33 Best Brad Paisley Songs

Brad Paisley is a huge country star who came onto the scene in 1999. He’s since released 12 studio albums, so there’s a lot to listen to. But which singles really stand out? These are the best Brad Paisley Songs ever.

Whiskey Lullaby

Whiskey Lullaby

Song Year: 2003

Brad Paisley sings this song with Alison Krauss, a legend in her own right. The song is about a woman who broke up with her man, causing him to try and self-medicate his broken heart. He tried to drink a lot to forget her. It kept taking more and more whiskey until he smothered himself. The woman felt guilty about his death and started drinking, dying the same way.

Remind Me

Song Year: 2011

Carrie Underwood sings on this track with Brad Paisley. They sing about public displays of affection from the beginning of a relationship and how they fade, making it hard to remember passion. They want to remind each other of how strongly they used to feel so they can get that fire back.

She’s Everything

Song Year: 2005

The lyrics to “She’s Everything” compare the singer’s love to any item, whether it’s basic, like an old pair of jeans, or something holy, like the answer to a prayer. He sees her in assorted items in his everyday life because she means everything to him.

When I Get Where I’m Going

Song Year: 2005

This song, featuring Dolly Parton, is one of Brad Paisley’s best and most emotional. The lyrics address what the singer will do when he makes it to heaven. While there are fanciful dreams, like petting a lion and falling with a drop of rain, there are real thoughts, like seeing his grandfather again.

I’m Gonna Miss Her

Song Year: 2001

This Brad Paisley song has a bit of humor to it. The man loves fishing, spending all day on the lake but never catching any fish. His love gets so frustrated that he’s always gone that she tells him he has to choose her or the lake. The rest of the song is about how he will miss his love, but the weather is so nice that he loves being out on the water.


Song Year: 2003

This song is another humorous offering from Brad Paisley. He sings about wanting to be famous even though he has no talent, but that isn’t necessary. He thinks he can get on a reality show and find fame, then date a supermodel and get rich. He sings about how celebrities get married and divorced quickly and seem to get off easy when they break the law.

No I in Beer

Song Year: 2020

Many country songs are about drinking alone, but this is the opposite. Paisley sings about how everyone has problems, and that it’s better to band together instead of drinking alone and getting consumed by your sadness.

Last Time for Everything

Song Year: 2017

Paisley’s song inspires everyone to appreciate every minute because it might be your last time. He calls back memories of last kisses, last dances, and the last time kids wake up to see what Santa left under the tree. Some memories are funny, and some will tug at your heartstrings.

Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm

Song Year: 2014

Whenever you take two opposites and put them together, you get a perfect storm. Paisley uses that concept here, describing a woman as opposites, like sunshine and extreme weather or a lazy drive mixed with a chase. Even though the relationship has a lot of highs and lows, Paisley thinks she’s perfect and wouldn’t try to change her.

Waitin’ on a Woman

Song Year: 2007

Paisley starts this song with a picture of two men waiting on a bench at the mall. They are, no surprise, waiting on women to finish shopping. Paisley then rewinds through all the memories he has of waiting on women, like before a date or planning a wedding. Statistically, men die before women, so Paisley puts a humorous spin on that concept.

Welcome to the Future

Song Year: 2009

In this song, Paisley thinks about all the things he used to want, like arcade games at home or the ability to watch TV on a car trip. He’s amazed that he has these options on such a tiny phone. But it’s not purely focused on technology—he also mentions how racism has changed in the future.

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