29 Best Miranda Lambert Songs

Best Miranda Lambert Songs

With ten solo albums, three Grammy Awards, and a record-breaking 30 American Country Music Awards, Miranda Lambert is an immensely successful and influential country singer. Here’s a list of the best Miranda Lambert songs.

‘Somethin’ Bad’

Song Year: 2014

This collaboration between Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood brought together two of country music’s most prominent country artists of the 2010s. It also won a CMT Music Award.

‘Something’ Bad’ is an upbeat mix of country and rock with its strong drumline. The lyrics and music video are about Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood getting together to cause some trouble, not unlike Thelma and Louise.

‘Mama’s Broken Heart’

Song Year: 2011

In ‘Mama’s Broken Heart,’ Miranda Lambert sings about a difficult breakup that reflects badly on the singer’s family, especially her mother. The song has a strong message about how women have to follow certain expectations and avoid extreme behaviors.

The song achieved a Platinum certification in the U.S. and topped the Canada Country charts. It also appeared in the top 10 year-end U.S. Hot Country Songs charts.

‘The House That Built Me’

Song Year: 2009

‘The House That Built Me’ is a nostalgic country ballad that describes visiting one’s childhood home as an adult. Miranda Lambert perfectly captured this nostalgic and emotional moment.

This single was a major hit and remains one of her most well-known songs. It was her first Grammy win for Best Female Country Vocalist, and she also won three ACM awards, including one for the music video that features home movies from her own childhood.

‘Heart Like Mine’

Song Year: 2009

The last single from Miranda Lambert’s 2011 album Revolution, ‘Heart Like Mine’ is an upbeat country song that looks at the singer’s many flaws and contrasts them with her good heart.

‘Heart Like Mine’ is one of Lambert’s most recognizable songs and truly embodies her unique style. It’s easy to understand why the song was such a hit with over half a million sales in the U.S. The single also topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a while.


Song Year: 2014

Featured on Miranda Lambert’s album Platinum, ‘Automatic’ is a song about remembering the good old days before technology was everywhere. The lyrics encourage the listener to think back on a time when hard work and patience were key values.

‘Automatic’ was a commercial success with a Gold certification, an ACM Award for Song of the Year, and a CMA Award for Single of the Year.

‘Tin Man’

Song Year: 2016

Heartbreak is a common theme in country music. With ‘Tin Man,’ Miranda Lambert takes a unique take on this topic by referencing the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man who is looking for a heart. She sings that the Tin Man is lucky not to have a heart because he is safe from heartbreak.

‘Tin Man’ earned an ACM Award for Song of the Year and did well in the charts. The single received a Platinum certification in the U.S. and appeared on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

‘Dead Flowers’

Song Year: 2009

Miranda Lambert had a memorable year in 2009 with the release of her album Revolution, which included five songs that charted on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

‘Dead Flowers’ is one of these songs. It also received a nomination for a Grammy Award. This emotional ballad is about love dying out.

Miranda Lambert compares the relationship to dead flowers and creates powerful images by comparing her significant other’s lack of feelings and her experience that resembles driving through a hurricane.

‘We Were Us’

Song Year: 2013

‘We Were Us’ is a beautiful duet between Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. The lyrics are about looking back on a relationship that ended as an old song heard on the radio brings back memories the couple shared.

Keith Urban’s sound is a little heavier compared to Miranda Lambert’s signature country style, and it’s interesting to see how her vocals mix with a rock-inspired sound. The song received a CMA Award.

‘Over You’

Song Year: 2011

‘Over You’ is a heartbreaking song about life going on after losing a loved one. Miranda Lambert’s then-husband Blake Shelton wrote the lyrics in memory of his older brother who tragically passed away.

This ballad topped the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart and is still here to remind us to cherish the moments we share with the ones we love.

‘White Liar’

Song Year: 2009

‘White Liar’ is one of the five hit singles from Miranda Lambert’s album Revolution. It’s a song about cheating. The singer is warning her significant other that his lies and cheating will eventually come to light.

The steel guitar gives this song a classic country feel. It reached the second spot in the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts and did well in Canada.


Song Year: 2019

The title ‘Bluebird’ comes from a Charles Bukowski poem. While the poem uses the image of a bluebird to evoke feelings the narrator is hiding and repressing, the Miranda Lambert song turns the bluebird into a symbol of inner strength.

It’s a poetic song full of beautiful images. It also has a positive message about how things work out in the end with a little luck and courage. The song received two Grammy nominations and two CMA Awards nominations.

‘Hell on Heels’

Song Year: 2011

In 2011, Miranda Lambert founded the country trio known as the Pistol Annies with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

‘Hell on Heels’ is from their debut album, a release that topped the U.S. Top Country Albums chart. It’s a fun song about female empowerment and breaking hearts.

‘I Feel a Sin Comin’ On’

Song Year: 2013

The Pistol Annies came back two years after the initial success of Hell on Heels with a second album called Annie Up. The first track of the album, ‘I Feel a Sin Comin’ On’ is an upbeat country song about desiring someone who is already taken.

It’s one of the songs that illustrate Miranda Lambert’s versatility while showing how the Pistol Annies managed to create a unique style by playing up to the strengths of each member.

‘Gunpowder & Lead’

Song Year: 2007

This early track from Miranda Lambert received ACM and CMA nominations for Single of the Year. This powerful country song is about fighting back against an abusive lover.

The song did well in the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts and contributed to solidifying Miranda Lambert’s image as a country icon.

The lyrics feel deeply personal since Miranda Lambert’s parents would occasionally take in domestic abuse victims.

‘Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)’

Song Year: 2023

This fun country party anthem features a duet between Miranda Lambert and Elle King. The music video won an ACM award, and the song topped the Country Airplay chart.

The lyrics tell a story about getting drunk at a bar and refusing to go home. The song is a memorable mix between Miranda Lambert’s signature country sound and Elle King’s unique musical style inspired by country, rock, and blues.

‘More Like Her’

‘More Like Her’

Song Year: 2008

‘More Like Her’ is a single from Miranda Lambert’s album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s a catchy ballad that helped establish her as a talented country performer early in her career.

The song is about a woman who takes her man back despite his cheating. The singer compares herself to this woman and wishes she had been able to keep this man.


Song Year: 2005

“Kerosene’ is Miranda Lambert’s first hit single. This upbeat song tells the story of a failed relationship. The lyrics and emotional performance do an excellent job of showing the hurt and desperation that result from cheating.

The strong guitar and rock-inspired sound create a catchy melody, and it’s easy to see why this song helped Miranda Lambert rise to fame.

‘In His Arms’

Song Year: 2021

‘In His Arms’ is part of the collaborative project known as the Marfa Tapes. This unique country album features music from Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall.

‘In His Arms’ is a nostalgic ballad driven by a strong guitar melody. It’s about looking back on past experiences and missing a loved one.


Song Year: 2016

‘Vice’ is a memorable vehicle for Miranda Lambert’s strong vocals with its blues and rock-inspired melody. The result is a powerful country ballad that received two Grammy nominations and multiple nominations for ACM and CMT awards.

The song also reached the top five in the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts. It tells the story of a woman who can’t settle down and keeps moving from one lover to the next.

‘Me and Charlie Talking’

Song Year: 2005

‘Me and Charlie Talking’ is a sweet country song that looks back on the love between two children who talk about the future and make promises.

This classic country song introduces the public to Miranda Lambert’s powerful vocals and helped launch her career. It reached the top 30 in the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts.

‘Famous in a Small Town”

Song Year: 2007

‘Famous in a Small Town’ is an upbeat country song about living in a small town. It echoes Miranda Lambert’s own experiences growing up in Lindale, TX.

The song takes a humorous look at what makes people famous in small towns, from breakups to getting the first buck of the season. It’s a fun country song that captures slices of life and highlights Miranda Lambert’s talent as a lyricist.

‘Settling Down’

Song Year: 2019

‘Settling Down’ is a deeply personal song for Miranda Lambert. She wrote and composed it shortly after her marriage to Brandan McLoughlin, and the song is about considering a life with a significant other and asking questions about whether this life is the right choice.

Miranda Lambert discussed the inspiration behind this Platinum single and explained that marrying McLoughlin caused her to consider whether she wanted to live the life of a country music star or enjoy a quiet life at home.

‘It All Comes Out in the Wash’

Song Year: 2019

‘It All Comes Out in the Wash’ is a humorous song that creates a parallel between stains on clothes and mistakes or heartbreaks. The song has a positive message since it compares washing clothes to time healing mistakes and wounds.

This single was a commercial success that received a Gold certification and did well in the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts.

‘Drowns the Whiskey’

Song Year: 2018

This Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert collaboration received nominations for multiple CMA and CMT awards. It also topped the Country Airplay charts for a couple of weeks.

This powerful country song features a strong steel guitar. It tells the story of a man who attempts to drink to forget a relationship, but the memories are stronger than the alcohol.

‘Texas Pride’

Song Year: 2001

‘Texas Pride’ has a special significance for Miranda Lambert fans because it’s the first single she ever released.

The song wasn’t a major commercial success, but it’s a fun country song that celebrates the Lone Star state as well as country music. It feels meaningful since Miranda Lambert grew up in Texas.

 ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Song Year: 2007

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is the title track from Miranda Lambert’s second album. This song didn’t get as much attention as singles like ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ or ‘More Like Her,’ but it’s worth a second listen.

The lyrics tell the story of a woman who tracks down her ex and his new girlfriend. Some elements are reminiscent of other Miranda Lambert songs like ‘Kerosene.’

‘Only Prettier’

Song Year: 2009

‘Only Prettier’ is a Platinum single that appeared on the Revolution album. It’s a fun upbeat country track that compares and contrasts country and city girls.

The song focuses on the differences between the two lifestyles, but it also shares a positive message about what these women have in common.

‘Baggage Claim’

Song Year: 2011

‘Baggage Claim’ is a play on the expression 'emotional baggage.' The song tells the story of a woman who is dating a man with a lot of emotional baggage. She sings about being tired of carrying his baggage.

The album version features Josh Kelley singing backups. ‘Baggage Claim’ reached the top three spots in the U.S. Hot Country Songs charts.

‘Fastest Girl in Town’

Song Year: 2011

‘Fastest Girl in Town’ appeared in Miranda Lambert’s 2011 album For the Record. The single release also reached Gold status and peaked in the top three spots in the U.S. Country Airplay charts.

This song feels like a modern take on country. It’s a fun song that feels empowering through its depiction of a dangerous woman.

Top Miranda Lambert Songs, Final Thoughts

These Miranda Lambert songs are representative of her unique musical style characterized by classic country melodies, guitar playing, and bold vocals. They also reflect her evolution from a talented country singer to a superstar.

With a successful career spanning two decades, it’s interesting to look back and listen to her first singles or revisit her major hits. We can’t wait to see what Miranda Lambert has in store for us in the future!

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