41 Best Carrie Underwood Songs

Best Carrie Underwood Songs

Getting her first big break from American Idol, Carrie Underwood is now a country sensation. If you love country-pop music, here are the best Carrie Underwood songs ever.

Before He Cheats

Song Year: 2005

The lyrics to this song take the listener on a dramatic ride, with Underwood singing about how she knows her man is dancing with someone else who can’t play pool or handle her liquor. However, Underwood isn’t too upset with him because she took matters into her own hands, keying his car, slashing his tires, and busting his headlights.

The lesson behind the song is that the man should think before he cheats, but Underwood ensures he’ll never forget what happened when he wronged her.

Just a Dream

Song Year: 2007

This emotional Carrie Underwood song is about a girl who just turned 18 and was going to marry the love of her life. However, she gets to the church, all dressed in her gown and ready to marry, when she finds out that he died at war. Instead of holding his hand and taking vows, she holds a folded American flag as a sign of his life and service.

The chorus repeats the lines about the girl hoping this is a dream. She knows she’ll be alone forever if something happens to her because he’s all she ever wanted.

The Champion

Song Year: 2018

This empowering song has Underwood name-dropping great fighters like Rocky and Ali. Famous rapper Ludacris sings on the track, with a rap break spelling out “Champion” with strong and motivating terms.

If you need to listen to something that makes you feel like you can take on any challenge, this is the Carrie Underwood song for you. The chorus will hype you up and make you feel prepared for anything.

Jesus, Take the Wheel

Song Year: 2005

This emotional Carrie Underwood song tells the story of a woman driving home to spend Christmas with her parents. She has her baby in the backseat but hits a patch of black ice and loses control of the car. She’s too scared to react and only prays.

The car spins, but once it stops, both the driver and her daughter are fine. That near-death experience and the answered prayer show the driver that she needs to change her life and be more religious.

Two Black Cadillacs

Song Year: 2012

This song tells as much of a story as you’d find in a novel, with stunning imagery in every lyric. The two black Cadillacs are in a funeral procession—one holds the dead man’s wife, and his mistress rides in the other.

While you think they’ll meet at the funeral and have a fight, the song twists the storyline in a delightful way. It turns out that the women already found out about each other and plotted against the man for doing them both wrong. The funeral is the only time they meet in person, but they know they’ll both keep the secret.

Mama’s Song

Song Year: 2009

“Mama’s Song” is a sweet ode to how mothers prepare their daughters to grow up, live on their own, and get married to a good man. Even though the girls create their own lives, they’ll never forget their mamas because they have such a special bond. Underwood sings about how she’ll provide the same love and support for her own baby one day.

Church Bells

Song Year: 2015

This song is about a wild girl who loved being outside with her dog. She grew up poor but was so beautiful that she caught a rich man’s eye and married him to get a chance at a better life. She had everything she could ever want, hosting big parties, and everyone was envious of their marriage.

However, her husband is an abusive alcoholic. He hits his wife, and she has to cover her bruises with makeup. She gets tired of living that life and slips something into his whiskey one night, again escaping her life for something new.

Undo It

Song Year: 2009

“Undo It” is a fierce song about a woman getting over her ex. She knew he was a bad guy from the start, but she fell for him anyway, and now, looking back, she wishes she could undo it all. She took his pictures out of the frame and is getting over him to create as happy a future as possible.

The overall vibe of this song is empowerment, but the lyrics have hints of regret as she wishes she could erase her time with her ex.

Dirty Laundry

Song Year: 2015

Another of the best Carrie Underwood songs is about cheating and heartbreak. In “Dirty Laundry,” Underwood finds lipstick on her man’s collar, and it’s not her signature shade. She smells perfume that isn’t hers and notices a wine stain, even though her man only drinks whiskey or beer.

She can’t believe he didn’t even try to hide the shirt, just leaving it for her to wash. But she won’t cover up for him because she vows to tell all his secrets to the neighborhood.

If I Didn’t Love You

Song Year: 2021

This Carrie Underwood song is a duet with Jason Aldean, one of the best country artists in the 2020s. It’s a sweet song about the heartbreak you feel when you realize how much you miss someone you love. It would be easier if you never had them in your life because you wouldn’t think about them all the time and wonder what they were doing.

While it would be hard to never have that love in their lives, the singers address how much they wish they didn’t have to lie and say they were okay since they’re so heartbroken.

Somethin’ Bad

Song Year: 2014

Carrie Underwood has dozens of amazing solo songs, but her voice also commands attention even when she sings with other stars. “Somethin’ Bad” is a duet with Miranda Lambert, a huge country star in her own right. Together, the women sing about the burning excitement of getting into trouble together.

They search for adventures on the run like Thelma and Louise, driving away, only stopping to have drinks at a bar before waking up without memories of the night before.

Cupid’s Got a Shotgun

Song Year: 2012

This song is full of dark humor, with Underwood singing about how she’s so resistant to love that Cupid’s arrows don’t work on her. However, Cupid figured out a shotgun could work since she isn’t bulletproof. Still, Underwood wears camouflage and hides in the darkness, trying to avoid love. She’s so against falling in love that she gets her gun and starts hunting Cupid.

Forever Changed

Song Year: 2012

This song follows a woman’s life by highlighting the most important moments. Underwood sings about how she fell in love with a man over the summer, then married him in the winter, as the nights lasted longer. Then she’s pregnant and gives birth during an Indian summer.

There’s also a verse about loss and how all these events change people in such drastic ways. What seems like a small or even a positive change can still make everything different.

All-American Girl

Song Year: 2007

This sweet song is about a man who couldn’t wait to have a son. He wanted to play football and take him fishing. However, he has a little girl, and he loves her so much that he’ll do anything for her. By the time she gets her first boyfriend, he also falls in love with her and gives up football to spend more time with her.

They later get married and talk about having children. The new husband admits he wants to have a daughter exactly like his wife, and they do, and he loves her more than anything.

So Small

Song Year: 2007

“So Small” is an inspiring song about how you can change your point of view and make your hardships easier to manage. Instead of trying to climb a mountain, you can take a step back and realize your problem isn’t that big. Something you keep searching for is right in front of you.

Love is the most important thing in life, so you should focus on that and put everything else in perspective.

Temporary Home

Song Year: 2009

“Temporary Home” is an emotional song about people looking for their places in life. The song starts with the story of a foster boy, then moves on to a young mother who wants to find the right house for her baby. It ends with an old man in a hospital bed, looking forward to being with God after he passes.

The overall feeling of this song is that life is a temporary home, and you can find solace in your faith.

Don’t Forget to Remember Me

Song Year: 2016

A young adult goes off to make it on her own after her eighteenth birthday in this Carrie Underwood song. She and her mother pack her belongings, and she takes a map and Bible with her. Once the girl is in her new apartment, she feels overwhelmed that she’s on her own with bills to pay. She calls her mom to remember them, then prays to get support in her new life.

Wine After Whiskey

Song Year: 2012

This song addresses how things change over time. It’s hard to notice day-to-day, but when you look back, the chasm seems massive. The singer was once young enough not to care about the world around her and only focused on having fun. As she got older, she realized she needed to take care of everything else to ensure it was a good environment.

Similarly, she can’t remember having feelings for someone she used to love so passionately. However, she knows that it was a strong love and won’t settle for anything less.

I Told You So

Song Year: 2007

Carrie Underwood has a lot of breakup songs where she regrets the relationship or takes revenge on her former love, but “I Told You So” is from the other side. She left her love and now realizes that she wants him back. She plans to call him and tell him she still loves him but isn’t sure if he’ll accept her words or will throw them in her face and stay broken up.

Cry Pretty

Cry Pretty

Song Year: 2018

Underwood sings about how she keeps herself guarded, never showing her emotions because she wants people to see her as someone strong. However, she’ll reach a point where she can’t keep it together. The song is a warning that when she falls apart, she won’t cry pretty. Pain is serious, and it’s too hard to fake it like it’s not hurting you, so you should let it out.

Inside Your Heaven

Song Year: 2005

This song is a bonus track from Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts album. It’s about how much someone you love can do for you and how you yearn to support them in return. Underwood sings about how that person makes her dreams come true, and, in return, she wants to support them when they’re going through a hard time.

Flat on the Floor

Song Year: 2007

Underwood is hiding from the troubles of life and love in “Flat on the Floor.” She literally sings about staying on the floor and keeping low so no one can peek through the door and bother her. She thinks that staying down means nothing else can knock her any lower. She’s determined to hide until everyone leaves her alone and she can try and get her life together.

Renegade Runaway

Song Year: 2015

“Renegade Runaway” is a song with classic country western vibes. The lyrics tell the story of a stunning woman who makes every man fall in love with her, but that isn’t what she wants. She won’t stick around for love—she wants to take all she can get from someone before moving on and doing the same thing in the next place.

Something in the Water

Song Year: 2014

This song is about someone who was struggling to make their life worth living. A preacher tells them about religion and convinces them to get baptized in the river. The singer believes that there was something in the water that changed their life. They feel stronger and pray when they need help. They feel joy and trust that the Lord is on their side.


Song Year: 2005

A woman is leaving her former love at the beginning of this song. She’s heartbroken and hates that she has to leave him behind, but she doesn’t want to look back at her life and realize she wasted her time. In the next verse, a man decides to give up alcohol so he can be proud of the life he lives.

Cowboy Casanova

Song Year: 2009

The titular character of this song is a heartbreaker, a handsome man that seems charming until you fall in love with him. Over time, every woman realizes that he’s lying to them and wasting their time. Underwood is trying to warn all the listeners to avoid this man or else he’s going to mess with their feelings.

See You Again

Song Year: 2012

This powerful song could be about a former love or someone who passed away. The lyrics address how someone isn’t in your life anymore, but you still feel strong because you know they’re supporting you in spirit. You can hear them in the wind and know that you’ll meet them again someday, so you need to stay positive until that time.

Smoke Break

Song Year: 2015

“Smoke Break” tells the story of a single mom working three jobs to make ends meet. She doesn’t drink or smoke but fantasizes about a vice that could help her relax. The next verse is about a man trying to make something of himself so his parents are proud. He also wishes there was a drink or smoke that could help him unwind when life gets tough.

End Up With You

Song Year: 2018

This song isn’t a traditional love song, with the singer making plans to marry her partner. Instead, she doesn’t care what happens to them as long as they’re together. She doesn’t care about having a house or anything major because she’s happy even when they’re stretched out on the grass, locked out of the house, or stuck with a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere.

Love Wins

Song Year: 2018

“Love Wins” is a touching song that addresses shootings and politics, two things that divide the country. However, Underwood doesn’t think any of that matters because we’re all sisters and brothers. She wants everyone to feel love and prioritize other people’s lives instead of fighting to get ahead, leaving others behind.

Drinking Alone

Song Year: 2018

This empowering song features Underwood accepting a drink from someone but saying she’s not going to go home with him. She wants to drink alone and cry about her lost love. Even though she doesn’t want to go home with the new man, she thinks they can cry together and try to feel better since misery loves company.

What Can I Say

Song Year: 2009

“What Can I Say” starts with the end of a relationship. Underwood knows it’s right that they’re breaking up, but she hates how it’s ending with such hard feelings. They both cried during the breakup, and now she wishes they could talk so they have positive memories of each other, but she doesn’t know what to say to make it better.


Song Year: 2018

“Southbound” is a fun song with a laid-back vibe, mentioning spring break and spending summer days floating on the river. The fishermen can’t catch anything because everyone’s party is scaring off the fish, but people need to unwind, so all they care about is kicking back with some drinks.

Good Girl

Song Year: 2012

This song is Underwood’s warning to a good girl who previously never got in trouble until she met someone she thought was a good boy. However, he lies to her and doesn’t deliver his promises, leaving her heartbroken. There’s no fairy tale ending, so Underwood wants the girl to ignore him and stay good for herself.

Ghost Story

Song Year: 2022

“Ghost Story” has some dark humor. Underwood starts singing about shadows and noises that will keep you from sleeping. You’ll think it’s a ghost, but it’s really her haunting her former love. Even when she’s out with her friends moving on, her memory will haunt her ex and make him regret breaking up with her.

Last Name

Song Year: 2008

This playful song is about what happens when you have a little too much to drink and dance with a stranger. Underwood uses pet names for the man and goes home with him, even getting married in Vegas without knowing the man’s last name.

Some Hearts

Song Year: 2005

“Some Hearts” is a love song that starts with Underwood doubting her luck in love. She feels like she has a good relationship now and thinks that she’s finally one of those people who got lucky and found true love.

Little Toy Guns

Song Year: 2015

“Little Toy Guns” tells a story about a young girl whose parents fight all the time, and she’s caught in between them. Underwood sings about how words can hurt as much as bullets, wishing that they instead felt like toy guns that didn’t really cause pain.

The Fighter

Song Year: 2016

“The Fighter” is a duet with Keith Urban, a country star whose voice meshes perfectly with Carrie Underwood’s. The lyrics acknowledge that a man hurt her before and made her too scared to fall in love again, but Urban wants her to realize he’s going to treat her right.

The sweet chorus has the two voices in a call and response, with one posing a question and the other answering it with love and devotion in their voice.

Home Sweet Home

Song Year: 2009

This song is Carrie Underwood’s unique take on a Motley Crue song. She takes the lyrics and makes them her own, singing about how fame can change your lifestyle in the strangest ways. She’s singing for everyone who knows her as a famous singer, but all she wants is to be comfortable at home so she can stay together since so many people rely on her.

Blown Away

Song Year: 2012

This Carrie Underwood song is about a girl’s terrible childhood. The emotional lyrics talk about a girl whose mother died when she was young, and her dad was an abusive alcoholic. He passes out on the couch all the time, so on the night of a tornado, the girl saves herself by hiding by herself in the cellar.

She didn’t try to get her father to safety because she wanted revenge for how he treated her. Though he dies in the storm, the chorus reminds the listener that there’s not enough rain to wash away all the horrible things the girl lived through.

Top Carrie Underwood Songs, Final Thoughts

For a relatively new artist, there are so many great Carrie Underwood songs to suit your mood. Whether you want something upbeat, emotional, or to harness your girl power, Underwood sings something for everyone. Check out other great country songs to ensure you have the best playlist on hand when you’re ready to jam.

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