57 Best Florida Rappers

Ever since the 90s, Florida has been a hotbed for hip-hop and rap. Whether you've been a Rick Ross fan for decades or you just discovered the lyrical genius of Denzel Curry, there are so many genres of Florida rap that you're sure to find a new artist to enjoy.

So, if you're looking for the best Florida rappers, you've come to the right place. Let's go through the best Florida rappers so you can find some new music to love!

#1 Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Since the mid-2000s, Rick Ross has impressed the rap world with his booming voice and style. Although he wasn't born in Florida, he was raised in Carol City, spending most of his adolescence there.

Ross rose to fame after he released his first hit album, “Port of Miami,” which reached number one on the Billboard charts. From then on, Ross has been one of the most influential voices in Florida rap.

#2 Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry rose to fame after his song “Ultimate” hit the airwaves. With his intense rap style and lyrical focus, Curry quickly became a leader among up-and-coming artists. His friendship with fellow Florida rapper Rick Ross also helped his career flourish.

Curry started rapping when he was only 12. Growing up in Carol City, Curry didn't have an easy life. His mother was a devout Jehovah's Witness, ideas which Curry didn't accept. His struggle to feel wanted and loved is apparent in many songs.

#3 YNW Melly

YNW Melly

Made famous with his 2016 song “Murder On My Mind,” YNW Melly is a Florida rapper with a unique style and flow. After his initial success, YNW Melly released two more albums, “Melly vs. Melvin” and “Just a Matter of Slime,” which features other famous rappers, like Lil Uzi Vert.

Sadly, he hasn't had the most fruitful life outside of music. The police charged him with two murders of other YNW rappers. He's currently in jail waiting for those trials to finish, although he's pled not guilty to both charges.

#4 Rod Wave

Rod Wave

Known as one of the innovators who started soul trap, Rod Wave has been adding his own style tracks since 2016. Soul trap uses mixtures of singing and rapping with no apparent transitions. It gives the music a more uniform sound without being predictable.

Wave's most famous song, “Heart On Ice,” is about the emotional disappointment people feel when they can't get what they want. Wave's response is to turn off his emotions and work through those problems logically.

#5 Kodak Black

Kodak Black

Born in Pompano Beach, Florida, Kodak Black first rose to fame after his arrest in 2015 for robbery. After that, the public began discovering his collection of underground music and tracks.

Black was in and out of prison for the following five years, but his music was still popular. After his latest release from jail in 2022, police placed him on house arrest. But that hasn't stopped him from releasing some of the most popular rap songs of the year.

#6 XXXTentacion


Sadly, XXXTentacion's time came way too soon, but we can still enjoy his music. X started out as a SoundCloud rapper in 2013 with his unique take on emo rap. The emotional tones of his songs are much more poignant than many of his counterparts.

X released four more studio albums, including one posthumous album. Sadly, someone shot X during an attempted robbery in a motorcycle dealership. His art is a reminder of the musical talent we lost too early.

#7 Bobby Smurda

Bobby Smurda

Bobby Smurda was one of the hottest Florida rappers before his arrest in 2014. He was born in Florida but moved to New York as a child because his father landed in prison. Smurda took influence from his Florida roots and his home in New York.

Smurda's style is often called “Brooklyn drill” hip-hop. It incorporates influences from Chicago and the U.K. to create a sub-genre of trap music. It still uses those big bass drums prevalent in other trap music.

#8 Ski Mask The Slump God

Ski Mask The Slump God

Ski Mask The Slump God is a rapper who grew up in Fort Lauderdale. He first rose to fame in 2016 as a part of XXXTentacion's rap group, Members Only. Ski Mask soon released his first solo songs, including “BabyWipe” and “catch Me Outside.”

Ski Mask says he took his style from Busta Rhymes. But most people like Ski Mask because of his versatility. His songs seem to take influence from hip-hop, pop, and rock music, culminating in an original sound, unlike any other rapper.

#9 9lokkNine


Releasing his first music in 2018, 9lokkNine quickly caught the attention of many of the world's most influential rap producers. He ultimately signed a deal with Cash Money Records, releasing three more mixtapes during his quick career.

Sadly, we don't hear too much music from him these days. The courts sentenced him to seven years in prison in 2021 for identity theft and possessing an unregistered firearm.

#10 T-Pain


More than anyone else, T-Pain popularized the auto-tune sound that other rappers use in their songs. Once you hear that auto-tune, most people immediately think of T-Pain or one of the many rappers he influenced.

He was born in Tallahassee, but most people don't know the T in his name stands for the city where he was born. He began his career mixing beats for other rappers, but once he found his style, he never turned back!

#11 Smokepurpp


Although Smokepurpp was born in Chicago, his family moved to Florida when he was only three. Smoke began his career alongside his longtime friend, Lil Pump, on their Soundcloud accounts, where they garnered large support.

Smoke quickly released more music, including his ultra-popular song “Nephew” with Lil Pump, which jumped to number one on the Billboard charts.

#12 DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

Perhaps the best-known artist from Florida, DJ Khaled has been involved in the music industry for almost his whole life. Although Khaled often stays silent in his songs, his beat work and mixing skills attract many other artists.

Khaled is a proud Florida resident, often noting his love for the state in his music. Although he was born in Louisiana, his love for his adoptive state is evident in everything he releases.

#13 Lil Pump

Lil Pump

As one of the best Miami rappers still touring, Lil Pump has earned a name for himself among the elite of the Florida rap world. He rose to prominence among other Soundcloud rappers, like Ski Mask The Slump God, and XXXTentacion.

Most of Pump's music revolves around his free spirit and love for life. Sometimes he also likes to rap about the finer things in life, like designer clothing. The high life is an attractive proposition, especially for those who become famous at only 17.

#14 Flo Rida

Flo Rida

Flo Rida shot to fame after the release of his ultra-famous track “Low.” It was number one on the charts for 10 weeks straight, breaking multiple digital download records in that period.

Flo Rida, as his name suggests, is a proud Florida resident. He grew up in Carol City and has worked with some of the best artists of his generation, including Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, and T-Pain.

#15 Pitbull


Influenced by both his Cuban and Florida roots, Pitbull is one of the most recognizable artists of his generation. Whether you enjoy his unique lyrical style or his brand of distorted beats, Pitbull has released dozens of bangers.

Pitbull is one of the best Miami rappers because he took influences from the local community of Cuban immigrants and local Floridians. His songs transport to a sunny beach packed with people looking for fun, just what Florida does best!

#16 Trina


Trina got her first shot in the rap world alongside Trick Daddy, a fellow Florida rapper. After their initial success, Trina went on to have an ultra-successful career. She paved the way for other female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Trina has a unique style marked by her expressive voice and lyrics about her personal life. She often raps about her heartbreak and bad luck in the dating world.

#17 Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$

Although he was born in New York City, Robb Bank$ moved to Florida as a young child. He quickly fell into a Florida rap group named Raider Klan alongside SpaceGhostPurrp.

Robb's style isn't similar to anyone else in the scene. He says old R&B samples and tracks used in Japanese anime helped influence his musical style.

#18 Ghostemane


Ghostemane doesn't have very many comparable artists. He was influenced by hip-hop, heavy metal, and industrial music, giving his music an intense and dark flavor that doesn't suit everyone.

His style is trap music mixed with black metal, which is fast metal music often accompanied by ear-curdling shrieks. Luckily, he seems to have toned down the screamo elements in his rap music, preferring a more somber tone.

#19 Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice

When we talk about the best Florida rappers, who could forget about Vanilla Ice? Although he didn't carry his popularity into the 2000s, his success in the 90s is incomparable.

With the release of his song “Ice Ice Baby” in 1990, Vanilla Ice became a household name. So, although he didn't get to experience fame for his entire life, he definitely got enough of it in the 90s!

#20 SpaceGhostPurrp


Born in Miami, SpaceGhostPurrp was one of the founding members of Raider Klan, a rap group that included the likes of Denzel Curry and Yung Simmie.

SpaceGhostPurrp often associates his violent upbringing in Carol City with the dark influences in his music. His songs are usually sad, filled with allusions to death and the violence he witnessed in his youth.  

#21 Jacki-O


Influenced by the gangster rap of the 80s and 90s, Jacki-O was a breath of fresh air when she came onto the scene in 2003. Her style is similar to Trina, another of Florida's best female rappers.

Jacki-O has worked with many famous artists throughout her years, including Busta Rhymes and Timbaland. Sadly, in 2014 she announced she would be retiring from the rap world.

#22 Doechii


After releasing her first music in 2020, Doechii immediately got comparisons to Nicki Minaj because of her flow and lyrical style.

She uses inflections and different intensities, similar to Nicki, but her animated style is even more over the top. She even said Nicki and Lauren Hill were her biggest influences. If you're looking for a rapper with a distinguishable flow, you've found the perfect rapper in Doechii.

#23 Gunplay


Born in Miami but growing up in Carol City, Gunplay is one of the most intense rappers from Florida. He's currently part of Rick Ross' rap crew, Triple-C.

Gunplay's style closely resembles other Florida rappers like Ross and Trick Daddy. His songs often speak about his experience selling and using drugs, which he has thankfully stopped.

#24 Hotboii


Born in Orlando, Hotboii was only 20 when his hit track “Don't Need Time” received over 75 million views on Youtube. From there, his career hit new highs with the release of his album “Double O Baby.”

Rappers like Kodak Black and Lil Wayne influenced Hotboii's style. His career was taking off, but police arrested him in 2021 on racketeering charges, and his career stalled.

#25 Ace Hood

Ace Hood

Born and raised in Florida, Ace Hood signed to DJ Khaled's record label in 2006. Although he aspired to play professional football, an injury in high school sidelined his goals.

But that time allowed him to explore his musical talents. His rap style is quick, with heavy background music dotted with heavy bass. With that mixture, Ace Hood made some of the best party songs of the 2010s.

#26 Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy

First coming to prominence in the late 90s, Trick Daddy quickly became a fixture in the Florida rap game. He collaborated with some of the biggest names of the 2000s, like Trina and Lil Jon.

His songs use samples from rock, R&B, and hip-hop. Since 2018, Trick Daddy has been appearing in the TV show “Love and Hip-hop: Miami.”

#27 Mase


Mase was one of the most popular artists of the late 1990s after he signed onto Diddy's label. His songs are often lighter and less serious than the gangster rap that marked the first half of the 90s.

Mase left a huge mark on the rap game. His melodic voice and soft-spoken attitude have endured for years since his peak. Mase even featured on some of the most famous songs ever, including “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “Been Around the World.”

#28 ¡Mayday!


¡Mayday! is a rap group that formed in Miami in 2003. Their style focuses on rapid-fire lyrics over distorted or heavily synthesized background music.

¡Mayday! Often performs with fellow rappers Tech N9ne and Travis O'Guin. The group has worked with famous names such as Lil Wayne, Cee-Lo Green, and Ace Hood.

#29 Plies


Born in Fort Myers, Florida, Plies is a rapper with a long history, both in the rap and sports worlds. He was a wide receiver for Miami University in Ohio before turning to music.

His song “Bust It Baby, Part 2” with Ne-Yo in 2008 quickly shot the youngster to his highest level of fame. Throughout his career, Plies worked with various rappers, including T-Pain and Akon. 

#30 Wifisfuneral


Wifisfuneral has had a turbulent career over the few years he's been rapping. Originally from New York, he moved to Florida as a child.

People often categorize his songs as emotional rap due to their focus on negative feelings. In 2020, he announced his retirement, but that was only short-lived. He returned later that year, releasing his album “Pain?”

#31 Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston was born in Miami before he moved to Jamaica with his family when he was six. His grandfather was one of the most famous reggae producers, Lawrence Lindo, who sometimes went by his stage name Jack Ruby.

Kingston's style is a mixture of his Florida roots and his Jamaican heritage. Sony first discovered him on  Youtube and quickly signed him to a record deal. From there, he released many hits, including “Beautiful” which has more than a billion views on Youtube.

#32 $not


$not was born in New York, and he moved to Florida when he was only seven. He began his rap career by uploading his tracks and mixes to Soundcloud in 2016.

By 2018, he released his ultra-popular song “Gosha” and quickly signed to a record deal. His music deals with the struggles he has with love and coming to terms with his identity as a Haitian growing up in the United States.

#33 DaniLeigh


Danileigh is one of the best Miami rappers to come up in the last few years. She rose to fame after working with Price on his music video for the song “Breakfast Can Wait.”

In 2017, she signed with Def Jams records and released her first album, “Summer With Friends” and a second album a year later. She works with artists such as Chris Brown, YG, and Megan Thee Stallion.

#34 Caskey


Caskey was born in Orlando and has been releasing music regularly since 2012. His songs often focus on the pain he felt as a child.

When he was only 16, Caskey's father died from suicide. Since then, much of his music focuses on the feelings of despair and loss that can erupt from the death of a parent.

#35 Eskeerdo


Eskeerdo has only been releasing his own music since 2015, but he has a lot of experience in the industry. He helped write music and songs for Diddy, Ice Cube, Big Sean, and T.I.

Eskeerdo's music has influences from his Cuban heritage. Although he grew up in Florida, he credits his Cuban background for his introduction to the music industry.

#36 DJ Uncle Al

DJ Uncle Al

DJ Uncle Al was one of Florida's most talented and innovative sons. When he started releasing music in 1990, he added his own flavor to the gangster rap of the era. He rapped about peace on the streets and advocated for non-violence.

Sadly, he died long before his time. He was shot and killed in 2001 before he could enjoy his career's success.

#37 Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke began releasing music in 1990 and immediately became one of the best Florida rappers. His parents hail from the Bahamas, and Luke incorporated Caribbean influences into his music. 

He worked the quick and punchy deejaying style popular in the Caribbean into his music. People can easily recognize his new style, with its smooth vocals overlaid on a deep bass track.

#38 Nardo Wick

Nardo Wick

Nardo Wick was born and raised in Jacksonville. The area heavily influenced his music, mixing to create the northern Florida rap style and trap music.

Wick's first full-length album went on to be certified gold, peaking at number 16 on the charts. His ultra-popular song, “Who Want Smoke,” went on to achieve two times platinum.

#39 Khia


Khia has been known for her sexually-driven music since she started releasing music in 2000. She was born in Philadelphia but moved to Tampa Bay as a child.

Her songs often critique the different ways women get treated in society, mostly by men. She uses her music as a way to express her emotions in a safe way.

#40 Spotemgottem


Born and raised in Jacksonville, Spotemgottem was one of the innovators behind the mumble rap trend. Although not everyone likes the genre, it swept the rap world in the mid-2010s.

He uses trap drums and other bass kicks to emphasize his lyrics. His style gives his songs a punchy beat and distorted vocals, two elements most often found in mumble rap.

#41 Yung Simmie

Yung Simmie

Yung Simmie first started performing in 2009 at the age of only 16 years old. Simmie primarily focuses on releasing freestyles and mixtapes, which is unique in the age of the internet.

Simmie is a member of the Raider Klan alongside Denzel Curry and others. Simmie prefers to have slow trap beats in his music, in which he raps about a range of topics, including indulgence, sex, and alcohol. 

#42 Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

Although some people won't characterize Jason Derulo as a rapper, he's appeared in more than enough rap music to make it on the list.

Born and raised in Florida, Jason said that music has been a big part of his life since he was a child. Artists like Prince, Usher, and Michael Jackson influenced the type of music he makes.

#43 Bleubird


Bleubird has been an artist for the last 20 years but still hasn't been able to break through the ceiling. But that doesn't mean he can't rap.

Bleubird's style is fast-paced and witty. He works extensively on his freestyle skills and incorporates comedy and serious tones in his songs, sometimes directly following comedic elements with a serious point. 

#44 Tay Dizm

Tay Dizm

Tay Dizm Spent the majority of his youth growing up in foster homes in Florida before he ended up finding his biological family.

He started out in the industry by working as a hype man for T-Pain. Dizm quickly moved on to recording his own music. His style incorporates elements from T-Pain's music, such as autotune, but his unique flow separates him from other rappers.

#45 Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter first became a household name because of his brother's work with the Backstreet Boys. As his career progressed, Aaron began experimenting with hip-hop and rap.

Aaron's music often focuses on the despair and loneliness he felt being famous. Sadly, he passed away from a drug overdose in 2022.

#46 MC Jin

MC Jin

MC Jin is one of the most successful Asian rappers. He was the first Asian American rapper to sign with a major record label.

He raps in both English and Chinese. Even if you can't understand Chinese, his characteristic flow and lyrical work are apparent in every song. He's worked with some of the biggest names in the industry like Wyclef Jean.

#47 Kitty


Kitty began her music career by posting videos of her work on Tumblr. Rap isn't a broad enough genre to characterize her work. She uses synths and bubbly beats, which some people refer to as cloud rap.

Cloud rap mostly developed in the south and is particularly popular in Florida. It utilizes lo-fi tracks and beats to develop a sound that's light and ethereal. 

#48 Sylvan LaCue

Sylvan LaCue

Sylvan LaCue was born and raised in Miami and that's where he developed his style. He took inspiration from other rappers' storytelling abilities, like Drake and Nas.

LaCue focused on his ability to tell stories in his songs, too. His music is often sung in a low voice that is closer to speaking than singing. But that's all the better to tell a riveting story.

#49 KB


KB was born into a military family in St. Petersburg. He formed a strong relationship with God after he struggled with drugs and alcohol in his youth.

His music mainly focuses on religiosity and how to lead a better life. He raps about the indulgences and extravagance he sees as a failing in the modern world.

#50 YK Osiris

YK Osiris

YK Osiris started making music in 2017 after he realized he had talents for mixing beats and writing music. He released his ultra-popular track “Worth It” in 2019.

YK started out by mixing beats and releasing his music online. After Lil Uzi Vert remixed his track “I'm Next,” YK started to gain traction in the rap world. And the rest is history!

#51 2 Pistols


After he released his debut single “She Got It” with T-Pain, 2 Pistols immediately began to make waves in the rap game.

2 Pistols is one of the best Florida rappers because he channels the pain he felt growing up in a broken home into his music. His songs often focus on the life he wished he would’ve lived if he grew up in a stable environment.

#52 Real Boston Richey

Real Boston Richey

Real Boston Richey is an enigma. He was born in Florida and has Boston in his name, but uses the Michigan rap style. That's a lot of geographical diversity!

Richey's style usually follows a similar format—quick rhymes over a minimalistic beat. It results in songs that focus on the lyrics more so than the background music.

#53 Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana

Saucy Santana began his career as a makeup artist for the rap duo City Girls. He started rapping in 2019 and hasn't looked back since.

Santana has become one of the fastest-growing artists in the last few years. His style focuses on rapid-fire lyrics and ethereal beats. He's even a recurring guest on Love and Hip-hop: Miami.

#54 Tyla Yawek

Tyla Yawek

Tyla Yawek grew up in a downtrodden neighborhood in Orlando. His early life wasn't easy, He was out on his own by the age of 14.

Tyla was discovered by Post Malone after he moved to L.A. With his new connections, Tyla has gone on to release a studio album, “Heart Full of Rage,” that garnered critical acclaim.

#55 Fred Durst

Fred Durst

Fred Durst is most infamously known as the lead singer of Limp Bizkit. He was born and raised in Jacksonville. That's where he had his first experience making music.

Limp Bizkit is a rap-rock group that pioneered the genre. Although the genre has since fallen out of popularity, Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst paved the way for more rock influences in rap.

#56 KJ-52


KJ-52 is originally from Tampa Bay and that's where he developed his love for rap and the Christian faith. Some people even think he's the Christian version of Eminem.

His flow and use of lyrics are similar to Eminem's. But the two couldn't be further apart in terms of messaging. KJ-52 focuses on spreading a message of faith and positivity.

#57 Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie

More infamously known for her outburst on Dr. Phil than her rap career, Bhad Bhabie paved the way out of her youthful ignorance to a more profitable venture.

Bhad Bhabie became the youngest female rapper to get on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017. She went on to release an album, “15,” in 2018.

Top Florida Rappers, Final Thoughts

So, which one of the best Florida rappers is your favorite? There are so many different styles and genres of Florida rap that it can be hard to pick the best one. But now you have a lot of options to find a new artist!

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