23 Best Vicente Fernández Songs

Best Vicente Fernández Songs

As the undisputed king of Mexican ranchera music, Vincente Fernández has left his mark on the world.  With a career spanning over six decades, Fernández has amassed an impressive repertoire of hits.

Join us as we celebrate his musical legacy by counting down the best Vicente Fernández songs ever.

1. “El Ultimo Beso” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 2008

Translated as “The Last Kiss,” “El Ultimo Beso” features themes of love, loss, and the beauty of bittersweet farewells. As the king of sad Spanish songs, this will be the first song on the list to cover these themes.

The song features a mix of traditional ranchera sounds and bolero influences. Fernández uses this fusion to weave melodies into a complex mix of emotions during the track.

“El Ultimo Beso” was a major hit for Fernández and the track peaked at number one on the charts in 2009.

2. “Para Siempre” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year:2007

Reaching number two on the charts, “Para Siempre” remains one of the biggest hits for Vicente Fernández. The song combines ranchera and mariachi sounds to create a captivating and melancholy sound.

Fernández lends his voice to the tune and you can hear the emotion pouring out of him during his verses. He sings of eternal love and commitment. This is the forever Fernández envisions during “Para Siempre.”

3. “La Derrota” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 2007

“La Derrota,” tells the story of defeat. The song is an emotionally charged ballad that Fernández uses to effortlessly convey his emotions.

Full of heartache, Fernández sings a story of grappling with the pain of a lost love. His impassioned state is gripping and heartbreaking.

Again, Fernández had a hit on his hands with “La Derrota.” The song peaked at number seven on the charts.

4. “Estos Celos” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 2007

On a more upbeat note, “Estos Celos” is a fun and danceable ranchera and mariachi tune. Translated to “This Jealousy,” Fernández sings about jealousy and emotions during the song.

While upbeat, the song is about how jealousy can ruin your life and cause distrust in your partner. The main takeaway is to understand your emotions and how to deal with them healthily.

5. “El Ayudante” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 2001

Reaching number nine on the charts, “El Ayudante” was a modest hit for the superstar. “El Ayundante,” tells the story of an assistant. The helper is looking for love but can’t find it.

The song evokes a feeling of nostalgia through its effective use of mariachi instruments and Fernández’s epic voice. He sings of sacrifice, longing, and unrequited affection from the woman of his dreams.

6. “Borracho te Recuerdo” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 2000

“Borracho te Recuerdo” or “I Remember You Drunk,” is a fun and enjoyable song about a man having a night in the town. The man is at a bar drinking tequila and reminiscing about the happiest times in his life.

Just like many other Fernández songs, the man is also missing a long-lost lover. The song is memorable and a joy to experience. If you want a new fun drinking song for Cinco de Mayo, this should be your pick. 

7. “Me Voy a Quitar De En Medio” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1998

Heading all the way to number four on the charts, “Me Voy a Quitar De En Medio,” was one of Vicente Fernández’s biggest hits.

Translated to “I’m Going to Get Out of the Way,” Fernández sings a song about resilience and self-determination. The narrator wants to leave behind the past and break free from his unfortunate circumstances. 

Fernández’s voice flows flawlessly over the ranchera instrumentation and gives us an anthem dedicated to determination and growing your inner strength.

8. “Nos Estorbo La Ropa” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1997

Another number-four hit for Fernández, “Nos Estorbo La Ropa,” is a heartfelt ranchera ballad released in 1997.

Fernández sings about a couple that has many issues causing problems in their relationship. The singer paints a picture of stifled passion due to societal expectations and material possessions. “Our Clothes Got in the Way” encourages couples to return to their emotions and not let external situations deter their love for one another.

9. “No Te Vayas” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1993

“No Te Vayas” or “Don’t Leave” is a tale as old as time. The songwriter explores the depths of longing and love throughout this romantic and soulful tune.

With a haunting backing track, the song is more melancholic than other Fernández tracks but his blend of ranchera and mariachi give the song a somewhat inspiring ending.

The lyrics tell a story of desperation and a couple who are at the end of their relationship. The singer pleads for his partner to stay to no avail.

10. “Aunque Me Duela El Alma” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1991

“Aunque Me Duela El Alma” is a heart-wrenching and soulful ballad from Vicente Fernández. The song uses Fernández’s signature mix of ranchera and mariachi elements to deliver a thought-provoking and emotional song.

Peaking at number 2 in 1995, Fernández had another hit on his hands with “Aunque Me Duela El Alma.”

The singer uses his booming voice to perfectly capture an internal struggle within his soul. Again, he sings about broken relationships and the hardships that follow. 

11. “No, No y No” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1994

Taking a step back from sad songs, Vicente Fernández delivers a fiery and exciting performance on “No, No y No.”

Fernández sings of defiance and independence on the track. If you’re feeling down after listening to other Fernández songs, this song will uplift your spirits and inspire you to improve your life in any way possible.

12. “Miseria” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1994

“Miseria” starts with a haunting horn solo. The song then dives deep into themes of suffering and injustice. Vicente Fernández sings of the harsh realities of this world. From starvation to inequality, Fernández sings about the ills of the world.

The song ends with a call for change and encourages the listeners to empathize with the plight of many other humans.

13. “Lastima Que Seas Ajena” by Vicente Fernández

“Lastima Que Seas Ajena” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1993

Vicente Fernández had a major hit with “Lastima Que Seas Ajena” as the song hit number three on the charts in 1993.

Filled with emotions, Fernández sings about a forbidden connection and a missed chance at love. The singer cries that he cannot be with his true love as she belongs to another. No matter what he does, his dream girl is out of his reach.

14. “La Fiesta” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1992

There’s no time to be sad if you’re at a party. “La Fiesta” is an upbeat and fun party anthem from Vicente Fernández.

Fernández uses his signature booming voice to ignite a party atmosphere with every verse. The mariachi band accompaniment is fun, upbeat, and energetic. Combined, there’s no way to be sad while listening to “La Fiesta.” Along with other Fernández songs, “La Fiesta” is often cited as one of the best mariachi songs.

15. “Aca Entre Nos” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1992

Vicente Fernández has a secret that he’d like to share with you on “Aca Entre Nos.” The song delves deep into the hidden truths and secrets couples keep from each other during long relationships.

Fernández explores the emotions and feelings that appear once a secret is out in the open. He shows vulnerability about being honest and authentic during “Aca Entre Nos.”

16. “Yo Quiero Ser” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1991

Vicente Fernández is known for his passionate and heartbreaking songs and “Yo Quiero Ser” is another ballad that will have your emotions running. The song focuses on a yearning for life. The narrator wants love and happiness but is unsure how to achieve their goal.

Filled with passion, Fernández uses his voice to resonate his emotions with the listener. Hopefully, by the end of the song, the listener learned more about their desires and purpose.

17. “Que Sepan Todos” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1990

Peaking at number six in 1991, “Que Sepan Todos” was another smash hit for Vicente Fernández.

The song is a ranchera anthem that showcases Fernández’s captivating stage presence and vibrant vocal range. Both festive and nostalgic, the song is a reminder of the fun and bygone days.

Fernández sings about embracing the joy in life and is proud of the spirit of Mexican music. Slow and steady, the song is a hypnotic look into the amazing career of Vicente Fernández.

18. “Por Tu Maldito Amor” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1989

Another tear-jerker from Fernández, “Por Tu Maldito Amor,” is a heart-wrenching ballad from Vicente Fernández.

The narrator sings about a toxic and all-consuming love affair. It features a melancholic ranchera accompaniment designed to pull at your heart in all the right places. If you’ve ever experienced a love gone wrong, this is the perfect Vicente Fernández song for you.

19. “Aunque Mal Paguen Ellas” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1989

“Aunque Mal Paguen Ellas” is a melancholic anthem from Vicente Fernández. Instead of lost love and heartbreak, Fernández dedicates this song to the hardships of women.

Fernández sings about the strengths and resilience of women and how they have so much courage no matter the difficulties they endure. The song is an anthem dedicated to the empowerment of women.

Translated to “Even if They Pay the Price,” Fernández wants to know he understands the women of Mexico and wants them to know that he is on their side in the fight for rights.

20. “Dos Corazones” by Vicente Fernández, Vikki Carr

Song Year: 1990

“Dos Corazones” is a duet between Vicente Fernández and Vikk Carr. This heartfelt ballad showcases the powerful combination of both singers’ voices.

The duo explores the complexities of love and the journey they’ve both been on in their relationship. Their voices are magic together and you can’t help but feel the chemistry between the two talented singers.

Reaching number ten on the charts, you can add this song to the huge list of chart-toppers for Vicente Fernández.

21. “Mujeres Divinas” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1987

Vicente Fernández explores the wonders of women on his track “Mujeres Divinas.” The singer proclaims women are divine and we should celebrate their beauty and grace.

Underneath their beauty, women are also strong, confident, and passionate. The song is a heartfelt tribute to the role women play in our lives and society.

“Mujeres Divinas” features a delightful ranchera soundtrack that helps get Fernández’s vocals and points across during the song.

22. “Un Millon de Primaveras” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 2008

“Un Millon de Primaveras” is a charming and heartfelt song from Vicente Fernández. The narrator sings a story about the passage of time and the enduring power of love.

An inspiring tune, Fernández is tender and caring with his vocal performance while the upbeat and fun mariachi band does their part to keep the song fun.

Both timeless and nostalgic, Fernández is at his best when delivering thought-provoking songs about love, life, and happiness.

23. “Hermoso Cariño” by Vicente Fernández

Song Year: 1992

Vincente Fernández delivers a warm and enchanting performance on “Hermoso Cariño.” The song focuses on his emotions as the narrator expresses his love for his partner.

The song is a warm and caring look at relationships and how the passion of the couple is enduring. Both beautiful and romantic, “Hermoso Cariño” is an ode to his beautiful darling.

If you’re looking for a romantic song to sweep someone off their feet, don’t hesitate to add “Hermoso Cariño” to your playlist.

Top Vicente Fernández Songs, Final Thoughts

While Vicente Fernández often sings of love lost, sadness, and hardship, he also has an empowering and inspiring attitude. Many of his songs speak of overcoming difficulties, true love, and happiness.

Whether you like your ranchera music sad, fun, or inspiring, Vicente Fernández has you covered. Hopefully, you enjoyed our picks for the best Vicente Fernández songs.

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