31 Best Future Songs

22. Magic By Future Featuring T.I.

Song Year: 2012

T.I. is known as the King of Trap, so it's no surprise that Future and T.I. decided to work together once Future had made a name for himself in the ATL rap scene.

Future usually uses a low, deep, raspy voice, but in “Magic,” he raps in a slightly more high-pitched, slightly nasally voice that complements the intricate instrumentals in the background.

The term “Magic” references multiple things in this song. First, it references the popular Atlanta strip called Magic City, which many rappers have mentioned in their songs.

He also says he makes work, or drugs, disappear, like magic. And finally, he calls his cough syrup a magic concoction.

23. Neva Eva By Future Featuring Kelly Rowland

Song Year: 2012

A slower hit by Future, “Neva Eva,” is about a romantic relationship that is a dream come true. It speaks of a relationship with such a strong connection that they don't want it to end.

Future compares the love to a delicious drink he keeps wanting to sip on.

Kelly Rowland, known mostly for her time in Destiny's Child but a solo star in her own right, features on the chorus and a rap-vocal verse.

24. PIE By Future Featuring Chris Brown

Song Year: 2016

Future collaborated with Chris Brown on this hit R&B track, a fun song to sing along with and dance to.

The song is about turning a side piece — or otherwise, a woman who is attractive but not incredible enough to be the main chick — into a nine-piece.

Essentially, they are saying they have the funds to upgrade other people, presumably by buying them fancier clothes and accessories.

25. Jumpman By Future and Drake

Song Year: 2015

In 2015, Drake and Future collaborated on a full album called “What A Time To Be Alive,” which includes several notable hits. All but two of the tracks list both artists as the owner, while one is just Future's and another is just Drake's.

“Jumpman” is one of the most popular tracks from this collaboration album, along with a few others that we'll add to this list.

Jumpman refers to Michael Jordan's silhouette, the logo for his clothing brand logo. Future and Drake are alluding to the fact that they are equally recognizable figures.

26. Big Rings By Future and Drake

Song Year: 2015

“Big Rings” is another Drake and Future collaboration album hit. It has a hype beat that's perfect for a party, the car, a pregame, or even the gym.

The song is about riches, which they extensively refer to in this album. They refer to sports teams getting big rings, such as championship rings. Since they also have a big team in the rap game, they need big “championship” rings.

But of course, instead of winning them, they can just pay for them.

It might not be the best song lyrically, but their flow over the beat is addictive.

27. Digital Dash By Future and Drake

Song Year: 2015

Future opens up this song with references to all his luxury cars, such as his BMW, Rolls Royce, Chevy Impala, and Lamborghini.

These references make sense because “Digital Dash” alludes to the digital dashboards in expensive luxury cars.

This is the first song on their collaborative album, and it sets the tone for the rest of the album in terms of musical style and lyrical confidence.

28. Thought It Was a Drought By Future

Song Year: 2015

The song starts with the sounds of someone making some sort of drink, and “dirty soda” is the first lyric. So we can presume that the drink was codeine mixed with soda, otherwise known as “lean” or “purple.”

“Thought It Was A Drought” is a more relaxed song with a chill beat, which parallels the feeling of sipping this drink, smoking marijuana, having sex, and having an overall relaxed night.

29. Karate Chop By Future Featuring Lil Wayne

Song Year: 2013

Another trap anthem by Future is called “Karate Chop,” and the remix features Louisiana-born famous rapper Lil Wayne.

The vocal flow is chopped, which parallels well with the name of the song, “Karate Chop.” It's called this because Future is alluding to chopping up drugs before either doing them or selling them in his past.

Lil Wayne comes on the track talking about many of the same themes — syrup, narcotics, luxury cars, and women.

30. Life Is Good By Future Featuring Drake

Song Year: 2020

The song “Life Is Good” is often mistaken as Drake's track since he opens the song. But this is actually a Future song featuring Drake. Either way, fans were excited that they continued to collaborate on each other's tracks five years after their collaboration album.

It's a 2-part song that starts slow and steady, with an inviting bass beat, then switches to a more upbeat, trap-style hit once Future starts rapping.

31. Real Sisters By Future

Song Year: 2015

Real Sisters is an upbeat 2015 hit that lit up parties and nightclubs across the country.

It has one of the beats that is challenging not to dance to, or at least bounce your head to.

Drugs, women, and luxury brands all make an appearance in the lyrics of this song, similar to many of Future's songs.

Top Future Songs, Final Thoughts

Future, part of the Freebandz entertainment company, is an incredibly talented and innovative rapper who has worked with some of the most influential names in the industry and has simultaneously made a massive name for himself.

Although he started with trap music and still primarily raps in that genre, his experimentation with autotune, singing, and pop music has helped him gain even more mainstream recognition.

What do you think are the best Future songs? Let us know in the comments below.

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