33 Best Brad Paisley Songs

The Cigar Song

Song Year: 2003

This song is about a man’s clever idea to make money on his box of expensive cigars. They cost so much that he couldn’t afford them, but he insured them. After smoking them all, he filed an insurance claim saying he experienced a lot of small fires. The company pays out, but they send the cops after him, and he gets arrested for arson due to setting those small fires.

I Wish You’d Stay

Song Year: 2001

This sweet song tells the story of a man helping his love leave town. He connects her with his sister in Memphis so she can settle in with a friend. He even gives her a map. However, he doesn’t want her to leave but acknowledges that he’ll probably understand her reasoning by the time she reaches her destination.

I’m Still a Guy

Song Year: 2007

Paisley wrote this song of contrasts, saying that some people see a sweet deer while he sees the antlers as a trophy. Instead of seeing a peaceful lake for picnics, he wants to go fishing. No matter how his partner tries to change him, that’s who he is at the core—even though he can write emotional love songs.


Song Year: 2007

Paisley sings this song about an attractive woman he sees in the bar. He watches her drink a beer and can see part of her lower back tattoo, but he wants to see more. So much more that he’s willing to check her for ticks, and those bugs can hide anywhere!

Mud on the Tires

Song Year: 2003

There are two types of people who get a new car: ones who keep it as clean as possible or ones who push it to its limits. Paisley is one of the second type. He just bought a new truck and wants to use the four-wheel drive to get mud on the tires, finding a remote location to be with his love.

A Man Don’t Have to Die

A Man Don’t Have to Die

Song Year: 2011

A preacher is trying to scare his congregation into acting right at the beginning of this song. However, a man stands up and says hell isn’t as scary as how they live, losing a job and not having enough money to make ends meet.

We Danced

Song Year: 1999

This song is about a chance meeting. A man is cleaning up the bar after closing when a woman comes back. She said she left her purse, so he found it for her, and they danced together. Right then, he knew she was the love of his life, and he proposed to her when they danced again.

Two People Fell in Love

Song Year: 2001

The stories in this song help you see the big picture. One verse is about a baby who grew up to cure diseases and win a Nobel prize, and he was only born because people fell in love. All the people at a family reunion only gather because people fell in love. People get over their loneliness because they fall in love.

Start a Band

Song Year: 2008

Keith Urban is a guest singer on this song, which tells the story of a kid who realizes he’s not smart enough to become a lawyer and doesn’t have the skill to play sports. He disappoints his parents, but his sister’s boyfriend convinces him to get a guitar and start a band. He says it’ll be fun to play music, and he’ll never have to buy beer, and he might become famous.

Letter to Me

Song Year: 2007

Paisley writes a letter to his younger self in this song, reassuring him that everything will turn out okay. Even though his upcoming breakup will be hard, it will help him become stronger. Though everyone says high school is the best time of your life, Paisley tells his younger self that things get even better.

Famous People

Song Year: 2003

This song tells the story of a worker who notices his lone customer has California plates, and the name on the credit card is someone famous. He hasn’t seen the person on TV or in the movies but will tell his friends he met someone famous. The twist is the celebrity can say he met someone famous too because the worker caught a record fish.

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