Testimonials (What Others Say About Us)

Here are just some of the hundreds (or maybe thousands? I lost track) of kind words people have said about our free guides and premium courses over the years. Others love how we help them in their music career, we know you will too. You'll find more testimonials dotted around the site.

Music Industry How To helped me reflect about my whole creation process and release strategy, and lay down a plan that I could follow and stick to. I was a total mess and completely unstructured. Projects/songs could last from 2 months to 2 years until they got published. I didn't know how to market them, how to organize my releases, how [to use] platforms or distribute work, details about publishing, live gigs or growing an audience.

After I stumbled upon Music Industry How To, I sat down, collected all the resources and put together a plan. Now, after a year, I have a release strategy, my [streaming] audience has grown from 150 monthly listeners to 200k and I'm even more excited about the things to come.

100k - 200k Spotify plays per month. Hundreds of thousands of views for each Youtube video. Swedish pop, reggaeton and urban singer.

Testimonial - Tharyk

Music Industry How To has been guiding me on the right path to success since I joined. It has backed up some of my beliefs and ideas and has also showed me new ideas and working patterns in the music industry today.

Music Industry How To Testimonial - Rudebone


Viral Tik Tok artist with song ‘Bandana’, millions of views. Afrobeats & reggae-dancehall musicpreneur.

I think you are doing a fantastic job to educate. I am very new in the music world and did not know anything. You’ve guided me through every step [and] have opened [the] music world up for me. Thank you so much for all your help. I would recommend you to all musicians.

Music Industry How To Testimonial - Karen Salicath Jamali

Karen Salicath Jamali.

‘American Protégé Piano & String Music 2019’ third place winner. Carnegie Hall New York performer. Classical Pianist.

Music Industry How To restored my faith in the possibility of becoming a full-time musician. It helped me start looking in the right direction for opportunities by giving me insight into the climate of today's music industry, and strategies that are currently working for successful artists.

Music Industry How To Testimonial - Indigo Rose

Indigo Rose.

Northern Touch Music Festival 2019 performer. R&B / hip hop inspired singer-songwriter & producer.

Some Pro Musician Transformation Course Testimonials

Pro Musician Transformation Course Mockup

I'll extend my thanks to Shaun Letang for the course. So far it is great. I'm excited to get to the business aspect of it since that is my weak point in this whole endeavor, as I imagine it is to most other musicians here.

Testimonial - Pro Musician Transformation course - Andrew Bureau

Andrew Bureau.

Melodic-metal solo instrumentalist from Canada.

Since I adore making music, I want a way to turn my passion into a career which is why I signed up. The course is very informative and has really taught me a great deal already, so kudos to the creators!

Testimonial - Pro Musician Transformation course - Jack Lawlor

Jack Lawlor.

Loving the video content so far! Thank you!

Testimonial - Pro Musician Transformation course - Sito Vrse

Sito VRSE.

Trap & reggaeton artist from Spain.

Some Profitable Video Musician Course Testimonials

Profitable Video Musician Course 3D Mock Up

After taking your music course, I applied what I learned immediately. In just 2.5 months, I have reached over 800 views on my FIRST Youtube video including 20 thumbs up and multiple positive comments, as well as, over 20 subscribers (It sounds like a long period of time for the amount of views, but in my eyes this is a success considering I just started my career). In addition, fans are telling me they want more music, videos, and now merchandise!

xoITALY - Profitable Video Musician review and testimonial


1147+ views on first Youtube video. New rapper.

I’ve taken other Youtube courses before and they were fine, but they were geared more to just Youtube in general. So this one was very helpful because it’s geared specifically toward musicians trying to get their music out there. And that is not something I have seen done, or done well, so this was a very helpful course for that.
It really does walk you through step by step from the very beginning.

Mella Music Testimonial - Profitable Video Musician member


Session singer, songwriter & voiceover artist.

Shaun really knew how to address a lot of issues we’re all concerned about. Like how to be unique, how to stand out, and what makes people want to watch you more than someone else who’s playing the same instrument as you…

Liz Profitable Video Musician Testimonial


Cello player & teacher.