41 Best Carrie Underwood Songs

Good Girl

Song Year: 2012

This song is Underwood’s warning to a good girl who previously never got in trouble until she met someone she thought was a good boy. However, he lies to her and doesn’t deliver his promises, leaving her heartbroken. There’s no fairy tale ending, so Underwood wants the girl to ignore him and stay good for herself.

Ghost Story

Song Year: 2022

“Ghost Story” has some dark humor. Underwood starts singing about shadows and noises that will keep you from sleeping. You’ll think it’s a ghost, but it’s really her haunting her former love. Even when she’s out with her friends moving on, her memory will haunt her ex and make him regret breaking up with her.

Last Name

Song Year: 2008

This playful song is about what happens when you have a little too much to drink and dance with a stranger. Underwood uses pet names for the man and goes home with him, even getting married in Vegas without knowing the man’s last name.

Some Hearts

Song Year: 2005

“Some Hearts” is a love song that starts with Underwood doubting her luck in love. She feels like she has a good relationship now and thinks that she’s finally one of those people who got lucky and found true love.

Little Toy Guns

Song Year: 2015

“Little Toy Guns” tells a story about a young girl whose parents fight all the time, and she’s caught in between them. Underwood sings about how words can hurt as much as bullets, wishing that they instead felt like toy guns that didn’t really cause pain.

The Fighter

Song Year: 2016

“The Fighter” is a duet with Keith Urban, a country star whose voice meshes perfectly with Carrie Underwood’s. The lyrics acknowledge that a man hurt her before and made her too scared to fall in love again, but Urban wants her to realize he’s going to treat her right.

The sweet chorus has the two voices in a call and response, with one posing a question and the other answering it with love and devotion in their voice.

Home Sweet Home

Song Year: 2009

This song is Carrie Underwood’s unique take on a Motley Crue song. She takes the lyrics and makes them her own, singing about how fame can change your lifestyle in the strangest ways. She’s singing for everyone who knows her as a famous singer, but all she wants is to be comfortable at home so she can stay together since so many people rely on her.

Blown Away

Song Year: 2012

This Carrie Underwood song is about a girl’s terrible childhood. The emotional lyrics talk about a girl whose mother died when she was young, and her dad was an abusive alcoholic. He passes out on the couch all the time, so on the night of a tornado, the girl saves herself by hiding by herself in the cellar.

She didn’t try to get her father to safety because she wanted revenge for how he treated her. Though he dies in the storm, the chorus reminds the listener that there’s not enough rain to wash away all the horrible things the girl lived through.

Top Carrie Underwood Songs, Final Thoughts

For a relatively new artist, there are so many great Carrie Underwood songs to suit your mood. Whether you want something upbeat, emotional, or to harness your girl power, Underwood sings something for everyone. Check out other great country songs to ensure you have the best playlist on hand when you’re ready to jam.

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