11 Best Tion Wayne Songs

Tion Wayne worked his way up in the music industry the past decade before securing his place as a solo artist. The London-based rapper and DJ appeared on other artists’ tracks as a guest before his mixtapes, Wayne’s World volumes 1 through 3. His debut album Green With Envy dropped in 2021.

Read on to learn the best Tion Wayne songs. You might discover a new favorite!

1. “Body” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2021

This quick-moving single from Wayne’s debut album Green With Envy is a collaboration with Russ Millions for a rap patter tradeoff. The drill style is forefront here, with an Afrobeat influence in the multilayered track. Present also is a rich orchestral blanket of sound and various sampling for a thick texture under the rapping.

The violent nature of the genre doesn’t stop with “Body,” though these lyrics focus on the allure of females rather than gun crime. Despite the dark theme, this song won Wayne and Millions a Music Video Award and critical acclaim upon its release. This is the song for anyone who’s a fan of the UK drill style or wants an introduction to Wayne’s sound.

2. “IFTK” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2022

The music video for “IFTK” indicates the genre’s themes: gambling, women, and high-powered getaway vehicles. It plays out a little like a short film, with a shootout between rival factions on the rooftops of an undesignated South American or North African country.

The beat, reminiscent of trap in some places and more similar to drill in others, speeds up towards the end of the song to reflect the rising intensity of the gunfight. Synthpop duo La Roux provides the musical foundation, with singer Elly Jackson’s soprano rising over the scuffle in the streets.

She also pops up in the video, interspersed with a montage of the gang activity. Presumably, “IFTK” stands for In For The Kill, the name of the song this rap remix samples from. The imaginative production and presentation helped shoot it up the UK charts to #6.

3. “Me Or the Lifestyle” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2016

Less drill rap and more R&B, this track addresses Tion's love interest. The lyrics ask if she’s willing to take him along with all the complications of the life he lives, including the possibility of jail time. In return, he promises to fulfill her and pledge his loyalty.

The slower groove and ambient background suggest a chill vibe rather than the quick spitting Wayne is accustomed to. This song dedicated to the ladies shows off a different side of his musical output, featuring some melodic lines along with the rap.

4. “Keisha & Becky” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2018

Wayne invites a panel of collaborators on this track, including Aitch, Swarmz, Jay1, and Russ Millions. It’s a classic drill style where the rappers enumerate the various qualities of two women they’re into. Suggestive and enticing, it’s a creative way of paying homage to the sex appeal of females without compromising their musical cred.

The production here is sparse, with just an underlying beat, two-chord synth sound, and occasional other tonal punctuation. The base allows the rap pattern to emerge forefront, as it’s articulate and fierce and needs room to expand.

5. “I Dunno” by Tion Wayne

“I Dunno” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2020

Dark and catchy, this tune incorporates verses from Dutchavelli and Stormzy in the classic tradeoff pattern of Wayne. The meeting of three English up-and-comers exploded into the UK consciousness, reaching #7 on the UK Singles Chart.

There’s a Latin flavor in the track’s mixing, including a steel guitar riff that underlines the vocals. The lyrics are somewhat obtuse, but it’s possible to deduce themes of women, theft, and a getaway car, proving that Tion reigns king of the UK street sound.

“I Dunno” spent 22 weeks on the charts, edging it close to what is arguably Wayne’s biggest track to date, “Body.”

6. “Knock Knock” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2022

This music video opens with a scene of a convenience store at night, with the implication that the rapper and his cohorts plan to hold up the shop at gunpoint. Scenes of the guys preparing in the street for their raid alternate with clips of girls twerking at a salon – with footage of the guys on the TV behind them.

One of Wayne’s newer creations, “Knock Knock,” plays off the age-old joke: the answer to “who’s there?” is his Glock at the door. Ominous and engaging, it’s classic fare according to what we’ve come to expect from this young rapper.

7. “Wow” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2022

One of the faster rap rhythms from Tion, the vocals on this track layer on top of a percussive drill beat and haunting female chanting. Guest bars from M24 contribute to the island feel, a heavy dose of Afrobeats with a Jamaican tinge.

The message here is clear: no one can judge you. The rappers reference Simon Cowell as an example of someone who doesn’t know them for their true identity and also call out poseurs who claim to be something they’re not. This is another strong lyrical presentation from Wayne from his Green With Envy album.

8. “Options” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2020

Wayne is the guest rapper on this song, a collaboration with NSG. The flow is a bit slower than his usual fare and relies on Afrobeats for a rolling rhythm that carries the vocals forward.

The lyrics are about having financial options, mostly centered around the black market drug trade. The artists’ goal is to make a million, and they plan to get there thanks to the many streams of income available to them. References to secondary phones, cash deals, and staying on the move round out this ode to the street hustle.

9. “Wid It” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2021

Luxury cars, beautiful women, and gang violence: it’s all here in yet another banging track from the Green With Envy album. ArrDee jumps in as guest vocals, timed just before his debut album, which dropped the following year.

Interestingly, the racial profiles of the two rappers are never addressed, despite nods to the skin color of women in the lyrics (and the disparity of the female entourage). The focus shifts to Lamborghinis in a warehouse setting as the two gangs prepare to face off in a turf war.

10. “Where Were They” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2021

In this drill track, the rapper examines the life of violence and crime he chose, comparing it to how things were just a few years prior. Though some of his songs only allude to it, “Where Were They” actually references murders at his own hands.

In a retrospective plea for attention, Tion Wayne asks where his teachers and other adult role models were when he was getting into the street lifestyle. It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t seem regretful of his choice – rather, he boasts proudly that he made it without any of those figures who he felt abandoned him.

11. “Married To the £” by Tion Wayne

Song year: 2019

One of Wayne’s earlier tracks, “Married to the [Pound],” dates back to the years when he was primarily guesting on other rappers’ tunes. It talks about his decision to pursue riches above all else – even women, at times. An expensive car and stacks of cash support the theme, as the scenes alternate with a hopping club montage.

The sound of this one is different from most of the artist’s later output, borrowing a 2000s hip-hop/R&B flavor for the backing track. However, he still spits his signature drill style, even mixing it up with some melodic vocals at the end of each chorus.

Top Tion Wayne Songs, Final Thoughts

The UK’s most preeminent prince of drill, Tion Wayne, deserves a place in the rap canon for his rise in the genre in such a short amount of time. Beginning with other artists’ tracks and continuing to his original gifts, we’re positive this is only the beginning of this talented and imaginative rapper’s career.

Take a listen to all of these tunes with an open mind. We bet you’ll find a new earworm on the list and familiarize yourself with the style in no time.

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