Top Resources For Musicians

Hey guys. On this page you can find some resources I feel have a good chance of helping you as a musician. I'll further update this page in future as I filter through the tons of rubbish and find you the top resources. Disclosure: this page includes affiliate links. I may receive a commission for any products you purchase from this page, but this doesn't impact the tools which I recommend.

Improve Your Talent

30 Day Singer resources page

Best Online Singing Lessons

Learn to sing better with the 30 Day Singer free trial or Christina Aguilera's MasterClass (get singing nuggets from a legend).

Guitar Tricks resources page

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Guitarists, learn how to play guitar with Guitar Tricks free trial or Jamplay. Both are great options.

Promote Your Music

Omari MC Promotion Resources For Musicians

Omari MC Promotions

Marketing your music is essential if you want to get new fans, but sometimes you don’t have the time or desire to do it. In that case you can hire a promotions company like Omari MC Promotions for a hands-off service. You can see my review of them too.

Sell Your Music On Stores

Get music on itunes Spotify Tidal and more


Easily get your music to sell on iTunes, Spotify Music, Apple and more with Songcast.

Airbit Producers Sell Beats


Producers, sell your beats easily with Airbit. A complete solution for hosting your music, selling it and getting paid.

What Is An Affiliate Link?

Please note that some of the products on this page are affiliate links, so I’ve become a promoter of the product as I believe in it. That means I may get a small commission if you go on to buy it, but that doesn't impact the price you pay or the reason I recommend it. If I don't feel it's a good product or service I won't list it on this page; promise!