31 Best Young Dolph Songs

No matter how controversial some of his lyrics are, Young Dolph always gave his fans a snippet of his lifestyle through his music.

He would rap about smoking weed in one song and highlight his responsibility as a father in another song. This is why Young Dolph still has a huge fan base even after his death.

Here are the best Young Dolph songs to make you love this Memphis rapper.

“How U Luv Dat” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2018

Young Dolph cements his position as a rap legend in this track. Listening to “How U Luv Dat” makes you feel like a boss.

The song starts with some unique beats that will get your shoulders shaking. You cannot avoid going to the dance floor if this song pops up in the club.

Additionally, the song’s lyrics are epic, and you can listen to the song on repeat. For instance, in the song, he says he is a rockstar, thus reiterating his position in the music industry.

The song gives you some platinum vibes and may propel you to make boss moves in your life.

“Large Amounts” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2020

Young Dolph partnered with the mega-producer, Bandplay in this song. You all know that Bandplay always delivers, and this song did not fall short.

“Large Amounts” depicts the street rap sound that many people love in most rap videos, and it has a sweet melody that makes the song stand out. 

The song is part of Young Dolph’s album, “Rich Slave,” you should listen to it if you haven’t.

“Gimme My Bag” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2020

“Gimme My Bag” is one of Young Dolph’s best singles. It became a fan favorite immediately after its release.

Young Dolph describes how he has worked hard to achieve success in the song and aims to motivate his listeners with this song.

The main message we can learn from this song is that one must work hard to become successful.

“Play Wit Yo’ Bitch” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

Listening to this song, one may assume Young Dolph is targeting his haters. The song has the “in-your-face” aura, meaning Young Dolph is clapping back at some of his haters.

This Memphis Rapper articulates that he is his boss and always focuses on improving his business. Furthermore, he reiterates that nothing will stand in his way while he works to achieve his goals.

The song illustrates Young Dolph’s focus on attaining his goals, which is something we can learn from this single.

“Facts” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2016

This fantastic single is from Young Dolph’s album, “King of Memphis.” The song is about how he loves Memphis and the tests he has faced to become successful. 

For instance, Young Dolph talks about how he has been facing various tests since he was young, which have progressed into adulthood.

Apart from the song’s incredible lyrics, this single demonstrates Young Dolph’s versatility. “Facts” reveals this rapper’s inner thoughts, which is why many people loved it after its release.

“Gelato” Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

Young Dolph likes incorporating unique tones and melodies into his music. This song proves he was good at matching the song’s beat with the lyrics.

In the song, Young Dolph talks about a girl that broke her heart, and now she has come back to him because he is rich. He further states that he does not need the girl in his life and has moved on.

This song depicts today’s dating scene where one person leaves their partner because they are poor and returns when they are rich.

“Water on Water on Water” by Young Dolph ft. Key Glock

Song Year: 2019

“Water on Water on Water” is one of the most impressive Young Dolph songs. The song is a collaboration between him and Key Glock, a renowned rapper.

This song depicts both artists’ lyrical prowess since it topped various ranking charts after its release.

“Water on Water on Water” is mainly about flaunting your wealth, which is evident from the music video. Both Rappers flaunt expensive cars and high-end houses to support the song’s central message.

You should listen to this hot jam if you haven’t.

“1 Scale” by Young Dolph ft. G Herbo

Song Year: 2020

“1 Scale” sees Young Dolph team up with the Chicago hip hop rapper, G. Herbo.

This is a mid-tempo track, which demonstrates both artists’ rapping talents. You can listen to this song when relaxing at home after a tiresome day.

Additionally, this song’s lyrics are spectacular, which is common in all Young Dolph songs.

“Ill” by Young Dolph ft Key Glock

Song Year: 2019

Young Dolph teams up again with Key Glock to release this song. The song demonstrates Young Dolph’s legacy in the rapping industry.

Both artists penned their lyrics, and it is mainly about their wealth. Young Dolph boasts that his bank account is always getting more prominent, while Key Glock talks about how he has a lot of gold.

“Ill” is a good party song; you should expect to hear it in a club. Furthermore, this song’s beats are good for clubbing.

“By Mistake” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2018

“By Mistake” received significant recognition from fans after its release. Many people loved the song, including other rappers, which prompted Young Dolph, Project Pat, and Juicy J to release a mixtape.

The song is about Young Dolph’s wealth, where he brags that he has a lot of money and can afford to buy insignificant things. He further states that he has bought assets that do not make sense to him.

“Penguins” by Young Dolph ft Key Glock

Song Year: 2021

The primary theme in this song is money, success, and women. Bandplay produced the song, which is evident from the song’s unique beats and video.

The song begins with both artists showcasing their expensive jewelry to illustrate their wealth, and they later move to a strip club to enjoy themselves and flaunt their money.

After its release, this song became a fan favorite since it was ranked eighth on the Billboard chart. Furthermore, both rappers appreciated the song in various interviews after its release.

“Crashin’ Out” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2019

Before releasing this single, Young Dolph released a teaser of this song on his social media handles for his fans. He later released the main video after many people requested the main song.

Young Dolph demonstrates that he is an influential rapper in the video. He also criticizes the rap industry and questions its authenticity. For instance, he says that some rappers wear fake jewelry, depicting their phony lifestyle.

Young Dolph argues the importance of being true to yourself, which is something people should learn.

“I Think I Can Fly” by Young Dolph ft. Snoop Dogg

Song Year: 2018

In “I Think I Can Fly,” Young Dolph partners with Snoop Dogg, a hip hop legend.

The song is about smoking weed and getting high, which is expected if Snoop Dogg is involved.

Young Dolph says he always thinks he can fly whenever he smokes marijuana. It illustrates the benefits he gets from getting high, thus giving fans a visual of his lifestyle and what he does during his free time.

“Royalty” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2016

The song illustrates the importance of royalty.

Some people may assume that Young Dolph is discussing the importance of Royalty in a relationship setup, but he argues that royalty is essential even in friendships.

In the song, he says he is loyal to all his male friends and treats them like brothers. You can learn from this song, especially if you are disloyal to your friends and lover.

“Paranoid” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2018

Paranoid is from Young Dolph’s album, “Niggas Get Shot Every day.”

This song has some fantastic music beats because it starts with some piano, which is changed to bass throughout the song.

Young Dolph raps about his success and states that his achievements are unbelievable because he started from the hood.

“Paranoid” is one of the best Young Dolph’s singles, and you should check it out if you haven’t.

“100 Shots” by Young Dolph

“100 Shots” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

Rap Mogul, Young Dolph released “100 Shots” after surviving a shoot-out in charlotte where his bulletproof car got sprayed with a hundred bullets earlier in 2017.

However, the song is mainly about calling out the haters that wanted him dead and speaking of how much money he made.

Young Dolph captured his audience with his catchy lyrics and hard-hitting bars. “100 shots” remains a worldwide sensation even after Young Dolph’s passing.

“Major” by Young Dolph ft. Key Glock

Song Year: 2018

“Major” is a lead single from his fourth studio album, Role Model.

The song references how Young Dolph makes millions of money from his craft to service his lifestyle. The song is a recap of how he started from the bottom and is making it big in the industry despite all his hater’s comments.

The song describes how people succeed in life by focusing on their craft.

“Believe Me” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

What better way to say that Young Dolph is a hardworking man than the release of his hit song, “Believe me,” while still in the hospital?

The song made headlines after the Memphis rapper was involved in another gun shooting event that put him in critical condition. Though he made it out okay, “Believe Me” sheds light on how Young Dolph made his money.

In the latter aspect, Young Dolph advises his audience to watch out for friends and acquaintances that mean them harm and are the reason for their downfall.

“Get Paid” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2015

“Get Paid” is a piece of instructional advice to his audience always to get paid in every business venture they undertake.

Young Dolph speaks of making due after years of struggling. He also advises the youth on getting the bag to afford the kind of lifestyle they want, whether it involves having a good house, cars, or women at their disposal, among other benefits that come along with getting paid.

The song is a simple reminder that money makes the world go round, and getting paid for your work is essential.

“Real Life” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2016

“Real Life” is an impeccable track from his album King of Memphis. Holding a reflective tone, Dolph begins the song by remembering where he came from and how times have changed, with his rapping craft and talent granting him the opportunity to succeed. 

Young Dolph continues to speak about the positive aspects of getting money. He acknowledges how money has influenced his life over the years.

Young Dolph’s ability to rap about his life and how others can follow the same example makes his songs quite relatable.

“On The River” by Young Dolph ft. Wiz Khalifa

Song Year: 2017

“On The River” is part of Young Dolph’s last Mixtape, Gelato.

The song has a catchy melody, not forgetting the subtle rap vocals by Wiz Khalifa.

The lyrics talk about some of the most cliché good times a startup rapper can have. Girls, sex, money, drugs and the lot. It feels a lot like Young Dolph wasn’t trying to get too serious here. Some of the lyrics are fun though.

If you are looking for a good time with your friends, consider putting “On The River” on replay to enjoy your free time.

“While U Here” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

Young Dolph has a knack for storytelling making his songs more relatable in real life.

“While U Here” is exceptionally sentimental, with an equally powerful message. Thus, his storytelling ability compelled him to speak about real-life issues. The song garnered recognition for its catchy themes of life struggles, family, betrayal, and death.

In the song, he speaks about setting great examples for individuals looking up to him, including his son, and how he wants to leave a great legacy to follow in his adult years.

As such, the main aim of the song was to make it known to his audience that life is fragile and that you should work hard to make it suitable for yourself and your loved ones.

“Preach” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2014

Like most of Young Dolph’s songs, “Preach” offers more insight into his struggles as a youth.

Young Dolph does not shy away from letting his audience know about the fragility of life. For instance, in “Preach,” he speaks of what his family had to do to get by and the fact no one should trust friends easily because they can bring about your downfall.

It is an excellent record that resonates with millions of Young Dolph’s fans globally because it feels authentic, raw, and motivating.

“I Pray For My Enemies” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

It is not unlikely to hear Young Dolph speak about his haters and how much they want to see his downfall. “I Pray For My Enemies” is a simple song that portrays how Young Dolph has been battling with people hating his successful career.

Thus, in this track, Young Dolph exudes that he will not worry much about these individuals and will not reciprocate the hate because it only means war. Young Dolph insists that he only cares about focusing on his family, business, music, and finding gratitude for his growing success.

This song urges people to pray for their enemies and remain strong in doing what is right.

“Money Power Respect” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2015

“Money Power Respect” defines why Young Dolph’s music differs from most rappers who only sing about love, sex, and money.

This track highlights the beauty of what money has accorded Dolph; however, based on the lyrics, Young Dolph ensures that he speaks of surviving in the streets and grinding hard to achieve his dreams.

He speaks of not trusting everyone and ensuring respect in all his endeavors, likely the song’s central message. 

“Sunshine” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2020

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Young Dolph released “Sunshine” to encourage his fans during quarantine.

In the song, he confesses to being too busy with his working life and not paying much attention to his family. However, he accepts the situation and is glad he can have this time to focus on what matters most, family and friends, while still enjoying his life.

Do not miss out on listening to this banger.

“To Be Honest” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2020

If you are in the mood to party, put on “To Be Honest” and turn the volume up.

Although it has beats to dance to, the lyrics bear a more profound message. He speaks about feeling blessed with all the riches he has amassed over the years and gives credit to himself for making it work and becoming a big league in the rap industry.

As a reminder, Young Dolph urges his listeners to remember where they came from and work towards achieving their goals.

“Talking To My Scale” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2021

Young Dolph dons a regular flow in the track “Talking To My Scale” with his typical real-life talk. However, in this track, he incorporated creative instrumentals, hard-hitting vocals, and beats that would glue you to the radio.

Like all his other songs, Young Dolph left his audience wanting more after listening to “Talking to My Scale.”

“Foreva” by Young Dolph ft. T.I

Song Year: 2016

His ability to create catchy hooks and punch lines makes Young Dolph lovable. He applies the same concept to “Foreva,” making the song enjoyable.

In this elevating track, Young Dolph and T.I open up about their feelings towards the remarkable women in their lives. “Foreva” is a repetitive illustration of their pledged loyalty towards the women they love.

Since it is a song about love and loyalty, dedicate it to your partner and confess your undying love to them.

“RNB” by Young Dolph ft. Meghan the Stallion

Song Year: 2020

“RNB” speaks about Young Dolph having romantic associations with a particular woman who seemed heartless. Still, he reminds the audience he tried to be calm and collected with the whole situation.

Although it was right in the middle of the pandemic, With the added sass and ferociousness brought about by Meghan on the track, Young Dolph made it his responsibility to release a song people could use to dance.

“Hall of Fame” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2022

“Hall of Fame” is a posthumous track released after Young Dolph’s passing in 2021.

The track expresses the late rapper’s accomplishments and how he worked hard to elevate himself to the legendary status he amassed over the years.

The track speaks about his love for music and family above others and his pride in his achievements.

Even after his death, Young Dolph remains relevant in the music industry.

Top Young Dolph Songs, Final Thoughts

Young Dolph was a talented rapper who released many singles and albums that topped various Billboard charts.

Furthermore, he collaborated with notable rappers like Snoop Dog and Key Glock to release fantastic songs that have increased his fan base.

Even though Young Dolph is no longer with us, his music still influences people’s lives.

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