14 Best Dax Songs

Dax is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. His versatile rap style and thought-provoking lyrics make him a dark-horse fan favorite. He writes, collaborates, and puts on a great show. Explore some of Dax’s most popular songs and see for yourself.

“Dear God”

Dax expresses his spiritual side with his song “Dear God.” It began with a poem about the presence of God in his life. A good friend of Dax “found the beat” in his poetic words, and the song “Dear God” became a reality.

If the goal was to bring people together with this song, Dax gets kudos for succeeding. Believers and atheists alike can find common ground in “Dear God.” We are all asking the same questions, and Dax puts it to music.


Even someone as cool as Dax has been bullied online. He takes out his frustration with cyber hate in the song “Joker.” Dax is passionate and approaches the sensitive issues of suicide and self-harm.

Fans of the Canadian rapper call Dax a rap prodigy and a messenger for young people who need positive role models.  With an outpouring of support from listeners, “Joker” is a fan favorite and so is Dax.

“Dear Alcohol”

Alcohol has been an unhelpful coping strategy since mankind began fermenting fruit back in the day. Dax pours out his personal confession about loneliness, uncertainty, and trying to use alcohol to stop the pain.

“Dear Alcohol” touches a nerve in the societal zeitgeist. Dax brings this common problem out into the light, exposing his soul to his fans. The struggle with alcohol addiction is real, and fans can feel that Dax genuinely cares.

“She Cheated Again”

As a rapper and songwriter, Dax shows his nimble mind in picking up the thread from a previous fan favorite. In his song “She Cheated Again,” we see the continuation of a story that started in the hit song “She Cheated.”

Dax isn’t afraid to face controversial topics and show how real they are. Depression and betrayal are not strangers to Dax, and so many fans can relate to his words.


Dax doesn’t get mad, he gets even. In his hit song “Killshot,” Dax squares off with critics and pulls no punches. Fans are quick to comment that Dax is underrated as a singer and an actor in his music videos.

Dax has long been a fan of Eminem and gives credit where it’s due. He doesn’t hide the fact that he has been inspired by all kinds of music and talented singers over the years. He stands tall against critics’ hate for himself and for others in the industry.


Music lovers get two amazing performers for the price of one with the song “Faster.” Dax teams up with American rapper Tech N9ne who has been chopping it out since 1999. Together, they’re a dream team of inspired songwriting and dynamic vocal delivery.

Dax proves that he is a major talent in the recording industry and can mix it up with other performers. New listeners are amazed when they discover Dax and his fearless lyrics. Loyal fans enjoy his songs and can’t wait for more.

“I Want”

“I Want”

Dax takes the trials and problems that we face every day and raps some sense into life with his song “I Want.” As a talented artist and struggling entrepreneur, he shares with us how hard it is to decide what really matters.

These daily challenges are well-known to listeners of Dax’s driving rhythm and the truth in his spoken words. Fans find inspiration in his struggle and encourage him to continue writing, rapping, and producing killer videos.


Dax doesn’t flinch from all the issues that his increasing fame has brought into his life. In “Suffocating,” the lead song on his first studio album, Dax shares with us the pressure of getting what you want and paying the price.

It’s not all roses and champagne for this hard-working Canadian rapper, now based in Los Angeles, California. Dax takes his frustration with anxiety and channels it into a hope-filled poem for the ages. His fans can relate and they love him for his honesty.

“My Heart Hurts”

A raw and wailing tribute to the same villainess from the lauded 2018 song “She Cheated Again.” Real-life anguish forms Dax’s mournful style in the song “My Heart Hurts.” We can feel his pain and hear the echoes of his broken heart.

It’s no secret that Dax doesn’t hold anything back. Fans have been driven to tears, knowing Dax has been hurt repeatedly by the same woman. That same level of passion is what fuels the honesty that Dax brings to every song.

“My Last Words”

Dax is fearless, facing his own mortality and considering what he will say to the reaper when the time comes. “My Last Words” is a tight, pointed abstract of his life, his feelings, and what it means to be Dax.

Fans love that Dax asks those questions that we can’t always put into words. His rap has touched so many with his true-to-life problems and his continued hope. His music helps him power through and he shares that uplifting feeling with music lovers of all generations.

“i don’t want another sorry”

Dax has long been known as a rapper that other performers love to work with.  In “I don’t want another sorry,” Dax collaborates with veteran rapper Trippie Redd, known as an acclaimed member of the SoundCloud music scene.

Fans love that Dax can reach out to others and connect, bringing double the love and soul to listeners. He contributes much of his success to the people around him who love and support him and others rap music scene.

“I Can’t Breathe”

Putting the struggle to music helps Dax deal with the complexities of life. The song “I Can’t Breathe” illustrates his struggle with the good and the bad inside him. His anxiety about making the right decisions rings true for Dax’s fans and new listeners, too.

Dax has a lyrical style of rapping, speaking from the heart even when it makes him seem vulnerable. Fans love his honesty and the energy that he brings to the stage and the camera. They like knowing someone else out there feels the same.

“Book of Revelations”

Canadian rapper and songwriter Dax writes in a coarse but gripping style about the uncertainty of life and humanity’s place in it. In his song “Book of Revelations,” Dax sends a poetic letter to God asking for enlightenment.

As a modern-day renaissance man, Dax has a grasp of biblical topics that gives his songwriting another level of meaning and power. He’s able to reach a broad audience, making him a force for positive change in dark days.

“Joker Returns”

“Joker Returns” is the sequel to the original acclaimed track “Joker.” The song is a scathing critique of online haters and bullies who cause permanent damage to people’s lives.

To Dax, the issue of cyberbullying is so important it needs to be emphasized harder, louder, and sharper. Fans of Dax and his music love him because he can relate to them and put his passion and hope into words that have a beat of their own.

Top Dax Songs, Final Thoughts

Rap is a volatile genre, the industry constantly changing, the players come and go but Dax is here to stay. He takes a licking from the haters but bounces right back with a one-two punch of truth and outrageous beats. Support for Dax from music lovers around the world is growing every day. Enjoy Dax and see what everyone is talking about.

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  1. I really wish to sing with you dax cause you real touch my heart you make me feel happy when ever i’m sad because your music is full of cool words.

  2. I don’t care how people may think negatively of dax i won’t stop been his fans. Dax is my only favorite musician in africa and the world.

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