21 Best 38 Special Songs

Best 38 Special Songs

Originally formed by Donnie Van Zant and Don Barnes, 38 Special put out a number of hits since their formation in 1974. From “Hold On Loosely” to “Second Chance,” the band has made no shortage of great music. Today we’ve compiled the best 38 Special songs ever.

1. Caught Up in You

Song Year: 1982

The award-winning single talks about having a crush on someone. The singer tries to convince the lady that she is the kind of girl he has been looking for. He claims to have been searching for a good lover but is now lucky to have found one. The singer tells the lady he can’t live without her if she decides to walk away.

“Caught Up in You” was the first song from 38 Special to claim the top position on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The song reached position nine on the Canadian Singles Chart and ten on the US Billboard Hot 100.

2. Second Chance

Song Year: 1988

“Second Chance” talks about the singer begging his lover to forgive him for cheating. He wants the lady to forget the past and give him a second chance. The singer pleads with the ex-girlfriend not to put his heart down because he will be lonely if she leaves.

The singer tells the lady that he never loved the girl he cheated with. He admits it was wrong to cheat in a relationship but wants a second chance to show her affection. In 1989, “Second Chance” became number seventy-eight on the US Billboard Hot Singles Chart. The song also peaked at position two on the Mainstream Rock Chart.

3. Hold On Loosely

Song Year: 1981

The singer talks about why we should hold on loosely in our relationships. “Hold on Loosely” advises listeners to allow their partners to breathe and work on themselves. According to the singer, you’ll let your lover grow if you follow their pace. You might lose control over your relationship if you hold it tightly.

Weeks after its release, “Hold on Loosely” became position three on the Billboard Rock Tracks chart and number twenty-seven on the Billboard Hot 100. The band also performed the song at several events, including MTV in 1980.

4. Take Me Back

Song Year: 1978

“Take Me Back” is a special tribute to the singer’s brother, who died in the 1977 plane crash. The singer remembers his brother’s smile and how they laughed together. He praises his brother as the one who taught him right and wrong. He believes he will live forever, and they will always be together.

5. Rockin’ Into the Night

Song Year: 1979

“Rockin’ Into the Night” is about a man who likes rocking into the night with hand jobs. The single peaked at position forty-three on the Billboard Hot 100. The band has had much success with this song, becoming its first big hit to secure a top position on the Canadian Singles Chart.

6. Fantasy Girl

Song Year: 1981

The fun, rocking song boasts a memorable melody to listen to. “Fantasy Girl” is about someone thinking about a girl while masturbating. The hit charted at position thirty on US Billboard Mainstream Rock and number fifty-two on the US Billboard Hot 100.

7. Teacher, Teacher

Song Year: 1984

The song talks about a lady who teaches a man the perfect ways to do a hand job with respect. The narrator doesn’t think he has the right skills to do the job. He pleads with the teacher to tell him if he will pass the test and be the best.

The first lines in this song suggest that one may think they have perfected something, but there will always be something new to learn about. In the second verse, the singer claims that while the education system may be flawed, we must find a way.

He continues that school lessons can be easily comprehended, but learners often walk away with nothing despite spending much time there. The singer believes that school education isn’t always enough because the real world has a lot of injustices. In addition, learners require constant support and guidance to survive in a world of complexities.

“Teacher, Teacher” reached number four on the US Mainstream Rock Chart and position twenty-five on the US Billboard Hot 100.

8. Wild-Eyed Southern Boys

Song Year: 1981

“Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” became popular with North American music fans hours after its release in 1981. The singer says that the night will be one of a kind because a classic band is performing.

He describes the ladies attending the night party as those who love wild-eyed southern boys. The singer claims that although he has a lot of wealth and power, he fails to get a chance to dance with his dream girl. “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” reached number thirty-five on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

9. Back Where You Belong

Song Year: 1984

“Back Where You Belong” is the most commercially successful single from 38 Special. The song is about a couple that intentionally or accidentally ended their relationship. After a while, the main character realizes that breaking up with her lover was a mistake because they had real love. Upon realizing his mistakes, the singer approached his ex-lover and made things right.

He asks the ex-girlfriend not to move on because he is ready to love again. The singer adds that he has struggled to find a new lover and won’t let her slip away again. They secured position four on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart and number twenty on the US Billboard Hot 100. In addition, Music Canada has certified the song Gold.

10. If I’d Been the One

Song Year: 1984

“If I’d Been the One” describes the relationship between Donnie Van Zant and Ronnie. The singer says it’s easy to understand his feelings if in his position. He says that some things are hurting and tearing his heart apart. He asks the listener if they can read his mind and stand in his place.

The song became number one on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart in 1983 and debuted at position nineteen on the US Billboard Hot 100.

11. Like No Other Night

Song Year: 1986

The singer tells a lady he loves that they will take chances and make their own rules. He tries to convince the lady that he only has one life and they should grab any moment that comes their way. He continues that the night will be perfect if they find the fire in their hearts and dance in the light. Like other hits on this list, “Like No Other Night” topped the Adult Contemporary.

12. Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone

Song Year: 1977

“Long Time Gone” is an apology to a lady he has not seen for long. Although it’s many years since they met, he still has her in his heart and is ready to apologize for any wrong done. While the singer was away from home, he used to see his lover with a smiling face and remembered the good old days when they were alone.

13. Travelin’ Man

Song Year: 1978

The singer is sad because he is leaving for his hometown, Memphis. He tells his girl he will not be around tonight but goes when everything is right. In his adventure, he will meet new people and visit new places. The singer believes New York has pretty ladies to show him around and help him spend money.

The singer explains how many people came into his life and left. While he remembers some for their good deeds, many made him angry. The man loves traveling but knows he will not always be there.

14. Rebel To Rebel

Song Year: 1991

“Rebel To Rebel” is about someone dead. The mysterious guitarist is said to be appearing in the Southern night wind while playing instruments. In some lines, the singer demonstrates his respect and admiration for the artist because of his attitude toward life.

The artist's sobriety in life matters acts as a beacon of hope for those who don’t give up as they seek truth and justice in society. The singer believes breaking norms is easy if one lives as a rebel.

The singer seems inspired by the rebel spirit and wants everyone to use the same, especially those who always stand up to oppression. He believes that society has many people searching for guidance from the artist. The single concludes with the artist promising the singer that he will always be there in his quest for eternal liberation.

“Rebel To Rebel” reached position thirty-seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. 38 Special has also performed the single in many live events, including the 1985 concert tour featuring other prominent bands like Molly Hatchet.

15. Somebody Like You

Song Year: 1986

The singer wishes he could have kept his distance and knew what he was risking. He says that if they were together, he could wait for her forever. The narrator believes the girl is something special and regrets why he walked away from her. He wants to be near the lady, but the girl must feel like him.

The singer never knew that the girl was a pretender. He asks the girl if she is ready to surrender because she could end up breaking his heart.

16. Sound of Your Voice

Song Year: 1991

The song narrates an attraction between two people and how they express themselves. The narrator has strong feelings towards the person he is with and dares to leave everything behind. He admires the way the girl speaks and their thinking. He also loves their poetry language, how they plan their things and their unique voice.

The song shows the seductive power of one voice and how people use it to drive people crazy. Even after parting ways, the narrator always thinks about the person’s voice. The central theme of “Sound of Your Voice” is how we can use our voices as a seduction tool. According to the singer, someone else's voice can relieve an intense feeling.

“Sound of Your Voice” peaked at position thirty-three on the US Billboard Hot 100 a few weeks after its release in 1988. The song has also been featured on the Rock and Roll Strategy album, reaching number twenty-two on the US Billboard 200. In addition, the band has successfully sold over 500,000 copies and earned a gold certification in the United States.

17. One Time for Old Times

Song Year: 1984

“One Time for Old Times,” tells a story of a couple who haven’t met for a long time. Years have passed since the singer saw the girl’s smile. The singer asks the girl if she still has a space in her heart and gives him a chance for love.

The narrator claims he had missed a lot when the girl was away. He hopes she is still the same person he knew and the looks he always admired haven’t faded away. The singer remembers the good moments he shared with his lover.

18. Back to Paradise

Song Year: 1987

The singer begs the girl to take him back to paradise because the train is leaving and it isn’t coming back. He asks the lady to leave her worries and make it real. The main theme of this song is that we should always be ready because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. The singer also urges listeners to mind what they say before they know they are on their way.

19. Same Old Feeling

Song Year: 1987

“Same Old Feeling” is about a guy who broke up with a lady and is considering reconciling with her. The singer is nostalgic about his first kiss with the ex-lover and their summer nights together.

He thinks that they might lose if she decides to walk away. The singer doesn’t care where the girl has been and will not ask questions about her past. All he wants is for the lady to accept him and take him back to the same old feeling.

20. Comin’ Down Tonight

Song Year: 1988

The singer addresses a lady with many emotions that hinder her from experiencing love. He asks the woman to let go of the emotions and allow love to take over, promising he will always be there for her. The singer seems to be very concerned about the subject’s well-being. In subsequent lines, the singer is confident they can overcome many obstacles together.

Although the woman’s emotions have protected her in the past, they limit her as she tries to connect with others. “Comin’ Down Tonight ” addresses relationships' transformative power and why people become vulnerable when in love. Although the singer views the woman as a potential partner, she keeps encouraging her to be open to love.

“Comin’ Down Tonight” reached position forty-four on the Billboard Hot 100. 38 Special has also performed the song at live events in the United States and Canada.

21. Long Distance Affair

Song Year: 1984

“Long Distance Affair” explains the challenges of being in a long-distance relationship. The singer says it’s difficult to show he cares and knows she wants him there. Although he loved this woman, he never thought he would have such feelings being away from her.

Best 38 Special Songs, Final Thoughts

With popular hits like “Wild Eyed Southern Boys,” “Back Where You Belong,” and “Fantasy Girl,” 38 Special is undoubtedly one of the most successful rock music bands in the world. Consider listening to the above hits if you are searching for the best 38 Special songs. We hope the above list of the best 38 Special songs will be a helpful addition to your playlist.

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