 100% organic playlist push and is utilized by both artists and labels. Indie Music Academy guarantees real listeners, no bots, no low-quality ads, and no engagement schemes.

Indie Music Academy primarily uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Spotify-compliant means to get your music into the hands of curators, meaning you will never be at risk of being removed or banned from Spotify. Indie Music Academy always offers a 100% refund guarantee.

Their reputation precedes them. Indie Music Academy has worked with the likes of Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, Interscope Records, and Capitol Records, among others.

Indie Music Academy also has some of the most lengthy and in-depth sales copy for a Spotify promotion service we’ve ever seen. You can read at your leisure if it helps you come to a buying decision.

The main takeaway is Indie Music Academy will pitch your music to influencers who manage organically ranking playlists in a variety of categories – mood, seasonal, genre, music festival, soundtrack, and social and viral.

Indie Music Academy guarantees a certain number of streams based on the package purchased. This is generous, given that the onus will be on them to deliver the results, no matter the content, or how long it takes them. Although they do say bad quality recordings will be rejected…

The price for 20,000 guaranteed real streams, for instance, is $537.

The only thing I don’t “vibe” with, if you will, is the idea that getting playlist placements and streams will grow your fan base. The reality is that it might. Of course, every artist wants to grow their fan base, but just because you’re getting streamed more doesn’t necessarily mean that your fan base is expanding.

Smart artists know to build their email and customer lists first and foremost.

Getting started with Indie Music Academy, however, is quick and easy, and their order form is relatively succinct too.


  • Indie Music Academy claims to offer a 100% organic playlist push service using SEO and Spotify-compliant methods.
  • Their website features the most sales copy of any playlist promotion service we’re aware of.
  • Indie Music Academy guarantees a certain number of streams (not a range) based package purchased. They have four packages – 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 streams. Artists who need guaranteed stream counts will certainly want to explore what they have to offer.
  • Indie Music Academy will reject music that’s not ready for promotion (although this is not necessarily unique to them).



SubmitHub doesn’t just offer promotion for Spotify, but it is among one of the very first music promotion services of its kind, and they are also one of the best.

They’ve worked with the likes of Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Island Records, and Republic Records, to name a few.

SubmitHub offers the opportunity for musicians to get their music promoted and reviewed by over 1,900 quality-checked Spotify playlisters, music bloggers, and influencers.

SubmitHub recently launched its Marketplace (which is still in Beta), a place where artists can go to find help with an array of tasks – reviews, audio engineering, press and marketing, and even graphic design. If you’re looking for additional services, I think this is one of the better places to look.

Their submission process is very straightforward – you can either insert a link to the song you want to promote (from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, Bandcamp, etc.), or upload an MP3 to get started. Ultimately, you will need to provide both a link and the MP3, WAV, or OGG of track too, so take note.

From there, you simply follow the prompts and type in relevant details about your song, until you’re ready to send your song to curators or influencers.

Curators include Spotify playlist curators, bloggers, YouTube channels, and the like. The average share rate of curators is 25%.

Meanwhile, influencers include TikTok and Instagram creators. They are guaranteed to share your content, or you’ll get your credits back.

SubmitHub even gives you the option of browsing their database of curators and influencers, which can help you better understand the overall landscape, and who you might want to get your music in front of.

SubmitHub also has a classic “homebrew” vibe you won’t often find anymore on their internet. Because of that, their site design is unique.

For artists looking for extended reach beyond just Spotify, SubmitHub is a service well worth considering.


  • SubmitHub is among one of the first services of its kind and did not have any competitors until recently.
  • SubmitHub works on credits, which are $10 for 10, but you do get discounts the more you purchase. You can purchase credits to contact playlists and blogs and hire influencers and promoters. Credits can be used in the Marketplace too.
  • Not exclusively a Spotify service, SubmitHub can get your music out to a mix of playlist curators, music bloggers, and social media influencers.
  • SubmitHub recently launched its Marketplace, which connects artists with freelancers who can help them with an array of tasks.
  • Curators have a share rate of 25%. Meanwhile, influencers are guaranteed to share, or you get your credits back.
  • You can freely browse SubmitHub’s list of curators.



SoundCampaign was created to connect you with Spotify playlist curators. They promise to be able to match you up with relevant and popular playlists and collect feedback from playlist curators.

If your track goes unreviewed by a curator, SoundCampaign says they will return your budget for that portion of your campaign.

They claim to have access to over 10,500 playlists and have helped artists get more than 157 million streams. They’ve also created over 13,000 campaigns to date.

Their process is relatively straightforward – set up a new campaign, wait for SoundCampaign’s A&R team to approve your track, set your campaign targeting and budget, and launch your campaign.

SoundCampaign will use your genre, geo-targeting, and budget to help connect your music with the best possible opportunities.

The success of your campaign, they say, is entirely dependent on how well your track is liked by independent curators.

SoundCampaign does not guarantee results. Since playlist curators are paid for reviews and not for playlist placements, SoundCampaign doesn’t assure that your music will get placed. They do contend, however, that this is the only ethical way to do business, as Spotify does not allow for paid placements.

SoundCampaign has a professional website design along with testimonials from many artists. Overall, their rating is also quite high.

Overall, SoundCampaign seems more geared towards artists who want feedback on their music and placements as a byproduct, not the other way around.

Some artists, I imagine, would happily pay for the feedback, though, and yes, it can be worth it.

Either way, for artists who need more, SoundCampaign also offers TikTok music promotion.


  • SoundCampaign is primarily focused on connecting you with Spotify curators who will offer feedback on your music. This may also result in playlist placements.
  • They have an approval process for tracks submitted – their in-house A&R team will review your tracks before letting you move forward with your campaign.
  • In addition to Spotify promotion, they also offer TikTok promotion services.

YouGrow Promo

YouGrow Promo

YouGrow Promo is a service offering promotional services for Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

They claim to be able to help artists get heard without bots and rely exclusively on organic playlist promotion to get results.

YouGrow was created by artists, for artists – in this case, by artists who know Spotify inside and out. They pride themselves on speedy communication, and they never use bots. They were rated the top music promotion company on TrustPilot, and they delivered over 215 million streams to clients in 2022.

If for some reason they can’t pitch your music, YouGrow has a money-back guarantee.

To get started with YouGrow Promo, all you need to do is customize your campaign. From there, they will take over and pitch your song on your behalf.

YouGrow Promo’s pricing model is a lot like Omari MC’s. You get a guaranteed number of streams within a range. Their popular Rising Artist package, for instance, costs $247 and gets you 10,000 to 22,000 streams.

YouGrow Promo has four campaign types – Starter, Rising Artist, Superstar, and Megastar, depending on your budget and how many streams you want to get. Overall, they are one of the most transparent with their pricing scheme and the results they can help artists generate.


  • YouGrow Promo offers Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram promotional services.
  • They have a pricing model that’s very similar to Omari MC’s, with a guaranteed number of streams within a range based on the package purchased.
  • YouGrow Promo offers four packages depending on your budget and promotional needs – Starter, Rising Artist, Superstar, and Megastar.

Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media promises to market your music on Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud using “unique methods.” They have a team that’s made up of a mix of artists, music lovers, marketers, and managers.

With over 30 years of music industry experience, Daimoon has reached over 10 million Spotify followers and has helped over 7,000 artists to date.

To get set up with them, all you need to do is choose the tracks you want to promote (on what services) and customize your campaign. From there, Daimoon will get right to work on your campaign and offer reporting as you’re waiting for the results to come in.

Daimoon’s top priority is to help you get your song placed in popular playlists that are highly active. They do not prioritize helping you get feedback as SoundCampaign does. If feedback is what you’re looking for, you may want to explore other services mentioned in this guide.

Also, Daimoon does not guarantee a specific number of streams, though they say they work hard to exceed your expectations. Their campaigns usually last one to two months depending on what it takes to get your music into the hands of curators.

Daimoon Media offers five campaign types depending on your goals – Bedroom Artist, One-To-Watch Artist, Club Artist, Touring Artist, and Festival Artist. Prices for campaigns range from $57 up to $1,497.

As for their checkout process, it might be one of the easiest and quickest we’ve seen.


  • You can market your music on Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud using Daimoon Media’s promotional services.
  • Daimoon focuses more heavily on playlists than streams and feedback. Artists seeking streams, feedback, or both, may want to consider another service.
  • They let you choose from five primary campaign types, each with a visualization to show you expected growth post-campaign.
  • They have a speedy, streamlined checkout process.

Moonstrive Media

Moonstrive Media

Moonstrive Media has been helping artists with their Spotify and YouTube promotions for over five years. They’ve worked with over 4,000 artists and have helped them gain over 90 million plays to date.

Created by artists who understand well the disappointment that can follow working hard on a song that falls on deaf ears, Moonstrive decided to commit themselves to better understanding Spotify’s algorithm. Following in the footsteps of their own successes, now they help other artists maximize their Spotify presence.

With their service, you can expect a minimum number of followers in exchange for your purchase. They say it is common for listeners to add the songs they hear to their private playlists, which can naturally help with repeat traffic long term.

Moonstrive says they can work with just about any genre of music, and they even accept explicit content, something you may not find with other services.

In terms of pricing, they have a couple of “out of stock” packages. We’re not sure why they felt it important to keep them there, but thankfully all their available packages offer more followers than their out-of-stock ones.

You can request anywhere from 100,000 playlist followers to 1.5 million playlist followers, depending on your campaign goals and budget. Packages cost from $134 to $1,649.

While it’s clear that Moonstrive Media is a professional company, we do think their site design could use a little work. The font they’ve chosen is small and the text often appears bunched together. Some of their rollovers feature overlayed text that’s hard to read, and some of their graphics appear downscaled and low resolution too.

Again, it may not affect or reflect Moonstrive Media’s business in any way, but if we were to suggest changes those would be it.


  • Moonstrive Media focuses on getting you a minimum of followers. They are less focused on placements or streams, but these should come as a natural byproduct of initiating a campaign.
  • Using Moonstrive’s service should give you a nice bump in Spotify’s algorithm.
  • Many music promotion services do not accept every genre of music, or for that matter, explicit content. Moonstrive Media does.

Boost Collective

Boost Collective

Boost Collective is not the type to suffer through long introductions. They like to get to the point, and their website reflects this fact. If that describes you too, then you might be on the same wavelength as them.

With their music promotion service, you can get your music pitched and placed in playlists in one to two days. If your song isn’t added, they have a money-back guarantee.

Boost Collective helps you build long-term, organic growth, not with the use of bots or fake streamers. They will get your music in front of over 3,000 playlist curators.

Probably one of the coolest things about Boost Collective is that you can earn an RIAA-style plaque if your song manages to accumulate 250,000 streams on Spotify.

Their process also involves listening to your song and personally selecting playlists that your song is suited to. This is closer to a boutique agency approach.

While they welcome any style or genre of music, Boost Collective is also clear that they may not be able to get the same results with ambient, jazz, blues, experimental, folk, religious, classical, or niche metal music.

In terms of packages, Boost Collective has Bronze, Gold, Pro, and Platinum, ranging from $59 to $279 (prices are subject to change based on relevant promotions). Like Omari MC, Boost Collective guarantees a minimum of playlist placements and a range of streams (for instance, 3,000 to 25,000 streams) based on the package.

Boost Collective also appears to have frequent promotions, which may allow you to claim multiple discounts for your music marketing campaigns.


  • Boost Collective works fast. That said, you can also get long-term results using their service.
  • If your song gets 250,000 streams on Spotify, you’ll receive an RIAA-style plaque to celebrate the occasion.
  • Their pricing is very competitive (especially when their promotions are in effect), and they guarantee a minimum number of playlist placements and a range of streams based on the package purchased.
  • If you’re thinking about going with Boost Collective, be sure to keep an eye on their promotions, which can help you save a lot of money.



SpaceLoud connects artists with influencers who can help them grow on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

After you’ve signed up with SpaceLoud, you can set your budget, and either choose the specific influencers you want to work with or wait for influencers to submit their proposals to you.

You can then share the specific platform your song or mix is on, select the channels you want your music to be promoted on (Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, TikTok, or YouTube), the date and time you want your music to be shared, and the amount you’re willing to pay for the promotion.

That means SpaceLoud’s service is a little more hands-on than other Spotify promotion services. That said, if you like having control over who promotes your music, you might benefit from this process.

Pricing-wise, SpaceLoud offers three packages – Lite, Pro, and Premium. There are both monthly and annual options, and of course, you can save a little money by paying yearly.

The implication here is that if you use their service, you’re better off playing the long game versus running a one-off campaign. If you’re thinking about paying for promotion ongoingly, then you may benefit from their offer.

SpaceLoud also has a 14-day trial. In this case, this term is a little misleading, though, because what they really mean is you don’t pay until you get results, but you still pay for the campaign.

Also, it is just me, or did SpaceLoud model their website after Playlist Push’s?


  • Offers promotion for Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube via connections with influencers.
  • SpaceLoud is a little more hands-on given that you’ll be choosing or approving the specific influencers you want to work with.
  • To get results with SpaceLoud, you’ll probably want to commit to the long haul. One-off campaigns may not get you anywhere.
  • Their 14-day trial may give you a taste of the platform, but you will still need to pay for the campaign in the end.



Playlist-Promotion.com has been helping artists get their music out there since 2015.

Today, they work with over 1,000 playlist curators to get your music placed in 3,000 playlists covering an array of genres, including niche genres.

Playlist-Promotion.com guarantees placements, offers phone support, and has a money-back guarantee too.

In terms of artists, they’ve worked with the likes of French Montana, BTS, Travis Scott, Farid Bang, Summer Cem, Chimbala, and Bring Me the Horizon, among others.

Playlist-Promotion.com’s process is mostly hands-off. Once you submit your song, their team will review and approve it. After that, they will put together a Spotify promotion campaign tailored to your song to help you get the best results possible.

They then begin the process of pitching your music to playlists, after which you will receive an in-depth report covering followers, links to playlists, playlist names, and more.

To get started with Playlist-Promotion.com, you’ll need to fill out the form on their website and submit your request.


  • Playlist-Promotion.com is a Spotify promotion service that’s been around since 2015. They work with over 1,000 curators across 3,000 playlists.
  • Some known artists like Travis Scott, French Montana, and Bring Me the Horizon have used Playlist-Promotion.com. It seems like it’s mostly urban artists using their platform, though that’s neither good nor bad.
  • Once your song has been submitted and approved, Playlist-Promotion.com takes over from there, making the process of promotion mostly hands-off.

Music Gateway

Music Gateway

Music Gateway is a music promotion company offering Spotify, radio, press, and other music marketing services. While this appears their mainstay, they offer a mix of other services too – online mastering, web design, artist development, music licensing, and the like. Here we’ll focus on their Spotify promotion services.

Music Gateway says they’ve spent years developing relationships with curators and playlisters. They pitch your music to their network based on the style and genre of your song so they can maximize campaign results.

After you submit your music, Music Gateway’s team will listen to it to determine where to pitch it. They will then follow up with you to discuss your campaign, and once ready, begin pitching your music. Music Gateway says they offer both transparency and reporting throughout.

They say their curator network has grown to over 200,000 worldwide, they’re able to generate millions of streams per year for their clients, and they launch thousands of campaigns per year.

Music Gateway also focuses on Spotify editorial playlists, something many companies avoid completely knowing how many submissions they get daily. That said, they also understand how valuable it can be for an artist to be placed in an editorial playlist.

Music Gateway emphasizes that you will only ever get real streams from real playlists. Organic traffic only – no bots!


  • Music Gateway is a multi-faceted company offering a relatively comprehensive selection of essential services for artists.
  • They’re a Spotify Preferred Partner with a curator network of over 200,000.
  • While they don’t make any guarantees, they pitch to Spotify editorial playlists, which can be among the hardest to land a placement in.
  • There is nothing specifically that differentiates Music Gateway’s Spotify promotion service (we feel like we’ve seen it before). That doesn’t make it bad, though!

Partnered Projects

Partnered Projects

Partnered Projects is a technology company offering Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube promotion services, as well as direct advertising.

Their Spotify promotion service might be one of the more straightforward ones out there. Partnered Projects pitches your music to Spotify curators based on your song. All you need to do is select your genre and package size, enter a few basic details about your song, and they take care of the rest.

Their packages range from $209 to $4,375, which in our estimation spans from slightly more expensive than competitors to astronomical.

That said, they do promise a certain number of streams (within a range) for each campaign. For instance, their second smallest package promises between 25,000 and 35,000 streams.

Partnered Projects says they hold payments for seven days until a submission has been approved, rather than taking payments upfront. They also offer a full refund if they can’t match your song up with any playlists.

Their promotion works fast once it’s underway, though. They say most placements should only take a day or two, though pitching can take one to two business days, while curators take another one to three business days to review and approve tracks.

Campaigns can last from two weeks to over three months depending on the music being promoted.


  • Partnered Projects can promote your music on Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. They also offer digital advertising services.
  • They hold your payment for seven days until your song has been approved for promotion. They will refund your money if they can’t get your music placed.
  • Are they one of the more expensive options available? It certainly appears that way. But they certainly aren’t over-selling their services.

Orion Promotion

Orion Promotion

Orion Promotion was created to help artists connect with playlist curators, and they promise to be both transparent and affordable. Their focus is on organic playlists.

Orion Promotion is connected to nearly 1,200 curators across the world, and over 6,750 popular playlists. They generate 5.5 million monthly listeners and have completed over 7,500 campaigns to date.

Once you’ve submitted your song to Orion Promotion, they will listen to it to determine how to best pitch it across their network. Once your music is in the hands of curators, they will offer feedback and add it to their playlist at their discretion. They offer detailed reporting too.

Orion Promotion has three basic packages, ranging from $79 to $209 – Basic, Standard, and Premium. They promise a minimum number of followers (e.g., 50,000), playlist pitches, and a range of streams as well (e.g., 15,000 to 30,000).

Their packages also include email support and live chat at the Basic level, and personal campaign support at the Standard and Premium levels.


  • Orion Promotion is a promotion company dedicated to connecting artists with playlist curators. They also offer music distribution services.
  • Their plans promise a minimum number of playlist pitches, followers, and a range of streams.
  • Their Basic and Standard packages might be among the best we’ve seen in terms of value for money.
  • They offer good support with every package.



SubmitLink promises to be able to help artists get real listeners by getting them placed in relevant playlists.

Their process is simple. Choose the song you want to submit, choose from one of three campaign types, and SubmitLink will take over and send your songs to curators and collect feedback from them.

Their three campaign modes include the following:

  • AI Campaign: Their AI will take many factors into account – like genre, the likelihood that your song will be approved, listener, activity, and more – and automatically pitch your music to relevant playlist curators.
  • Manual Campaign: For more advanced users. Sift through many datasets and filter from hundreds of potential playlists.
  • Free Manual Campaign: Just like the Manual Campaign option, except you can submit your music to Spotify playlists for free. Results are not guaranteed.

SubmitLink guarantees that within seven days the music you’ve submitted will be heard, considered, and reviewed by curators. Curators are not incentivized to place your music, however, and it’s entirely up to them whether they do.

If curators do not respond at all, you will get your money back.

You will receive responses from curators who placed and didn’t place your track alike, though a chat will be opened between you and those who did share your track, which allows you to build connections with curators.

To get started with SubmitLink, all you need to do is provide a link to your track (or search for it using the form provided), create a new account (fill out relevant details), upload your song, and start setting up your campaign.

SubmitLink is about the only service that lets you get started for as little as $10, though you can also choose from $30 or $75, or set a custom budget.


  • SubmitLink lets you choose from AI-driven or manual campaigns. They are also one of the few services that lets you submit music for free, but you only get to choose from 28 playlists.
  • One of the key features of SubmitLink is that it puts you in touch with playlist curators.
  • This is one of the few websites that lets you create a connection with playlist curators.
  • Flexible pricing – we’re not sure how much $10 will get you, but it’s nice to know you can start low with SubmitLink.



UseViral is a service worth knowing about, if for no other reason because they offer promotion for just about every channel you can name (and some you can’t) – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, and many others.

With their Spotify promotion service, you have the option of buying monthly listeners, followers, playlist followers, plays, and saves. And their rates are quite competitive too.

Their service is very hands-off and does not require your direct input. UseViral will identify specific playlists that your music should be on, contact the curators, and work with them to get your music placed.

At the same time, they also say they’re going to review your track, get in touch with you regarding your campaign and budget, and determine what the best approach will be for you. This is a little confusing since their checkout page allows you to buy a certain number of plays or followers in exchange for your money.


  • UseViral is a social media growth service handling an array of popular destinations, including Spotify and TIDAL.
  • Is it legit? Well, they do have a phone number and a physical address on their website, which is always a good sign. We still suggest using your best judgment here.
  • The language they use to answer frequently asked questions is a little funny.

Top Spotify Promotion Services, Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there are different Spotify promotion services matched to different needs. Playlist Push is our favorite overall, and the best option for most. But whether you’re looking to grow your streams, followers, playlist placements, or just get feedback from curators, there are solutions worth exploring.

A final word of caution – it is your money you’re spending, and you should demand accountability and results from the companies you choose to work with. Always use your best judgment and avoid bad deals or spammy-sounding offers.

Best of luck promoting your music on Spotify!

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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