Song Idea Generator

Wondering what to write a song about? Well click the below button to use this free song ideas generator and get some great song theme ideas:

How To Use This Free Song Idea Generator

Find what to write songs about With This Song Ideas Generator

Usage is simple:

  1. Click the above ‘Generate Song Idea’ button.
  2. Keep clicking until you get an idea for a song you want to write.
  3. Bookmark or save this page so you’ve access whenever you need inspiration for a new song. 🙂

What Kind Of Song Ideas Does This Song Topic Generator Make?

So what kind of ideas does this generator make?

While there are a few different styles, here are some of them:

  • Songs about love and relationships.
  • Songs about having fun.
  • Songs about people.
  • Songs about religion.
  • Songs about situations.
  • Songs about you.
  • Songs about money.

What Genre Of Music Does This Generate Good Song Topics For?

Any genre of music you like!

As these ideas are universal, it doesn’t matter if you make pop, rap songs, country music, jazz or other.

As long as you need to write a song, these suggestions should be relevant to you.

Some Song Ideas You’re Free To Use Quick:

So if you want a quick glance at some song ideas, here are some you can use right now:

  • A song about someone you fancy but they don't know you exist.
  • A song about partying in a club.
  • A song about thanking family members who have always been there for you.
  • A song about your faith.
  • A song about a life event you went through and you want to speak about.
  • A song about growing up and how things change.
  • A song about how money affects things.
  • A song about a new relationship with someone and everything's exciting.

You can also find more free song prompts here, I hope you find them useful.

I’ve A Song Idea, But How Do I Write A Good Song?

So now you’ve the idea for your song.

If you’re not sure how to write a song however, or just want to improve at that, check out our guide on songwriting here.

It’s made for beginners, so even if you’re starting out, follow the process to end up with a top song to show people.

Song Idea Generator Conclusion

Using the above song topic generator, you’ll never have to worry about things to write songs about again!

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