31 Best Future Songs

12. All Da Smoke By Future and Young Thug

Song Year: 2018

Young Thug is a rapper that has a lot in common with Future. They are both Atlanta-based rappers primarily known for trap music but also like to experiment with various vocals and music production.

So it's no surprise they made a collaboration album called Super Smiley. “All Da Smoke” is a hit from this collaborative album.

Smoke is a slang term related to gun smoke, so Future and Young Thug are referencing that they are prepared for war or retaliation in the streets if necessary.

13. Blow a Bag By Future

Song Year: 2015

Blowing a bag is a double entendre; it simultaneously can mean spending a bag of money on expensive items and blowing a bag of marijuana.

In the song, he speaks about the fact that even though he has so much more money than he used to, and he can change his spending habits, clothes, cars, etc., he doesn't want to change his personality.

In any case, this would be a great song to play in your car, especially if you're on your way to the mall!

14. Blood On the Money By Future

Song Year: 2015

“Blood On the Money” is about getting money through violent crime, usually due to drug dealing or theft.

Future had to deal with these types of situations growing up in the hood, and he speaks to the fact that he can't help how he was raised and what he saw growing up.

When money is hard to get, some people will go to extremes to get it. The police will look for them; their mothers might worry about them, and others might judge them. But they'll still count the bloody money because it's become so important to them.

15. Move That Dope By Future Featuring Pharrell Williams and Pusha T

Song Year: 2014

“Move That Dope” is a song that made Future more mainstream, especially given the collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

The song is about drug dealing, otherwise called moving dope. Some rappers talk about drug dealing just to sound cool, but Future and Pusha T actually have experience with cooking and moving drugs as early as sixteen.

Pharrell Williams also has a fire verse, the perfect way to finalize the track.

16. Holy Ghost By Future

Holy Ghost By Future

Song Year: 2022

Holy Ghost is the most recent track on this list, from June of 2022.

It's similar to many of Future's 2010s hits due to its heavy bass and exciting instrumentals.

He also speaks about many of the same themes he's used to, including women, designer clothing, luxury cars, drugs, and his success.

17. Tony Montana By Future

Song Year: 2011

The beat in Tony Montana is just too good not to get up and dance to, and Future's creative flow is also impressive.

He references Tony Montana, a fictional character in the movie Scarface who is known for resorting to violence to gain success in the United States.

Future can relate to experiencing a life of violence in order to survive, make money, and make a name for himself.

18. Same Damn Time By Future

Song Year: 2012

“Same Damn Time” is another early Future song that hinted at his successful music career. This classic party song banger gets everyone up and bouncing around, crunk as ever. The repeated line in the hook is also fun to scream out to, even if you don't know any other lyrics.

This song seems to be influenced by the Southern party hits of the 2000s, such as crunk tracks by Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Gucci Mane, and T.I.

He speaks about sex, the streets, lean, and jewelry — themes he continued to reference throughout his career.

19. Sh!t By Future

Song Year: 2013

” Sh!t” is a mumble rap anthem. Mumble rap is a trend in hip hop in which the rappers mumble their words, and it's difficult to understand what they're saying.

This can be due to the fast flow, or sometimes it's just how they prefer to rap.

Future isn't the best example of a mumble rapper in general since you can sometimes understand what he's saying more than some artists and songs, such as “Lifestyle” by Rich Gang, Young Thug, and Rich Homie Quan.

However, he uses this technique because it sounds particularly good over the hardcore beat of “Sh!t.”

20. Mask Off By Future

Song Year: 2017

Arguably one of the Future's best songs from 2017, “Mask Off” was a huge hit with an alluring beat that never gets old.

The video, directed by Colin Tilley, starts with an alarming scene of a violent storefront robbery. In a robbery, you wear a mask to protect yourself from getting caught.

In this way, “mask off” reveals that he no longer has to hide his identity because he lives a completely different life. He is not trapping, robbing, or shooting because he lives a luxurious life now.

21. Draco By Future

Song Year: 2017

Draco is a shortened term for a specific type of gun.

Future piggy-backed off the popularity of this gun after Soulja Boy referenced it in his threats to Quavo, and Migos responded with a diss track also called “Draco.”

Future is not dissing anyone specifically in his song, but perhaps he just wanted to make it known that he is someone who should not be messed with.

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