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About Shaun Letang And Music Industry How To

Hi guys, my name’s Shaun Letang, and I’m the owner of Music Industry How To. Through this site, I aim to help musicians and music industry professionals reach their music-related goals faster. We also narrow down the best songs for music fans.

Believe it or not though, I don’t know everything (I know, crazy right). It’s because of this that I get other talented and knowledgeable people in the music industry to help where I can’t personally advise you. The result? A ‘one-stop shop’ to learn everything you need to know about the music industry!

That’s the aim, and that’s what I’m working towards.

Just SOME Of The People Who Have Contributed To Music Industry How To:

Shaun Letang - Music Marketing Expert - About MIHT Authors

Shaun Letang.
Music Industry How To owner.
Music marketing adviser.

Ari Herstand Music Business Advisor - About MIHT Author

Ari Herstand.
Professional musician.
Music business adviser.

Liam Duncan Band Member Even Organizer - About MIHT Author

Liam Duncan aka Boy Golden.
Solo singer & pianist.
Event organizer.

David Andrew Wiebe Music Entrepreneur - About MIHT Author

David Andrew Wiebe.
Professional guitar teacher.
Music entrepreneur.

Kerri Ho - Professional Singing Teacher - About MIHT Author

Kerri Ho.
Professional singing teacher.

Brett Clur Drumming Teacher

Brett Clur.
Professional drumming teacher.

Andrew Linn - B.M in Trumpet Performance - About MIHT Authors

Andrew Linn.
B.M in Trumpet Performance, University of Kansas.

Shaun Acker - Saxophonist - About MIHT Authors

Shaun Acker.

Anshul Jain - Session Guitarist- About MIHT Authors

Anshul Jain.
Seasoned session guitarist.

Alexander J Hastedt - Guitarist producer band member - About MIHT Authors

Alexander J Hastedt.
Guitarist, producer, and band member.

NIFTY Christian - Music Business Man And Rapper - About MIHT Authors

NIFTY Christian.

Tommy Darker - Musicpreneur - About MIHT Authors

Tommy Darker.

Christopher Sutton - Ear Training Expert And Music Entrepreneur - About MIHT Author

Christopher Sutton.
Ear training expert.
Music entrepreneur.

Praverb - Data Based Hip Hop Rapper - R.I.P - About MIHT Author

Data based hip hop rapper.

James Moore - Your Band Is A Virus Author - About MIHT Author

James Moore.
Music PR agency owner.

Chad Edwards - Songwriter And Audio Producer - About MIHT Author

Chad Edwards.
Songwriter & audio producer.

Egils Petersons - Songwriter And Instrumentalist - About MIHT Author

Egils Petersons.
Songwriter & instrumentalist.

Nicholas Rubright - Acoustic And Electric Guitarist - About MIHT Author

Nicholas Rubright.
Acoustic & electric guitarist.

TJ Bear - Rapper - About MIHT Authors

TJ Bear.

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