Playlist Push vs SubmitHub 2024

If you’re interested in investing in playlist promotion, two things about you probably hold:

  1. You’re trying to figure out what the best service is.
  2. You want to ensure that you’re doing things by the books, choosing organic services that won’t get you flagged.

Playlist Push and SubmitHub are among the top services in the game. But which should you choose? Let’s explore.

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What Does Playlist Push Offer?

Gain Spotify followers

Playlist Push helps independent acts and major label artists alike get their music out to Spotify playlists and TikTok creators.

On the Spotify side, Playlist Push has reached over 150 million listeners, with access to over 4,000 verified playlists, and an impressive 500,000 successful playlist adds. They claim to have the largest playlist curator network of any company.

On the TikTok side, they’ve helped artists get over 6.8 billion views, with access to over 3,300 creators who’ve made over 90,000 videos using submitted content.

The service has been featured on the likes of Los Angeles Times, NPR, Fortune, and Rolling Stone.

How Playlist Push Works

Playlist Push takes advantage of an AI-powered algorithm to match up your song with the right playlists and/or creators. You can spend about as much or as little as you like (with some limitations – more on this later) on your campaign, depending on how much growth you’re after.

Playlist Push will supply you with detailed live reporting to help you keep track of how your campaign is doing.

Starting a campaign with Playlist Push is simple. All you need to do is click on the prominent “Start Campaign” button to get things started. The link will open to a fresh page where you can enter your details, choose whether to promote on Spotify, TikTok, or both and upload your track.

These details are essential for you to apply for a campaign, so be prepared with basic info like the track name, artist name, social link, and so on.

Playlist Push Features / Benefits

Playlist Push is primarily focused on helping you grow your music career on Spotify or TikTok. As such, you may not find many extra features or benefits on their website.

They do, however, have the following:

  • Blog for aritsts. Covers an array of relevant music career-related topics, such as Spotify recommendation algorithm, steps to creating the best TikTok account, how to use ChatGPT as an artist, and so on.
  • Blog for creators. Covers topics like how to make money on TikTok, how to promote your Spotify playlist on TikTok, how to get more TikTok views, and the like.
  • Spotify stream calculator. A handy calculator for figuring out what your royalty payout will be from a specific number of streams. If relevant, you can enter your royalty split for extra accuracy, and you have three currency options too – USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • Affiliate program. Playlist Push offers anyone the opportunity to earn commissions from a) bringing a new customer to the platform, or b) finding a playlist curator.

Playlist Push Pricing

Get more streams

Playlist Push doesn’t have pricing packages. They only have minimums. If you are unwilling to spend at least $280 to promote your release, Playlist Push will outright reject you.

There could be different reasons for this, but we suspect that the company cannot deliver the promised results without a healthy budget.

Fortunately, $280 should not prove out of reach. What you get for the price is competitive, as getting the same results with other services is sure to cost you the same if not more.

Conversely, you can spend about as much as you want on a campaign without worry. You should determine what your goals are before using up all your resources, of course, but it’s nice to know that you’re unlikely to reach an upper limit.

What We Think About Playlist Push

Playlist Push

Playlist Push is unquestionably one of the best players in the biz. As with any legitimate playlist promotion service, they don’t promise results, but this is generally a good thing – it shows that they’re honest and that they’re not using unscrupulous or controversial means to get your music out there.

And there is a lot more to like.

First, you’ve got to love their sleek, nicely designed, and easy-to-use website. Their services are few (although they may expand into other platforms in the future), but this is to their advantage, as it keeps their website streamlined and easy to navigate for users.

Secondly, they have access to a solid number of curators, and their reporting features are also solid.

Most importantly, though, their service works. They help place your music in relevant playlists (a fact that’s corroborated by other reviewers), and their pricing is competitive with other services.

There is no guarantee that your music will reach engaged listeners who will continue to listen, but for the duration of the campaign, you should expect a nice lift in streams and follows.

And the best part about it is the process is about as automatic as it could be. If you’re looking for a more hands-on service (such as a boutique agency), or you want to be able to connect with curators, then you might be interested in another service. Otherwise, you will enjoy Playlist Push’s mostly hands-off approach.

What Does SubmitHub Offer?


SubmitHub was established by Indie Shuffle blogger Jason Grishkoff in November 2015. Their mission is to connect artists with curators efficiently and transparently.

The devil is in the details, as they say, and SubmitHub’s mission can even be seen reflected in something as minute as its fast-loading, straightforward website design.

They are so transparent that you can even freely explore their list of curators, their ratings, where they share, and so on.

SubmitHub is home to over 940,000 users, over 1,800 curators, and over 34 million submissions with an approval rate of 27%. These live stats are updated continuously.

SubmitHub has worked with everyone from TuneCore and Symphonic to Island Records and Universal Music Group.

Unlike some services, they do not have an exclusive focus on Spotify playlisting but rather strive to connect artists with a mix of bloggers, influencers, and Spotify playlisters. For artists who want to incorporate a broader set of channels into their marketing, SubmitHub is an excellent solution.

How SubmitHub Works (Different Than Playlist Push)

If you’re looking to get started fast, you can click on the “Submit a song link” in the sidebar (they also have an option for submitting EPs or albums), at which point you will be prompted to provide a link or upload an MP3 for your track.

SubmitHub accepts links from most if not all popular platforms – Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, Pandora, and more.

If you have yet to create an account with SubmitHub, then that will be your next step. You’ll need to provide the usual details – username, email address, password, etc.

Next, you can choose whether to submit your music to curators (Spotify playlisters, YouTube channels, music blogs, and so on) or influencers (Instagram influencers and TikTok creators).

While you can use SubmitHub for free, you are only given two credits every four hours, and you are not guaranteed a response or feedback.

If you’re serious about your promotion, you will need to purchase and spend credits, which guarantees a response within 72 hours, and if your submission is declined, you’ll receive at least 20 words of feedback. If these conditions are not fulfilled by curators, you get your credits back, and the opportunity to allocate them elsewhere.

So, overall, it’s very easy to get started with SubmitHub.

Other SubmitHub Benefits And Features

While the project is still in Beta, SubmitHub recently launched its Marketplace, where artists can get help with an array of tasks – audio engineering, graphic design, music reviews, and press and marketing. It’s kind of like Fiverr, except specific to musicians.

Another cool SubmitHub feature is Hot Or Not. The idea is that you can review the songs of your peers and get a review for yourself in return. You get feedback from seven users each time you review 10 songs.

SubmitHub also offers users the opportunity to earn one premium credit if they provide more than five words of feedback on 20 songs. Eventually, you can become a Verified Reviewer and earn double the premium credits.

Pricing For SubmitHub

Submit your music

If you want to promote your music using SubmitHub, it is necessary to purchase credits. The pricing is as follows:

  • 10 credits for $10
  • 50 credits for $45
  • 100 credits for $80

SubmitHub, Overall Thoughts

SubmitHub is one of the most transparent music promotion services you will ever find. You can browse their list of curators. You can connect with music industry specialists from the Marketplace. You can connect with the broader community in the chatrooms.

This is one of the things we love most about SubmitHub. They’ve got nothing to hide, including their live stats.

Their website is very simple, but it facilitates fast loading and browsing. Starting a new campaign is relatively quick and unencumbered.

We love that SubmitHub offers an array of options depending on what your music career goals are. Yes, it’s nice to be able to take advantage of services that are dedicated to just Spotify promotion too, but artists who see the opportunity in getting their music out to more channels will love this aspect of SubmitHub.

SubmitHub is also very fair. If you purchase and use your credits, you are guaranteed a response, and if your track is declined, at least 20 words of feedback. If curators or reviewers do not fulfill their end of the deal, users get their credits back to spend elsewhere.

The credit system might be one of the greatest quirks of SubmitHub, though it has certain advantages, given that you can buy and earn credits. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad.

Playlist Push vs SubmitHub, The Verdict

Playlist Push has a tight focus. They help you get your music out to Spotify playlists and TikTok curators. For any campaign, you can choose to use both, or just one or the other.

By contrast, SubmitHub is a little more expansive. They cover Spotify playlists, influencers, and bloggers. You can use their service to be seen on blogs, multiple social networks, and Spotify.

This does not make one better than the other, but it is an important difference, and depending on how you plan on going about your music marketing activity, you’ll need to choose appropriately.

While neither Playlist Push nor SubmitHub guarantees results, their terms are easy to understand and more than fair. Risks have been minimized to the degree possible.

If you like to be more hands-off, then it’s likely that you will lean more towards Playlist Push. Their AI-powered algorithm does most of the heavy lifting, and amazingly, it does a good job of placing your music in appropriate playlists, something that can be a little suspect with other services.

Many so-called Spotify playlist promotion services tend to put your music in playlists that aren’t hyper-targeted and get you streams from countries that may be well outside of your scope of current promotional efforts. That’s not a problem with Playlist Push.

If you like to be a little more hands-on and know who you’re working with, then SubmitHub could be the right service for you. The community rewards you for being a part of it, and by keeping active on their platform, you can earn more credits to spend.

The credit system is probably one of the more unusual aspects of SubmitHub. But it makes sense what they’re trying to do. Rather than building their entire ecosystem on monetary exchange, they’re trying to give the user more opportunities to earn and spend credits, which is ultimately to their benefit.

Which will you ultimately choose? Again, this will depend a lot on your current music career and music promotion goals.

Both services are worthwhile and competitive. If you have a sharper focus on Spotify or TikTok, then Playlist Push is probably the place to go, but if you think it might be worth your time to hit your fans and prospective fans from more angles, you’ll probably want to try SubmitHub.

Of course, no rules or laws are saying you can’t use both platforms at once if you don’t mind determining how to best allocate your budget.

If you want more details, check our dedicated Playlist Push review here.

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