10 Best CORPSE Songs

Also known by his persona Corpse Husband, YouTube star CORPSE is an anime-inspired emo rapper and hip-hop artist with raw emotional lyrics set over deep, loud musical dynamics.

Notable for his gravelly voice, his musical style mirrors that of XXXTEntacion and Juice WRLD by blending punk rock and rap.

Here’s a list of his ten best songs.

Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life! By CORPSE

Song Year: 2020

Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life! represents the brand that CORPSE has created. The beat underneath the vocals features a lot of basses that compliment his voice, and the techno elements add a solid element to the songs.

Though the lyrics mirror those of many YouTube rappers, these lyrics are unique to his brand. While he talks about cat girls being obsessed with him, he drops anime references and several lines that he would say on his channel that would resonate with his dedicated audience.

The music video for this video is also a trademark of CORPSE, featuring a compilation of scenes from Tokyo Ghoul that highlight the relationship he talks about. The scenes feature bloody battle scenes and betrayal and closeness, both of which are sides of his personality that his fans adore.

Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!! By CORPSE

Song Year: 2021

Overlayed over a catchy techno beat, this song is similar to the first one in that it showcases raw sexuality and deep vocals, two aspects that have helped CORPSE’s musical career go far. Additionally, he collaborated with Night Lovell in this song, a Canadian rapper with similar dark themes throughout his songs.

The song, which focuses on finding hot girls, emphasizes the aspects of the female physique while also bragging, like in a traditional rap video. The lyrics balance the sexual lyrics with fight lyrics, making it another traditional sound from CORPSE.

The music video was inspired by Devilman Crybaby, an anime created in 2018. It features anime versions of CORPSE and Night Lovell fighting demons in an anime strip club in the same fashion as the original music. Fans not only loved the references but how the music was so well layered under the scene and seemed like it should have been part of the original anime.

agoraphobic By CORPSE

Song Year: 2022

A newer entry, this song is reminiscent of the sad edgy songs of middle school. The song focuses on his anxiety and gives his audience a look into his regular basis. The melancholy of the lyrics is enhanced by the music video, which shows an anime drawing of CORPSE sitting on a ledge looking out of a window as the lyrics flask in yellow text on-screen.

The soft guitar sets this entry apart since it creates a sadder tone underneath his vocals. This song’s composition and subject matter made many of his fans feel for him and tugged at their heartstrings.

White Tee By CORPSE

Song Year: 2020

While the lyrics are generic, this song has technical elements that make it one of his best-produced songs. While many of his songs only have techno sounds and bass, White Tee also features experimentation with mixing many different types of instruments.

The lyrics of White Tee poke at the movie trope of someone spilling a drink on someone to get them to undress. His sexualized lyrics and personality constantly lead people to want to see who he is despite his reservations about going public.

A rarity for CORPSE due to his constant battle with anxiety, this video showcases a picture of his torso with his head and legs out of frame. The image is from the incident when he cut his gums and spilled wine all over himself.



Song Year: 2020

Another emotional song, Miss YOU! (also stylized MISS YOU!), is an ode to a girlfriend CORPSE is taking a break from. The song juxtaposes the two lovers’ attitudes about the relationship, with her being an optimist about things and him being pessimistic about their reconciliation.

This song also parallels the downfall of this relationship to his other shortcomings in life, like his health and appearance. This song refers to several instances he has divulged in his channel, one being that he cut his gums and spilled wine all over his bathroom, which his fans could recognize as low points in his life.

Never Satisfied By CORPSE

Song Year: 2020

Never Satisfied shows the struggles CORPSE goes through with having a successful career and a normal life. The screaming lyrics push CORPSE out of his usual deep speaking voice which adds an interesting layer of depth to this song.

The song starts with a quote from someone talking about their musical career then shifts into a hardcore rap beat and screaming lyrics. The mixing of the beat and techno song makes it technically complex for CORPSE.

Cabin Fever By CORPSE

Song Year: 2020

Written around the time quarantine first became mandatory in the United States, Cabin Fever looks at the madness caused by prolonged isolation. The song highlights not only physical pain but the emotional pain that causes him to stay inside.

Praised for his openness in this song, he not only talks about madness but also divulges his thoughts of suicide and long battle with disliking his appearance. The song’s video also shows a black-and-white background picture of a dying rose against cheap blinds. The image also highlights how staying inside all the time can be soul-crushing and make you dead inside.

life waster By CORPSE

Song Year: 2022

The last song published to date, life waster highlights the shortcomings CORPSE faces due to his physical alimentary conditions and his crippling anxiety. This song speaks to someone he loves as he breaks down the differences between them and how his life could be perceived as wasted while theirs was not.

He juxtaposes the issues of his generation like the choice of going to college, finding a career, and growing up with the life choices he made to start doing YouTube. Even though in the song he talks about not being what people wanted, he expresses a desire and willingness to do what is needed to gain what he promised his lover.

In this song, CORPSE opens up about his chronic illnesses for the first time, and not only shows that he is not letting them stop him but also embraces that he can still fight for what he wants despite the adversity he faces.

DayWalker By CORPSE

Song Year: 2020

Though it is a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, DayWalker meshes the two singers’ vocals to create a fascinating sound that blends their brands well. The song, reminiscent of an anime theme song, uses the tempo to create a fast-paced song that one would game to or use as motivation to keep going.

The screaming techno effects used as the baseline of the background music provide a tempo for the fight song. The mix of high screaming and low gravely whispering helps make turn the music into an auditory adrenaline rush. Coupled with the lyrics, DayWalker is a fascinating addition to Corpse’s music since it pushes him musically without having him step too far out of his brand.

The music video, released on Machine Gun Kelly’s channel, incorporates human actors Valkyrae playing CORPSE and Machine Gun Kelly as himself. The song pulls from themes of emo music and rock by showing fight scenes, blood smeared across the walls, and reverberating backgrounds highlighting the beat’s bass and the antagonistic feel.


Song Year: 2021

This song is the best of Poltergeist since it perfectly blends the elements of his brand with a catchy sound. The catchy song comes from the mix of musical elements that give the song a beat that someone would dance to. Yet, this catchiness is established while still keeping the trademark elements intact.

The flow is what sells this song. While most of the songs showcase his voice, this song also showcases a fast flow within the catchy flow. He collaborated with OmenXIII for this song which enhances the musical aspects by mixing CORPSE’s deep voice with OmenXIII’s higher-pitched rapping voice.

The lyrics also are the most complex of any of CORPSE’s songs. The song compares a noisy ghost like a poltergeist to those that hate on him. The lyrics use clever wordplay, anime references, and his personal experiences to make a vulnerable yet hardcore song, which makes this one the best.

Top CORPSE Songs, Final Thoughts

Those interested in emo-rap and anime-inspired music would be intrigued by CORPSE’s musical career. His lyrics highlight the melancholy of life and the aggression and constant stress he feels, which resonates with many of his fans and allows them to feel closer to him as a creator.

With a musical style similar to XXXTentacion and Hollywood Undead, CORPSE’s dark themes and vulnerability helps him relate to his teenage audience and give listeners a look into the YouTuber’s otherwise private life.

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