33 Best Brad Paisley Songs

American Saturday Night

Song Year: 2009

Is all about how awesome America is, with its mix of cultures and traditions from all over the world. You’ve got Brazilian boots, German cars, The Beatles, Canadian bacon, French kissing, and toga parties. And America is a place where anyone can come and chase their dreams, no matter where they’re from. Bill Paisley wants us to join him for a wild and fun American Saturday night, where we can rock out to music, dance our hearts out, drink some booze, and watch the fireworks.


Song Year: 2011

“Camouflage” is another humorous Brad Paisley song. He talks about different ways making something camouflaged makes it disappear, like painting a car or using camouflage fabric for prom clothes. While it may make you blend in, he says you’ll stand out to redneck girls who love the look, which makes camouflage his favorite color.

Little Moments

Little Moments

Song Year: 2003

This sweet song focuses on the happy times in a relationship. Even though there are bad moments, like wrecking a vehicle and burning food, those don’t carry the same weight as the good times. Just being together is a quality memory, even if you don’t do anything special. The song shows how much love you can have for a person.

Time Warp

Song Year: 2005

This chilling song has very few lyrics, giving your mind time to turn them over and over, searching for the true meaning of the song. Many people think it’s about feeling like you’re about to give up on life, knowing you need to hang on through this tough patch. Listen and see how you interpret it.


Song Year: 2007

Fana of the TV show Catfish will laugh their way through this Brad Paisley song. He sings about being a short, overweight man with a dead-end job living with his parents. However, he’s tall, hot, and rich online, acting mysterious to keep the women flocking to his Myspace profile.

Me Neither

Song Year: 1999

Brad Paisley lets his sense of humor out in this twisted love song. He sings about meeting a woman and asking her questions. Whatever she says, he agrees with her by saying, “Me neither.” As he gets shot down, he explains his reasoning until the song ends.

Harvey Bodine

Song Year: 2013

“Harvey Bodine,” tells the story of a man who died until the hospital kick-started his heart. He realized he was happier when he was technically dead because he was free from his abusive wife. That experience pushed him to divorce his wife since the vows say till death, and he died for several minutes.


Song Year: 2010

This song explains Paisley’s love of water. He started playing in a backyard pool as a kid, then spent time with friends at the river bank. He went to Daytona Beach for spring break and made great memories.

He Didn’t Have to Be

Song Year: 1999

This song will tug at your heartstrings. Paisley sings about a little boy raised by a single mom. She struggled in the dating scene because men would leave as soon as they found out she had a kid. However, she met a man who stepped up to be the father to another person’s son. Paisley looks back at that time now that he’s a new father, hoping he can be just as loving.

All I Wanted Was a Car

Song Year: 2007

Brad Paisley injects more humor into these lyrics, singing about people he knew who wanted to play in the NFL or go to an Ivy League school while all he wanted was a car. He worked odd jobs and saved money because the car was his dream. And now he has a car, which serves him well as he continues to tour the country.



Song Year: 2017

This song is about how the image of a woman today will matter to the singer no matter what else is going on in his life. Whether he’s bored waiting for something to happen or just reflecting on his youth as an old man, he’ll picture the woman and be able to visualize all the details because the memory is just that powerful.

Top Brad Paisley Songs, Final Thoughts

Brad Paisley has tons of music out there. As an artist who’s won three Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, and 14 Country Music Association Awards, you know he has great singles. This list includes the best Brad Paisley songs. If you like these, check out his full albums for even more amazing music.

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