31 Best Future Songs

Best Future Songs

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as Future, is a highly successful Atlanta rapper. He’s known for his deep, semi-scratchy voice, autotune, mumble rapping, heavy trap beats, and top-notch collaborations with artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, Rich Gang, Kendrick Lamar, and even non-hip hop artists like Taylor Swift.

Here are the best Future songs.

1. March Madness By Future

Song Year: 2015

Future makes several references in his song “March Madness,” but the title references the NCAA basketball competition of the same name.

He compares him and his crew balling, similar to how they ball during the basketball competition. Then, he immediately compares shooting shots on the basketball court to police officers shooting black people on the streets.

Although this sounds like a fun club song on the surface, it's politically charged, highlighting the ongoing police brutality and civil rights issues in America, especially for men of color.

2. Stick Talk By Future

Song Year: 2015

Arguably one of the best Future songs for a lit party, “Stick Talk” has an incredibly enticing beat with heavy bass.

The song is about guns, as his stick is slang for a gun. Future comes from a hood environment, and he speaks about how his hood is constantly under investigation from the police because of the guns, robberies, and drugs.

As a product of his environment, he ends up spending money on new toys, and by toys, he also means new guns. Listeners may not be able to understand it if they don't come from that hard life where you have to prove your toughness to survive.

3. Low Life By Future Featuring The Weeknd

Song Year: 2016

Low Life is a song about people who are “low lives,” or in other words, are seen as people who lack moral character.

Instead of shaming people like this, Future speaks to how his participation in guns, sex, drugs, and even cheating.

It's an interesting take since people see Future, The Weeknd, and other celebrities living the “high life.” But this song alludes to the fact that many rich people also participate in these “low life” activities; they just get away with it because they have money.

Also, it has a fantastic beat, and Future and The Weeknd sound great on the track.

4. Where Ya At By Future Featuring Drake

Song Year: 2015

Some of Future's songs have hidden meanings and reference many different topics that it can be challenging to figure out what they're about.

But with “Where Ya At,” the message is unambiguous. It's speaking directly to people who are now approaching Future and Drake because they are rich and famous but were not present during the long, harrowing journey to get to the success they currently have.

For example, Future questions where these so-called “friends” were when he was struggling to sell drugs, and Drake wonders where his people were when he was recording music in the bathroom and trying to make it big.

5. F*ck Up Some Commas By Future

Song Year: 2015

“F*ck Up Some Commas” is a fun, hype party song about money. The word commas refer to large denominations of money, e.g., having more commas in your bank account, net worth, or the things you can afford.

F*cking up commas, then, means being able to spend money on things that are $100,000 to $1,000,000 and beyond.

Also, like many Future songs, “Where Ya At” is a great song for testing earphones due to the heavy use of bass, claps, and other intricate beats. \

6. Honest By Future

Song Year: 2013

Rappers often get a lot of pushback from talking about how much money they have, how many attractive women are around them, the drugs they can do, and so on.

Either it seems too extravagant, to the point where people think they're lying, or it sounds too conceited.

In this song, Future is speaking about all those things but pointing out that he's just being honest about his life. Future had also been accused of lying about his net worth, so some people see this song as a direct response to that.

7. Turn On The Lights By Future

Song Year: 2012

“Turn On The Lights” is one of Future's more sentimental songs. It's about looking for a girl that won't hurt him, presumably how someone hurt him in the past.

He doesn't want a woman that will keep promises, be loyal, and not cheat on him. He knows what he wants; he just needs to find her.

For a song with such a heavy bass, it's a very ambient, atmospheric song, which is fitting for the more romantic lyrics.

This song helped set up Future's reputation as someone willing to experiment with autotune and sing in his rap songs.

8. Used to This By Future Featuring Drake

Song Year: 2016

At this point in his corner, Future had quite literally been able to get used to a lavish, extravagant lifestyle. At first, it might have been surprising, exciting, and even unbelievable, especially because he grew up in poverty.

However, he ensures the audience that he still remembers where he came from and will always stay humble. It's a bit ironic since he still drops brands, cars, vacations, etc. But some will argue that he can be humble and proud of his achievements.

9. You Da Baddest By Future Featuring Nicki Minaj

Song Year: 2017

Future and Nicki Minaj collaborated on “You Da Baddest,” about women who are “bad,” which is slang for sexy and powerful.

This is an anthem for women who might be mistreated by other women. It's a reminder that people might hate you simply because they are jealous of how gorgeous, amazing, and successful you are.

There's no reason to play into the jealousy and hate because you know you're bad!

10. Wicked By Future

Song Year: 2016

Trap music got another big hit when Future dropped “Wicked” in 2016. With its chopped-up violin instrumental, heavy 808 beats, enticing hi-hats, and fire bass, this song has everything it needs to be an instant hit for trap music lovers.

“Wicked” is also similar to “Low Life” in that it references aspects of his life that some may deem morally wrong, such as drug dealing, gambling, and violence.

It's an excellent song to dance to or play loudly in the car with subwoofers booming in the back.

11. Rich $ex By Future

Song Year: 2015

Future often talks about both sex and money in his songs, but this song literally is talking about enjoying both of them at the same time by having what he called rich sex.

So what is rich sex anyway? He raps about having sex with fancy jewelry on and in high-end places. According to Future, sex is great, but rich sex is even better.

It's another slow, somewhat “romantic” song that shows Future can do more than j trap and hard party beats.

12. All Da Smoke By Future and Young Thug

Song Year: 2018

Young Thug is a rapper that has a lot in common with Future. They are both Atlanta-based rappers primarily known for trap music but also like to experiment with various vocals and music production.

So it's no surprise they made a collaboration album called Super Smiley. “All Da Smoke” is a hit from this collaborative album.

Smoke is a slang term related to gun smoke, so Future and Young Thug are referencing that they are prepared for war or retaliation in the streets if necessary.

13. Blow a Bag By Future

Song Year: 2015

Blowing a bag is a double entendre; it simultaneously can mean spending a bag of money on expensive items and blowing a bag of marijuana.

In the song, he speaks about the fact that even though he has so much more money than he used to, and he can change his spending habits, clothes, cars, etc., he doesn't want to change his personality.

In any case, this would be a great song to play in your car, especially if you're on your way to the mall!

14. Blood On the Money By Future

Song Year: 2015

“Blood On the Money” is about getting money through violent crime, usually due to drug dealing or theft.

Future had to deal with these types of situations growing up in the hood, and he speaks to the fact that he can't help how he was raised and what he saw growing up.

When money is hard to get, some people will go to extremes to get it. The police will look for them; their mothers might worry about them, and others might judge them. But they'll still count the bloody money because it's become so important to them.

15. Move That Dope By Future Featuring Pharrell Williams and Pusha T

Song Year: 2014

“Move That Dope” is a song that made Future more mainstream, especially given the collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

The song is about drug dealing, otherwise called moving dope. Some rappers talk about drug dealing just to sound cool, but Future and Pusha T actually have experience with cooking and moving drugs as early as sixteen.

Pharrell Williams also has a fire verse, the perfect way to finalize the track.

16. Holy Ghost By Future

Holy Ghost By Future

Song Year: 2022

Holy Ghost is the most recent track on this list, from June of 2022.

It's similar to many of Future's 2010s hits due to its heavy bass and exciting instrumentals.

He also speaks about many of the same themes he's used to, including women, designer clothing, luxury cars, drugs, and his success.

17. Tony Montana By Future

Song Year: 2011

The beat in Tony Montana is just too good not to get up and dance to, and Future's creative flow is also impressive.

He references Tony Montana, a fictional character in the movie Scarface who is known for resorting to violence to gain success in the United States.

Future can relate to experiencing a life of violence in order to survive, make money, and make a name for himself.

18. Same Damn Time By Future

Song Year: 2012

“Same Damn Time” is another early Future song that hinted at his successful music career. This classic party song banger gets everyone up and bouncing around, crunk as ever. The repeated line in the hook is also fun to scream out to, even if you don't know any other lyrics.

This song seems to be influenced by the Southern party hits of the 2000s, such as crunk tracks by Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Gucci Mane, and T.I.

He speaks about sex, the streets, lean, and jewelry — themes he continued to reference throughout his career.

19. Sh!t By Future

Song Year: 2013

” Sh!t” is a mumble rap anthem. Mumble rap is a trend in hip hop in which the rappers mumble their words, and it's difficult to understand what they're saying.

This can be due to the fast flow, or sometimes it's just how they prefer to rap.

Future isn't the best example of a mumble rapper in general since you can sometimes understand what he's saying more than some artists and songs, such as “Lifestyle” by Rich Gang, Young Thug, and Rich Homie Quan.

However, he uses this technique because it sounds particularly good over the hardcore beat of “Sh!t.”

20. Mask Off By Future

Song Year: 2017

Arguably one of the Future's best songs from 2017, “Mask Off” was a huge hit with an alluring beat that never gets old.

The video, directed by Colin Tilley, starts with an alarming scene of a violent storefront robbery. In a robbery, you wear a mask to protect yourself from getting caught.

In this way, “mask off” reveals that he no longer has to hide his identity because he lives a completely different life. He is not trapping, robbing, or shooting because he lives a luxurious life now.

21. Draco By Future

Song Year: 2017

Draco is a shortened term for a specific type of gun.

Future piggy-backed off the popularity of this gun after Soulja Boy referenced it in his threats to Quavo, and Migos responded with a diss track also called “Draco.”

Future is not dissing anyone specifically in his song, but perhaps he just wanted to make it known that he is someone who should not be messed with.

22. Magic By Future Featuring T.I.

Song Year: 2012

T.I. is known as the King of Trap, so it's no surprise that Future and T.I. decided to work together once Future had made a name for himself in the ATL rap scene.

Future usually uses a low, deep, raspy voice, but in “Magic,” he raps in a slightly more high-pitched, slightly nasally voice that complements the intricate instrumentals in the background.

The term “Magic” references multiple things in this song. First, it references the popular Atlanta strip called Magic City, which many rappers have mentioned in their songs.

He also says he makes work, or drugs, disappear, like magic. And finally, he calls his cough syrup a magic concoction.

23. Neva Eva By Future Featuring Kelly Rowland

Song Year: 2012

A slower hit by Future, “Neva Eva,” is about a romantic relationship that is a dream come true. It speaks of a relationship with such a strong connection that they don't want it to end.

Future compares the love to a delicious drink he keeps wanting to sip on.

Kelly Rowland, known mostly for her time in Destiny's Child but a solo star in her own right, features on the chorus and a rap-vocal verse.

24. PIE By Future Featuring Chris Brown

Song Year: 2016

Future collaborated with Chris Brown on this hit R&B track, a fun song to sing along with and dance to.

The song is about turning a side piece — or otherwise, a woman who is attractive but not incredible enough to be the main chick — into a nine-piece.

Essentially, they are saying they have the funds to upgrade other people, presumably by buying them fancier clothes and accessories.

25. Jumpman By Future and Drake

Song Year: 2015

In 2015, Drake and Future collaborated on a full album called “What A Time To Be Alive,” which includes several notable hits. All but two of the tracks list both artists as the owner, while one is just Future's and another is just Drake's.

“Jumpman” is one of the most popular tracks from this collaboration album, along with a few others that we'll add to this list.

Jumpman refers to Michael Jordan's silhouette, the logo for his clothing brand logo. Future and Drake are alluding to the fact that they are equally recognizable figures.

26. Big Rings By Future and Drake

Song Year: 2015

“Big Rings” is another Drake and Future collaboration album hit. It has a hype beat that's perfect for a party, the car, a pregame, or even the gym.

The song is about riches, which they extensively refer to in this album. They refer to sports teams getting big rings, such as championship rings. Since they also have a big team in the rap game, they need big “championship” rings.

But of course, instead of winning them, they can just pay for them.

It might not be the best song lyrically, but their flow over the beat is addictive.

27. Digital Dash By Future and Drake

Song Year: 2015

Future opens up this song with references to all his luxury cars, such as his BMW, Rolls Royce, Chevy Impala, and Lamborghini.

These references make sense because “Digital Dash” alludes to the digital dashboards in expensive luxury cars.

This is the first song on their collaborative album, and it sets the tone for the rest of the album in terms of musical style and lyrical confidence.

28. Thought It Was a Drought By Future

Song Year: 2015

The song starts with the sounds of someone making some sort of drink, and “dirty soda” is the first lyric. So we can presume that the drink was codeine mixed with soda, otherwise known as “lean” or “purple.”

“Thought It Was A Drought” is a more relaxed song with a chill beat, which parallels the feeling of sipping this drink, smoking marijuana, having sex, and having an overall relaxed night.

29. Karate Chop By Future Featuring Lil Wayne

Song Year: 2013

Another trap anthem by Future is called “Karate Chop,” and the remix features Louisiana-born famous rapper Lil Wayne.

The vocal flow is chopped, which parallels well with the name of the song, “Karate Chop.” It's called this because Future is alluding to chopping up drugs before either doing them or selling them in his past.

Lil Wayne comes on the track talking about many of the same themes — syrup, narcotics, luxury cars, and women.

30. Life Is Good By Future Featuring Drake

Song Year: 2020

The song “Life Is Good” is often mistaken as Drake's track since he opens the song. But this is actually a Future song featuring Drake. Either way, fans were excited that they continued to collaborate on each other's tracks five years after their collaboration album.

It's a 2-part song that starts slow and steady, with an inviting bass beat, then switches to a more upbeat, trap-style hit once Future starts rapping.

31. Real Sisters By Future

Song Year: 2015

Real Sisters is an upbeat 2015 hit that lit up parties and nightclubs across the country.

It has one of the beats that is challenging not to dance to, or at least bounce your head to.

Drugs, women, and luxury brands all make an appearance in the lyrics of this song, similar to many of Future's songs.

Top Future Songs, Final Thoughts

Future, part of the Freebandz entertainment company, is an incredibly talented and innovative rapper who has worked with some of the most influential names in the industry and has simultaneously made a massive name for himself.

Although he started with trap music and still primarily raps in that genre, his experimentation with autotune, singing, and pop music has helped him gain even more mainstream recognition.

What do you think are the best Future songs? Let us know in the comments below.

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