41 Best Carrie Underwood Songs

Renegade Runaway

Song Year: 2015

“Renegade Runaway” is a song with classic country western vibes. The lyrics tell the story of a stunning woman who makes every man fall in love with her, but that isn’t what she wants. She won’t stick around for love—she wants to take all she can get from someone before moving on and doing the same thing in the next place.

Something in the Water

Song Year: 2014

This song is about someone who was struggling to make their life worth living. A preacher tells them about religion and convinces them to get baptized in the river. The singer believes that there was something in the water that changed their life. They feel stronger and pray when they need help. They feel joy and trust that the Lord is on their side.


Song Year: 2005

A woman is leaving her former love at the beginning of this song. She’s heartbroken and hates that she has to leave him behind, but she doesn’t want to look back at her life and realize she wasted her time. In the next verse, a man decides to give up alcohol so he can be proud of the life he lives.

Cowboy Casanova

Song Year: 2009

The titular character of this song is a heartbreaker, a handsome man that seems charming until you fall in love with him. Over time, every woman realizes that he’s lying to them and wasting their time. Underwood is trying to warn all the listeners to avoid this man or else he’s going to mess with their feelings.

See You Again

Song Year: 2012

This powerful song could be about a former love or someone who passed away. The lyrics address how someone isn’t in your life anymore, but you still feel strong because you know they’re supporting you in spirit. You can hear them in the wind and know that you’ll meet them again someday, so you need to stay positive until that time.

Smoke Break

Song Year: 2015

“Smoke Break” tells the story of a single mom working three jobs to make ends meet. She doesn’t drink or smoke but fantasizes about a vice that could help her relax. The next verse is about a man trying to make something of himself so his parents are proud. He also wishes there was a drink or smoke that could help him unwind when life gets tough.

End Up With You

Song Year: 2018

This song isn’t a traditional love song, with the singer making plans to marry her partner. Instead, she doesn’t care what happens to them as long as they’re together. She doesn’t care about having a house or anything major because she’s happy even when they’re stretched out on the grass, locked out of the house, or stuck with a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere.

Love Wins

Song Year: 2018

“Love Wins” is a touching song that addresses shootings and politics, two things that divide the country. However, Underwood doesn’t think any of that matters because we’re all sisters and brothers. She wants everyone to feel love and prioritize other people’s lives instead of fighting to get ahead, leaving others behind.

Drinking Alone

Song Year: 2018

This empowering song features Underwood accepting a drink from someone but saying she’s not going to go home with him. She wants to drink alone and cry about her lost love. Even though she doesn’t want to go home with the new man, she thinks they can cry together and try to feel better since misery loves company.

What Can I Say

Song Year: 2009

“What Can I Say” starts with the end of a relationship. Underwood knows it’s right that they’re breaking up, but she hates how it’s ending with such hard feelings. They both cried during the breakup, and now she wishes they could talk so they have positive memories of each other, but she doesn’t know what to say to make it better.


Song Year: 2018

“Southbound” is a fun song with a laid-back vibe, mentioning spring break and spending summer days floating on the river. The fishermen can’t catch anything because everyone’s party is scaring off the fish, but people need to unwind, so all they care about is kicking back with some drinks.

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