27 Best Ed Sheeran Songs Ever

Ed Sheeran is the master of love songs. He’s also the master of drinking songs, feel good songs, and songs about being anti-social.

There’s no shortage of hits from hi +, x, ÷, = and – albums. Here are the best Ed Sheeran songs ever.

1. Shape of You

Song Year: 2017

Released in 2017, “Shape of You” talks about a relationship that began in a bar. The two people start dating, and the man loves the woman’s body. The singer describes how men focus on sexual attraction, resulting in deeper relationships.

The song describes the environment, but the bar isn’t the perfect place to find real love. The singer is drinking with friends when he notices a woman. He tells her he is ready to try only if she engages in the discussion. The song won Ed Sheeran the Best Pop Solo Performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

2. Thinking Out Loud

Song Year: 2014

As one of the most romantic songs ever released by Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud” has won many awards, including Song of the Year in the 2016 Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards in 2015. It has also become one of the most popular wedding songs of recent times.

Ed Sheeran talks about loving against all odds, but he doubts if his lover will continue loving him over time. However, he claims his love for his girl will remain even in their seventies. The singer describes how he wants his lover to behave in their relationship. Sheeran promises his partner perfect love even as he ages, hoping she will return the affection.

3. Perfect

Song Year: 2017

“Perfect” is a popular hit, especially at wedding receptions. The song tells a love story from when they were kids and how Ed Sheeran feels about spending his life with this woman.

Sheeran explains that he let a chance to get into an intimate relationship slip away because he had little understanding of love in his youth. However, he is ready to initiate a relationship by sharing his emotions with his prospective partner.

Ed Sheeran praises his childhood friend Cherry Seaborn in some lines. The singer is ready to share his home with Cherry this time. While he believes honing their love will be challenging, he is still optimistic it’s possible. Sheeran has performed “Perfect” in multiple events, including in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and France.

4. Photograph

Song Year: 2014

The song paints a picture of two lovers breaking up after a long and romantic relationship. The song’s theme isn’t mainly about your relationship with your lover but about mending how you relate with your family. Some lines highlight that Ed Sheeran is willing to reunite with his partner and keep her close to his heart.

“Photograph” has detailed imagery where the singer remembers kissing his partner. The song also showcases lovers’ struggles while trying to fix a relationship. The song garnered over one million views hours after its release in 2015. Since then, Sheeran has performed it in multiple events including at the 2015 ARIA Awards.

5. Give Me Love

Song Year: 2011

“Give Me Love” is Ed Sheeran’s debut album’s final single. The song describes the singer’s challenges as he tries to find love. The singer and his partner don’t feel the same because he craves more.

Ed Sheeran tells the partner to give him the love that he once had from his ex-girlfriend. Although Sheeran loves this girl, he finds forgetting his old lover difficult. The song has received several awards, including International Video of the Year.

6. Galway Girl

Song Year: 2017

The folk-pop song talks about Ed Sheeran falling for an Irish girl. The Irish woman was in his house for an extra day, which made Sheeran write a song about that. Ed Sheeran wrote this song with members of Beoga, including Eamon Murray and Liam Bradley.

Sheeran performed this song at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and it was certified Platinum in thirteen countries.

7. I Don’t Care

Song Year: 2019

“I Don’t Care” talks about the singers (Ed Sheeran and collaborator Justin Bieber) wanting to leave a party but staying because they’re with someone they love. For his part, Ed Sheeran isn’t comfortable at the party, but his lover urges him not to leave. He is insecure, shy and is worried this might be due to social anxiety disorder. Too many people at the party make him unwilling to continue partying.

A song that certainly help contribute to Ed Sheeran’s net worth.

8. The A Team

Song Year: 2010

“The A Team” is a story of an addict who sells her favors to feed her bad habits. It is a true story about a girl Ed Sheeran met at a crisis homeless shelter. The first verse portrays her as someone with pale lips and face, clear signs of long-term drug addiction. The lines state that the woman’s lungs are damaged, and her mouth can’t feel the taste.

Because of her drug addiction, she resorts to prostitution and spending long nights sleeping with strangers. She is in a difficult situation since she can’t afford anything that may improve her situation. “The A Team” clearly demonstrates social issues that face women.

9. I See Fire

Song Year: 2013

Ed Sheeran released “I See Fire” on 5 November 2013 as a digital download but would later release the music video. A few days after its release, the song was position thirteen on the U.K. Singles Chart and one in New Zealand.

“I See Fire” entails a dragon who has taken control of the world. Ed Sheeran warns people living in the mountains that a tragedy awaits them if they don’t relocate. As the flames burn in the mountain, the sky darkens, and cries are all over. Sheeran states that it’s hard to forget the events in the mountains.

It was written for the film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

10. Castle on the Hill

Song Year: 2017

Although some still underrate “Castle on the Hill,” the song has earned Ed Sheeran numerous awards, including a nomination to the Billboard Music Awards. The song is about Ed Sheeran’s early life in Framlingham. Ed Sheeran remembers his youthful years and memorable moments like having his first kiss and drinking with his close friends.

Some lines talk about Ed Sheeran’s troubles as a teenager and many youths’ illegal activities while still underage. The singer continues that although some memories are bad, they have learned their lessons and have now matured.

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