Omari MC Promotion Review 2024; Can They Get You New Fans?

Omari Mc Promotion Review

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Hey there, today we're going to review the Omari MC Promotion services. Is it any good? Can they help you gain more fans for your music? We're going to answer this and more.

In summary though, Omari MC Promotion is a great option if you want someone to promote your music on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook or Apple Music. They can't offer any guarantees about how many people will stay on and become fans of your music, but they will get your music in front of real music fans in your genre.

After all, no one will hear your music if you don’t get it out there. And, while you can do a lot of music marketing yourself here in the digital age, it can be incredibly time consuming and effort intensive to get any kind of traction.

These days, there are many services out there, and one an artist may turn to is Omari MC, which offers music promotion for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Facebook, and Instagram. And, in this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at their services.

This is a hands-on review, and we’ll be exploring specifics before we offer our opinion. You can find our verdict at the end.

It’s time to look at Omari MC.

What Is Omari MC Promotion? Is He Legit?

Nathaniel Omari Moore

Omari MC offers music promotion and marketing services for musicians. In addition, they also have management and coaching options. But in this review, we’ll mostly be focusing on their promotional services.

They also define themselves as a music promotion agency and music marketing blog, which might help put a little more context around their business.

The name of the business comes from its owner, Nathaniel (Omari) Moore, who started out as a music producer when he was 14, in Pittsburg, PA, U.S.A.

Through his production work, Moore was able to build a wide network of connections of fans and influencers, which he now leverages for his music promotion services. He has worked with the likes of Spinnin’ Records, Universal Music Group, Slip-n-Slide Records, and VH1.

Moore also has courses and ebooks, which sometimes come bundled with his promotional services to ensure you get the most from every purchase.

We'd have many of our readers use and be happy with his promotional service, so yes, Omari MC is legit.

You can see some musicians who have already used his service here:

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Furthermore, the company is very responses to messages:

Omari replies in couple hours

Omari MC Review – The Offer

Omari MC music marketing services

Omari MC is not a small operation by any means, and as I’ve already shared, Moore’s website is home to a mix of free content, courses, tools, and more. Again, though, in this review, we’ll be looking primarily at the promotional services offered.

Their services revolve around popular streaming and social media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Facebook, and Instagram.

This makes sense, because when musicians distribute their music, these platforms and sites is where their music ends up. And of course, they represent some of the best marketing opportunities available, based on the size of their respective user bases alone.

Here’s what offers in terms of promotional campaigns.

Omari MC Spotify Review

Spotify is the largest and most popular streaming platform. As such, many musicians are looking to get their music playlisted on Spotify and grow their following by any means possible.

Omari MC offers what they’ve termed “Organic Spotify Promotion”, and it mainly helps musicians get their music playlisted.

Now, you can certainly find and pitch to playlists yourself, but the DIY approach usually takes a lot of time and effort (more than you might think).

Further, unless you’ve already got connections, you’d basically be starting from scratch with the whole process of building relationships with playlist creators and getting them to listen to your music in hopes they will playlist it.

Paid promotion is obviously a good option if you’ve got great music, because it will save you hours and more than likely help you achieve better results (not guaranteed).

We’ll be taking a closer look at whether paid promotion in general is worth it a little later, so be sure to read that section before committing to any purchase.

But first, let’s look at what Organic Spotify Promotion costs.

The Price Of A Spotify Promotion Campaign

Spotify Organic Promotion costs $77 to $1,797, depending on how many playlists you’d like your music pitched to.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 50,000 playlists placement – $77
  • 100,000 playlists placement – $147
  • 250,000 playlists placement – $357
  • 500,000 playlists placement – $657
  • 1 million playlists placement – $1,297
  • 1.5 million playlists placement – $1,797

YouTube Campaign

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine on the internet, and by far one of the most popular destinations online. The platform isn’t specifically for music, as it’s home to all manner of video content, but there are a lot of musicians who’ve either found an audience on YouTube or are full-time content creators for YouTube.

One of the first questions you might have about YouTube promotion is whether to pay for YouTube views and plays. Omari MC makes the argument that you can go further, faster with paid promotion versus free and organic submissions. Fair enough.

An increase in likes, comments, and subscribers are not a guarantee, but can be a happy byproduct of running a campaign like this.

If YouTube is a significant part of your strategy, then it’s certainly worth considering what might be possible with paid promotion.

What does YouTube promotion cost? Let’s get into…

The Price Of A YouTube Promotional Campaign For Musicians

Omari MC’s cost for YouTube Promotion is the same as their Spotify service (a range of $77 to $1,797).

The breakdown is slightly different, and is represented by the following:

  • Bronze (2,000 – 5,000 plays) – $77
  • Silver (4,000 – 15,000 plays) – $147
  • Gold (9,000 – 35,000 plays) – $357
  • Platinum (16,000 – 70,000 plays) – $657
  • Emerald (30,000 – 150,000 plays) – $1,297
  • Diamond (50,000 – 300,000 plays) – $1,797

It would be wise to look at this in terms of minimums (and not maximums) since some of the packages overlap in terms of results possible. For instance, if you want a minimum of 16,000 plays, be sure to get the Platinum bundle.

Apple Music Marketing Campaign

As OmariMC shares, Apple Music offers a higher payout per stream than Spotify, which might be an attractive proposition to some musicians. Omari MC also offers that succeeding on Apple Music can be a strong talking point if you’re looking to get signed as a musician.

It should be pointed out, too, that different audiences are on different platforms. Many musicians make the mistake of thinking their audience is on Spotify just because they’re on it, or because it’s popular, when this isn’t always the case.

You can do some initial research just by asking your audience (on social media or via a survey) to see where they listen to your music, and that might give you some hints as to whether to promote your music on Spotify, Apple Music, or maybe even both!

Omari MC’s Apple Music Promotion is interesting in that, the more you’re willing to spend, the more playlists in their network they will pitch your music to. The number of playlists they have access to likely depends on genre.

The Cost Of Promoting Your Songs On Apple Music

Omari MC’s Apple Music Promotion costs $77 to $357, depending on which option you choose.

These are the options:

  • Bronze (pitched to 1/3 of possible playlists in their network for your genre) – $77
  • Silver (pitched to 2/3 of possible playlists in their network for your genre) – $147
  • Gold (currently unavailable)

Facebook & Instagram Custom Ads Management

It seems like everyone and their dog has at least tried Facebook or Instagram advertising. You always hear about runaway success stories through the grapevine, which makes it even more alluring and tempting to leverage.

The truth of the matter is that you can waste a lot of money on ads until you find what works, and most marketers have that experience of repeatedly failing until they optimize and determine what's effective (I've done this too).

So, getting an expert to handle your ads can help you fast-track the process. Of course, it should be noted that, even if you do have an expert managing your ads, it doesn’t mean automatic success.

Ads are made up of a few components, with the main ones being ad copy (referring to the specific text or description used in the ad) and ad creative (referring to the image, video, or carousel used). The call to action is also a crucial component.

It’s all well and good that you can get your message in front of a large, targeted audience with your ads, but if you don’t know what’s going to appeal to them in terms of ad copy, creative, or call to action, your ads might not do much for you.

Again, this is where expert help can be especially helpful.

The Price – Done For You Facebook Ads For Musicians

Pricing works a little differently for Omari MC’s Facebook/Instagram Ads Promotion, but the cost will land somewhere in the $497 to $1,997 range.

You can choose to have Omari MC manage your Instagram ads, Facebook ads, or both. Presumably, this would affect the price of your package too.

Additionally, there’s a one-time setup fee of $197 for ads management, which covers a 30-minute consultation, social media audit, image and video creation and editing, copywriting, and pixel installation. Not a bad deal.

The package breakdown is as follows:

  • Starter package (up to $350 in ad spend) – $147 ad creation and management fee
  • Premium package (up to $750 in ad spend) – $247 ad creation and management fee
  • Elite package (up to $1,560 in ad spend) – $437 ad creation and management fee

Important note: It should be noted that ad spend will come out of your own pocket. Omari MC doesn’t cover this cost.

Instagram Influencer Campaign

In the world of social media, many eyes have turned to Instagram. Instagram is the perfect place to be seen if your audience is in the 13 to 17, or even 18 to 29 age range. It’s relatively popular in the 30 to 49 demographics too.

But just posting your content to Instagram isn’t necessarily going to get it the attention it deserves, nor does it guarantee you will get people to click the link in your profile (which is what most marketers on Instagram want their audience to do).

Posting regularly can certainly help you build your brand, but beyond that it might be a matter of grinding it out, just like any other platform.

That’s where influencers come in. Influencers already have access to a large (and usually niche) following, and when they post something, they can instantly get a lot of eyeballs on it, which can, in turn, drive up engagement.

Omari MC has access to a network of Instagram influencers with popular music channels. Their process is to submit your video to these influencers and help you optimize your video for the best results possible. It’s quite nice they’ve got an idea of what types of videos work and which don’t.

Instagram And Facebook Marketing Companies For Musicians – The Prices

Instagram Influencer Promotion, much like Apple Music Promotion, costs somewhere between $77 and $357 depending on what option you choose.

Here are the packages available:

  • Permanent post to 250,000 followers – $77
  • Permanent post to 500,000 followers – $147
  • Permanent post to 1.25 million followers – $357

Other OmariMC Services

Music promotion services

A closer look at Omari MC's website reveals more services musicians may want to take advantage of. These include:

  • Blog and PR
  • TikTok music promotion
  • Radio

What Every Musician Ought To Know About Promotional Services Like Omari MC

The fact that musicians have access to so many promotional services is frankly amazing. And there are plenty of experts dedicated to helping you get results.

But the truth of the matter is that, regardless of the service – publicity, playlisting, ad campaigns, social media promotion or otherwise – there simply are no guarantees.

If you ever work with a publicity firm, one of the first things you’ll be asked to sign off on is the fact that your PR efforts may lead nowhere. Publicists will generally give you a list of all the destinations they’ve pitched to, but beyond that, they aren’t necessarily obligated to give you an explanation or for that matter, a refund.

And this is where some confusion and frustration can occur for musicians. If you enter a contract excited about the possibilities but come out on the other end without much to show for it, your first instinct might be to get angry with the publicist or marketer.

It’s important to understand they’ve got families to feed and bills to pay just like you, so you can’t expect them to work for free, even if they can’t get you the results you’re looking for.

Musicians that don’t understand this either end up with a lot of misgivings about promotional services or a high level of skepticism and resentment around any service available.

In the case of Omari MC, the most important part to understand is that just because your music is pitched, playlisted or posted doesn’t mean it’s going to get significantly more plays, saves, followers, likes, comments, subscribers, or otherwise.

There's always the possibility it will lead to new opportunities though.

All that to say, make sure you know what you’re getting when you pay for a service.

Can I Promote My Own Music Instead?

While it’ll take more time, yes, you certainly can. There are a number of courses like this one and this one which show you how to do that.

Omari MC Promotion Review – The Verdict

I hope you found out Omari MC review helpful. If you want to promote your music to new ears and are willing to accept that you'll get different traction depending on how well people take to your music, it may be worth trying out an Omari MC promotion package.

One thing to bare in mind is that while he mentions he's generated 7 figures in his music business, he's likely talking about the money he makes by selling his music promotion services. I don't think there's anything wrong with that as he still has experience with paid ads, but it's important to have as much information as possible when deciding if you'll be using a service or not.

This has been my Omari MC promotional service review, now over to you. Have you used Omari's service? How did it go? Let us know in the comments.

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