Courses For Musicians

Ready to take your music career to the next level? Here you’ll find our top music courses, all made in house. While the guides on our site are good for learning specific one-off things, it’s not always easy to know what you should be doing at any one point. If you want to be taken step by step through the bigger picture & discover how to really forward your music career as a whole, the below audio and video courses are what you need.

Pro Musician Transformation Logo Blue

The Pro Musician Transformation Course

If you've been doing music for a long time with little to no progress, chances are you’re missing some key elements to doing music professionally that most don’t even know they need. This course shows those elements.

Profitable Video Musician Course Logo Red

The Profitable Video Musician Course

A complete blueprint showing how a group of smart musicians are making a livable income using Youtube. Hint, they're not using it in the same way 99%+ other musicians are using it...

Accelerated Artist Collection

Accelerated Artist Collection

Attention: Independent Singers, Instrumentalists, Rappers & Producers: This training shows how new ‘Accelerated Artist’ approach can turn talented but failing musicians into fan favorite professionals in as little as a few short months.

Ultimate Platform Creation course

Ultimate Platform Creation

FINALLY; Launch your music to 1,000s Of fans EVERY TIME!
A new strategy that can turn your lifeless social profiles into platforms with thousands of engaged fans.