13 Best Journey Songs

If you are a fan of jazz-rock music, then Journey’s songs should be on your playlist.

Initially formed in 1973, Journey has made headlines over the years with their unforgettable anthems.

They have an incredible catalog that gives listeners nostalgic memories of when they were happy and to relive the 80s period.

Here are some of the best Journey songs of all time.

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey

Song Year:

It is only fitting that we start this list with “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

It serves as one of the best Journey songs that exist to date. It is also an unforgettable anthem that speaks of not losing hope in your dreams and focusing on living a fulfilling life.

Every time this song is on blast, people hum, smile, and dance to the rhythm of the music. It can be played at weddings, graduations, and other celebratory receptions to urge everyone to believe in something more significant than the present moment.

“Faithfully” by Journey

Song Year:

Having garnered over 200 million views on YouTube, “Faithfully” has been a piece of sensational music for millions of people worldwide.

It is a delightful ode to the vocalist’s wife, speaking about overcoming the challenges of love and loyalty while being married to a rockstar.

Simply put, the song reminds all couples in long-distance relationships that love always prevails.

So, if you are on the road and missing your lover, put this song on the radio, and let Journey remind you that even though you feel lonely, it is okay, your love for your partner will serve as your anchor.

“Any Way You Want It” by Journey

Song Year:

“Any Way You Want It” is a classic ballad revered by many. Since its release, the song has become an anthem.

The guitar riffs, euphoric notes, and brilliant vocals are some of the few things that make this song great.

Even if you have never heard of Journey, chances are you have listened to this song played in different commercials and tv shows, including the Big Bang Theory and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” by Journey

Song Year:

Recorded for their album, Frontiers, the Journey prides itself on their song “Separate Ways (World Apart).”

“Separate Ways” stands out from the rest of Journey’s songs, filled with gritty emotion and unique undertones. Fans love it because it is a universal breakup song that portrays the hope of finding love even after you part ways with your ex.

So, for anyone feeling brokenhearted and having a hard time moving on from a breakup, turn up the volume on the radio and listen to “Separate Ways.” It will provide some encouraging words about love finding a way to you.

“Wheel In the Sky” by Journey

Song Year:

“Wheel in the Sky” was a mainstream hit by Journey.

The song illustrates the lengthy period the band has stayed on the road without returning home.

Although it feels lonely being away from their loved ones, the lyrics depict that they have hope in maintaining their home life balance and wishing their loved ones waited a little longer for their return.

If you are always traveling for more extended periods, let the “Wheel In The Sky” remind you that your family is thinking about and hoping for your safe return.

“Only the Young” by Journey

Song Year:

The song's title, “Only the Young,” confers a timeless period of youthfulness and freedom.

With its catchy chorus and powerful instrumentals, the song depicts how the young can view the world differently, allowing them to build a better future.

As a youth, if you are feeling discouraged in life, listen to “Only the Young” to get the encouragement you need to work hard and build a better future for yourself.

“Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” by Journey

“Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” by Journey

Song Year:

The lyrics tell a gut-wrenching tale of a heartbreak instigated by a lover that cheated on them. However, in the end, karma will get them because they will be cheated on the way they cheated on you.

The same applies in real life. If you are having a hard time accepting that your partner cheated on you, “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” will remind you that they may get a test of their own medicine, giving you the courage to move on.

“Lights” by Journey

Song Year:

“Lights” is an inspirational track that paints San Francisco in all its glory. Not to mention, it is where the Journey began their musical expedition.

The lyrics compliment San Francisco as an irresistible city filled with beauty and life.

So, even if you have never visited the city, Journey’s depiction will make you imagine the city’s amazing lights and sunset at the bay.

“Stone in Love” by Journey

Song Year:

“Stone in Love” is one of the best songs of the 20th century. The singer takes everyone by surprise right from the start, with emotion accompanied by the powerful guitar chords displaying a rocky vibe.

Although quite underrated, it is a song that reflects on the power of being totally in love with someone. This song is a reminder that love is a beautiful thing. Thus, if you want to show affection towards your partner, do not hesitate to dedicate them “Stone in Love.”

“Who’s Cryin’ Now” by Journey

Song Year:

If you are a fan of a good piano play, “Who’s Cryin’ Now” is the song for you. Jonathan Cain’s piano work is fantastic.

The song starts with his magnificent piano skills, accompanied by Steve Perry’s vocals depicting emotional depth.

The song is about individuals fighting to stay together amidst life's hurdles, hoping their love will survive even the rockiest of situations.

It is the perfect song to listen to when having issues with your relationship and wanting to work out your problems.

“When You Love A Woman” by Journey

Song Year:

“When You Love A Woman” is a song of the ages. It not only soothes the soul but also portrays how loving a woman is one of the best things a man can experience.

The song praises love as an influential factor in anyone’s life. Based on the song, love eliminates loneliness, and Journey illustrates how loving someone can make you a better person.

“Girl Can’t Help It” by Journey

Song Year:

“Girl Can’t Help It” reflects on people’s love lives.

The song is mainly about two individuals in love who have not gotten around to being together. Based on the lyrics, the girl believes she wants more, yet she realizes she is happy and content only with him. At the same time, the guy has been looking elsewhere for love without realizing he is jeopardizing his relationship with his soulmate.

This classic story illustrates how people can be in love for years yet never realize that they were meant to be together until it is too late to salvage the situation.

“I’ll Be Alright Without You” by Journey

Song Year:

Are you feeling nostalgic about an ex? Don’t let the feeling ruin your day; Journey reminds their audience they can move on and find love again.

The song is about keeping yourself composed even after breaking up with someone you used to love deeply. The vocalist mentions how their ex’s memories can haunt you, although there is the hope of moving on.

It is a track you can listen to when nursing a heartbreak, encouraging you to find someone better and have a great love experience.

Top Journey Songs, Final Thoughts

The majority of Journey’s songs explore the themes of love, pain, heartbreak, and even daily struggles, illustrating the band’s diverse musicianship. These songs have cut across all ages and sexes, attracting millions of fans.

So, if you want to experience some of the earliest rock tracks, then consider Journey. Their singles and albums are the to-go songs to listen to when you want to find courage, overcome sadness, or have fun at a party.

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