11 Best Yung Gravy Songs 

Many of the best Yung Gravy songs feature the unlikely combination of rap conventions and pop culture references. So, get out your pop culture bingo cards and see how many references you pick up while listening to what we consider the best Yung Gravy songs ever.

1 Betty (Get Money)

Song Year: 2022

“Betty Get Money” is one of Yung Gravy’s most recent songs. He released it in 2022 and took compositional inspiration from Rick Astley’s 1980s hit melody “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

“Betty” gets its title from someone close to Gravy. They died, and the song was as much a tribute to them as to the music scene of the 80s.

It’s also a song that recognizes how money changed this rapper’s life. It allows him to seize life with both hands, and that’s how he likes it.

2 “Mr. Clean”

Song Year: 2017

“Mr. Clean” is another song by Yung Gravy that pays homage to an older one. Its opening verse is a playful riff on “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes.

Subsequently, Gravy swaps the sleepy sandman for Mr. Clean. At the same time, it's a play on the 1954 hit and a spoof of the Mr. Clean cleaning product commercials. Not only that, it acknowledges the pride Gravy takes in his life as a successful artist.

3 “Oops!”

Song Year: 2021

“Oops” recounts the story of an unfaithful speaker. But far from taking a condemnatory attitude, from the title onwards, the rap song plays infidelity as something to take lightly.

The tone is set by the opening lines, which rework the famous Mary Poppins song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Gravy drops several syllables and swaps in others with an appropriate syllable count and sounds to complete the phrase.

The result is a dissonant song that’s part childish prank, part wordplay, and considerably less clean than the Mary Poppins number. But you can hear its influence all through the piece.

4 “C’est La Vie”

Song Year: 2022

 Yung Gravy released this song as a collaborative performance with Rich Brian and bbno$.

The song improbably blends political references to childhood comforts, like watching a favorite movie or the nostalgic thrill of a fake ID.

As with many songs by Gravy, it blends explicit lines with more innocent ones. The best life involves a combination of sex, swearing, and childhood reminiscence. It’s an odd mix, but it works for the speakers in the song. It works for listeners too, since when the song debuted, it was an immediate success.

5 “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot”

Song Year: 2018

Like many of the best songs by Yung Gravy, “1 Thot 2 Thot” blends childish idioms with adult concepts.

The titular “Thot” means woman. Gravy’s speaker has several who enjoy doing the cooking for him.

Mixed in with the narrative of this man on probation are echoes of a Dr. Seuss story. And just like in Dr. Seuss, this is a song with a moral. The speaker has many women, but they leave him cold. Because he feels no affection for them, he needs inoculation against emotional isolation.

It’s all well and good being surrounded by “thots” the song says. But it’s only enjoyable when you connect with them on a level that goes beyond meeting your basic needs.

6 “Martha Stewart”

“Martha Stewart”

Song Year: 2020

“Martha Stewart” has the distinction of being the rare song by Yung Gravy done in collaboration with Martha Stewart.

The song featured as part of a Martha Stewart ad campaign, complete with Stewart dancing to the music and close-ups of several kitchen creations and products.

Gravy has fun with wordplay in this song, as “bread” refers to more than the stuff people use to make sandwiches. It’s also slang for money, allowing the fast-paced tune to explore Gravy’s appreciation for his artistic success.

7 “Welcome to Chilis”

Song Year: 2020

In this song by Yung Gravy and bbno$, the artists rap about enjoying life as much as possible.

It’s a recurring theme for Gravy, who appreciated his artistic triumphs.

The song rattles off the virtues of various accessories while expressing appreciation for the speaker’s partner. Specifically, the speaker enjoys his partner’s attractive appearance.

There’s a marked contrast between the pleasure he takes in these things and the cool disregard he exhibits for negative people. The song suggests that the way to enjoy life is to let these negative people go and enjoy the company of kindred spirits.

8 “Whip A Tesla”

Song Year: 2019

“Whip A Tesla” is another song by Yung Gravy featuring a collaboration with bbno$.

It features a classic Gravy combination of pop culture with sex. Here the references are to Pokémon and the Guinness Book of World Records.

Primarily, it’s a song about money and sex as typified by the speaker’s Tesla car. He uses it to play up his sex appeal but also as a symbol of the money he’s earned.

Additionally, the speaker discusses having to dodge repeated overtures from a former lover.

There’s wordplay in Tesla, too. It’s more than an expensive car. It’s also the name of a taxidermist who was enjoying an unusual degree of internet popularity when the song came out.

9 “Hot Tub”

Song Year: 2022

“Hot Tub” is a song by Yung Gravy that features fellow rapper Dillon Francis.

It’s a fast and cheeky song about several young people enjoying the hot tub. They do a bit more than lounge around in it, and there’s a distinct “devil may care” sensibility to this song. Its lyrics typify the kind of frivolous, indulgent activity young people get up to without supervision.

It’s also rife with double entendres. Even if younger listeners don’t catch them, a more mature audience will appreciate the wordplay going on in the hot tub. 

10 “The Boys Are Back In Town”

Song Year: 2019

“The Boys Are Back In Town” opens with an astonishingly macabre first verse. It’s played for dark humor and, in the right mood, could be extremely funny.

It sets the tone for the rest of the piece, which comments in rapid succession on everything from class disparity to gun violence.

It’s one of Gravy’s earlier songs, but you can still see his idiomatic blend of pop culture with classic rap sensibilities. It’s most obvious when drinks like Mountain Dew ruck up against a slew of swear words.

11 “Magic”

Song Year: 2019

“Magic” is a love song under the rap trappings. Or, perhaps less a love song and more a particular fairy tale. The speaker’s sex appeal is such that they can steal any woman from under their partner’s nose.

But unlike in a Chaucerian fable, there’s no concern for chivalry here. The speaker spends the rest of the song waxing rhapsodic about their sexual prowess, even as they discard women faster than other people get through wet paper towels.

It must be grating for the discarded partners, but it’s all in good fun. The beat is fast, and the tone cheeky.

Top Yung Gravy Songs, Final Thoughts

The best Yung Gravy songs are immediately recognizable because of the way they blend nostalgia and rap.

Another theme common to Gravy’s songs is success, especially monetary success. It often gets represented through expensive accessories, and sometimes through the women who appear on the speaker’s arm.

Occasionally there’s a moral, but predominantly Gravy sings about the reasons to enjoy life and how to enjoy it as much as possible.

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