Playlist Push Review 2024

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So, you’re thinking about promoting your latest release on Spotify. But there are just so many promotion services out there. Which one should you choose?

In this guide, we explore Playlist Push, a popular Spotify and TikTok promotion service for musicians.

No matter the question, we’ve probably covered it here. Here’s our review of Playlist Push.

What Does Playlist Push Promise To Be Able To Deliver?

Playlist Push is a top-tier music promoting service that can help artists – both independent and signed – get their music into Spotify playlists and TikTok videos. Customers have the option of targeting just Spotify playlists, just TikTok videos, or both.

Playlist Push claims to have helped over 25,000 artists to date.

On Spotify, they have access to over 4,000 verified playlists with a total reach of over 150 million, with over 500,000 successful playlist adds to date.

On TikTok, they have access to over 3,300 creators, over 90,000 videos have been made using submitted content, and they’ve helped artists generate over 6.8 billion views.

As with any other service, Playlist Push does not guarantee results, especially for campaigns with a budget of less than $285. But with a budget exceeding that amount, Playlist Push is more than willing to help you get your music out there, and they are equipped to get you results.

Playlist Push only works with curators whose identity has been verified, and whose playlists have real followers, active listeners, and organic growth. This is reassuring for any artist looking to take advantage of this service.

Playlist Push has been featured on the likes of Rolling Stone, Fortune, Wired, NPR, and the Los Angeles Times, which gives them a bit of a credibility boost.

How Does Playlist Push Work?

Get played on Spotify

Playlist Push basically offers two services. You can choose to take advantage of either Spotify or TikTok promotion on their own, or both at the same time.

All you need to do as an artist to get started with Playlist Push is submit your tracks, provide a few details, and the platform will take over from there.

But just in case, here’s an overview of their Spotify and TikTok promotion services and submission process:

Spotify Playlists

All you need to do to get started with Spotify playlists is:

  • Submit your song. You can provide an MP3 or enter your Spotify link.
  • Choose your targeting. Select moods, genres, and playlists that fit your song. Playlist Push’s AI can take it from there.

That’s it! From there, Playlist Push will:

  • Send your song to curators. Your song is sent to real, targeted playlist curators for consideration.
  • Organize your communication. You will receive responses from curators while your campaign is running. You will get feedback from those who reject your song.
  • Let you review your results. You’ll get to see exactly how your campaign performed and what it accomplished.

TikTok Videos

The process for getting started with TikTok promotion is very similar to getting started with Spotify playlist promotion. First, you will need to:

  • Submit your song. Provide your TikTok sound link.
  • Choose your targeting. You can choose geo-targeting and even enter optional hashtags, trends, and a video concept.

From there, Playlist Push will:

  • Send your music to their creators. Your song is made available until your campaign is over.
  • Creators post their videos. Creators share their videos using your song to their TikTok channel.
  • Let you review videos. You can approve, review, and rate each video submission.
  • Let you review the results. You can get live stats as well as reporting on your entire campaign.

Playlist Push Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

Get your music in playlists

While many Spotify promotion services have preset rates, bundles, or packages to choose from, Playlist Push is a little different.

If you’re starting a Spotify campaign, Playlist Push suggests starting at $300 for a 14-day campaign.

If you’re running a TikTok campaign, then Playlist Push recommends starting at $350.

These budgets, however, are effectively minimums. That means you won’t want to spend less (Playlist Push won’t let you), but you can spend more (your upper limit is quite a bit higher).

How Much Should A New Artist Spend?

Most new artists would benefit from launching smaller-scale campaigns before sinking hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a larger-scale campaign. That way, you get to see the results before deciding to push ahead with your current song, try another one, or go back to the drawing board.

It’s always in your best interest to maximize your results from paid promotion, and we do recommend spending no more than you’re comfortable spending, especially early on. Also, we suggest avoiding going into debt for Spotify promotion, as it is virtually guaranteed not to pay off in the short term.

New artists should either consider spending the minimum amount or put off their first campaign until later when they have a song they’re more confident in.

Is Playlist Push Worth The Money?

As noted earlier, your mileage will vary. One of the biggest factors to succeeding with Playlist Push is the quality of your music.

If you’re just getting started and recently recorded your first demo in a basement, now may not be the right time for you to be looking into Spotify promotion.

I know how excited you probably are about your brand-new recording, but chances are your demo is lacking both in terms of performance quality and production.

Keep in mind that popular playlist curators get submissions and pitches all the time. They listen to a lot of music. Of course, they’re more than willing to add tracks to their playlists if they hear something that they like and think their audience will like, but they will outright reject anything that isn’t good enough and doesn’t fit the format.

Generally, Spotify promotion is for artists who’ve got a few recordings and plenty of live performances under their belt.

Even then, your mileage will vary. But a campaign costing $300 to $350 could land you 10 to 20 placements and 10,000 to 25,000 streams. By no means is this a guarantee, but if you’ve got a great song, you might be just a great campaign away from reaching some of your career goals.

Of course, if you’re willing to spend more, you can generally expect more too.

Now, we all know that 20,000 streams aren’t going to fatten your wallet much, but it can give you a nice boost in the Spotify algorithm and help you drive long-term results with your music too.

Smart artists know to leverage their paid promotion into other opportunities, and let’s be realistic – you can make $300 back with two to three gigs. If the promotion can help you land gigging opportunities, you’ve just found a way to profit from paid promotion. Of course, there are other ways too.

The Playlist Push Website / Platform – How Does It Stack Up?

Spotify playlist promotion service

The Playlist Push website features a clean, modern, eye-catching design. They are obviously working with professionals in this regard, and it shows.

About the only thing you can do on their website is sign up for music promotion, sign up as a creator, or read their blog. This means you can find what you’re looking for fast, and it’s clear Playlist Push cares about user experience.

Their blog is home to helpful content for artists and creators alike, with articles like 5 Steps to Creating The Best TikTok Account for Artists & Musicians (2023), 5 Ways to use ChatGPT for artists and musicians, and How to Make Money on TikTok and How to Get Paid Fast (2023).

Creating an account or starting a new campaign is as simple as the click of a button, and Playlist Push has made the process of filling out their distraction-free forms very straightforward too.

To get started with them, you will need to apply and wait for a response in your inbox. This process is nearly instantaneous, though, so it’s nothing to get nervous about.

As with many Spotify promotion services, Playlist Push will request that you enter five similar artists and specific genres to help with targeting.

To expedite this process, it might be worth thinking about who you sound like (or what reference points will help playlisters and creators) and the specific genre categories you belong to before going through the process of setting up your campaign.

It’s usually a good idea to think in terms of artists who are more well-known, as not every curator is likely to know King’s X or Harem Scarem, as an example. That said if your music is niche and you know that playlisters you’re targeting will understand the references, then citing lesser-known artists is fine.

Playlist Push’s platform is intuitive and straightforward. At no point should you get lost on their website, as the next steps are always clearly marked and obvious. This may well be one of its greatest strengths over other promotion services.

What Do Artists Have To Say About Playlist Push?

Artists like Raleigh Keegan, Rod212, and coldbrew have all praised Playlist Push for helping them get their music out there.

While the Playlist Push website is not littered with testimonials and reviews, it’s always nice to know there are real artists taking advantage of the service to grow their music careers.

Many artists have tried their service and have seen a good placement rate, along with feedback from those who did not choose their music for their playlists.

Are The Playlists / Creators Legit?

One of the risks of music promotion in general is that you can end up spending a lot of money on a service that pitches your music to the wrong playlists or creators.

For your music to do well on Spotify or TikTok, it must show up in places where it would be the most congruent and advantageous. That means if you have an acoustic pop song, it would be weird to be added to a foreign language, movie soundtrack, or trap playlist.

Artists have consistently reported that Playlist Push connected them with the right playlists and creators to help them get the attention of the right audiences.

Are There Any Risks To Paying For Spotify Promotion?

Submit your song

Spotify obviously allows artists and labels to leverage their resources to market their music, so there are no issues there.

The main risk is with playlists.

Playlist curators come and go, and so do playlists. New ones are created. Old ones are abandoned. Still others are altered or rebranded. It’s a bit of a topsy-turvy world, and you don’t have any control over it. This is one of the reasons playlist promotions are often considered risky.

Now, there is nothing to get too worried about, at least from the standpoint that while your campaign is running, you’re likely to get a certain number of placements and streams. Unless you’re playing a musical style that no one follows or has been out of style for a long time, chances are you will find your audience.

How much you’ll benefit from the promotion long-term is mostly where the sticking point is.

Also, even if you do get 30,000 streams on a $300 budget, your streaming royalties probably aren’t going to pay for your upfront investment. That’s what there is to remember.

But as I’ve already said, the smartest thing you can do is think about how you can leverage the promotion, whether it’s to drive traffic to your website, sell merchandise, get PR, book gigs, or otherwise. This can obviously help you break even and even earn a profit.

There will always be some risks associated with paid promotion. If you want to grow your career, you’ve got to do it anyway.

Pros & Cons Of Playlist Push

TikTok music promotion

As we near the end of this guide on Playlist Push, we thought we’d review the pros and cons of the platform one final time.


  • Their website / platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Setup is also relatively fast.
  • They use Spotify’s data to help with the pitching process, which increases your chances of getting placements on the right playlists.
  • Playlist Push has access to a large pool of playlist curators, which is great news for all artists, but especially artists making music in non-mainstream genres.
  • Solid reporting features. It’s always nice to know what paid campaigns have helped you accomplish. The data you get can help you make better career decisions moving forward.


  • You don’t get access to curator info. So, there’s no way to follow up with curators who’ve heard your music.
  • You don’t have much control over who your music is going to be pitched to. Of course, this is not something any automated platform would offer. Still, it does mean you don’t get to build relationships with curators over time.
  • Results aren’t guaranteed. This isn’t much of a con in the grand scheme of things. Other services may promise big but usually deliver small. Sometimes these are outright scams. So, the fact that results aren't guaranteed tends to add to Playlist Push’s trustworthiness.

Playlist Push Review, The Verdict

Playlist Push is easily among one of the best Spotify music promotion services available (if not the best), even though they are still a relatively new player in the market.

The fact that they also let you promote your music on TikTok is a nice value add. TikTok is explosive in its popularity right now, and it could represent a major opportunity if you have music that would appeal to its users.

We don’t know whether Playlist Push plans to expand into other opportunities like YouTube or Apple Music, but we have a feeling they might.

But just so you know, if you’re an artist working with a small budget, then you’ll probably want to narrow down your focus to one platform rather than two so that your campaigns are easier to track. One thing you should know about the best advertisers is that they always segment their campaigns to the nth degree.

The starting point for any Playlist Push campaign is about $300. If you’re not used to doing any paid promotion, this amount may seem exorbitant, but if you do a bit of research, you will find that it’s relatively competitive. Nowadays, spending less than about $10 per day on advertising doesn’t do much for any artist or even business.

If you’re a new artist on a small budget, you may want to hold off on paid promotion until later. The quality of your music will heavily factor into your success, and if all you’ve got is a bedroom demo, it’s unlikely that you will find favor with many playlist curators (unless you happen to be a musical genius).

Artists who are confident that they’ve got great music to share with the world would be well-advised to pay for Spotify promotion because it can pay off in many ways long-term – press and PR opportunities, gigs, merch sales, and more.

Streaming represents one of the best marketing opportunities there is. But unless you’ve got the best contacts in the biz, advertising is just about the only way to grow your listenership quickly. There are long-term benefits to promotion too, as you should get a nice little boost in the Spotify algorithm post-campaign.

Playlist Push also has one of the best websites or platforms in the business. Not that other websites are badly designed, but it’s clear Playlist Push invested heavily into their branding, and it shows. No matter what you might be trying to accomplish on their platform, you should be able to do it quickly and with ease.

Artists have mostly had positive things to say about Playlist Push. Obviously, as artists, we like to see our money move mountains. While there are no guarantees, Playlist Push has proven well worth it for any artist who has the right music and the right strategy in place to capitalize on the opportunity.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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