17 Sad Drake Songs

Drake is no stranger to the limelight. As a successful musician, rapper, and actor, Drake has lived a life rife with struggle, heartache, and accomplishment. But it’s his not so happy moments we’ll be sharing today.

Here are the best Drake sad songs; tissues at the ready!

“That’s How You Feel”

Song Year: 2018

There’s no official video for this track, but this song still hits the listener hard. This track is about how it feels to be meaningless to another person. Drake discusses feeling like he put so much work into another person and being beside someone only for them to abandon him like he meant nothing.

Drake seems to have a close personal relationship with the individual he addresses and discusses knowing their family, taking pictures together, and missing this person dearly.


Song Year: 2018

This popular track deals with the subject matter of fame and the toll that it takes. “Jaded” is a song about what it feels like to get used. Drake discusses this feeling multiple times in many of his songs, and he seems familiar with fake friends and relationships who only adore him for what he can provide.

This song is a little different, however. In this track, Drake talks about how this person used him to learn about themselves and how this left him broken and feeling jaded about getting close to others.


Song Year: 2018

“Peak” is a unique song that uses a lot of British slang to discuss relationship trouble. The word peak means something that has gone wrong, so Drake may be using this slang to discuss how a relationship turned sideways and left him feeling lonely and distraught.

Drake also asks a few questions in this track, wondering what his partner felt about him as if he is trying to find peace with the relationship has gone sour. “Peak” also features an interlude from British rapper Stefflon Don.

“Don’t Matter to Me”

Song Year: 2018

This song remarkably features Michael Jackson nearly a decade after his death. This track takes a classic song on a new spin and allows Drake to build off previous works from giants in the music industry. Released on Drake’s “Scorpion” album, this song discusses the intricacies of getting over an old relationship.

Although the beat is peppy and low-key, the lyrics make it clear that Drake is having trouble moving past a relationship that had once been so important to him. This sentiment, no doubt, resonates with thousands of Drake fans.

“Lose You”

Song Year: 2017

“Lose you” is a great track that drew a massive response from Drake’s fanbase. This song discusses the difficulties Drake has faced in his life due to his success. He recognizes that he works hard and always strives to achieve higher recognition in the industry.

However, he muses on the direction of his life and if that direction has caused him to lose someone dear to him.

“Take Care” (feat. Rihanna)

Song Year: 2012

Drake fans adore his collaborations, and nobody collabs better than Rihanna. This video is rife with shots of Drake and Rihanna together, both signing and enjoying the energy of the music.

The message behind this song can be uplifting but leaves a sad undertone. Although Drake is addressing someone he loves and telling them he’ll be there when they’re ready for him, he’ll still have to wait. This song explores the need for healing and growth on both sides of a relationship before it can begin.

“Trust Issues”

Song Year: 2019

“Trust Issues” is one of the songs Drake released to tease his new record “Take Care.” This song is all about how it feels to be hurt and learn to keep your distance from other people. Drake discusses some self-destructive behaviors manifesting from his trust issues, like alcohol abuse and a nonchalant mindset.

“Hotline Bling”

Song Year: 2015

“Hotline Bling” is one of Drake’s most popular tracks and has a matching music video. This song sounds peppy and offers a dance-worthy beat but discusses the discontent of a relationship where you may feel lonely and abandoned. Drake laments the relationship by talking about things he and his special someone used to do together, only for those moments to be memories now.

The song reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also earned Drake two Grammys for Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Performance.

“I Get Lonely”

Song Year: 2019

This track is Drake’s spin on the TLC classic “Fan Mail.” As the title suggests, this song is about Drake’s loneliness and how he’s waited for a special person since the beginning of the year, only to feel like he’s wasted his time and energy.

He says he understands this other person but feels forgotten, and they no longer have time for him.

“My Side”

Song Year: 2019

“My Side” was a bonus track from Drake’s surprise mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” This song is about Drake feeling overwhelmed with the life he lives sometimes. Although he appreciates his success and wouldn’t change a thing, he sometimes feels like things are moving too fast and just wants to slow down.

Drake discusses feeling like there’s no time for him to slow down his relationships and talk things out. He addresses this sadness by imploring his special someone, asking questions about their relationship, and seeking answers he may never have.

“Feel No Ways”

Song Year: 2016

Another fantastic track from Drake about a jilted lover, this song is rife with angst, anguish, and sadness. This unique track offers Drake the opportunity to discuss how things with a previous partner left him feeling tossed aside while he was gone.

Now, his previous partner has someone else and has left his reputation tattered, and Drake feels torn apart by how things have ended.

“Feel No Ways” features a hypnotic beat produced by sometimes collaborator Jordan Ullman of the R&B group Majid Jordan.

“Sooner Than Later”

“Sooner Than Later”

Song Year: 2009

This track may not have a music video, but listeners can almost feel the desperation of this song. From Drake's “So Far Gone” album, this song talks about how long Drake waited to start a relationship and how he worries he’ll be too late. He implores the person he’s addressing to stay while he sorts himself out and realizes he needs them.

Drake vows to be everything this person needs and tells this person that they’re everything he’s needed. Although sweet, this track lacks an ending, and it’s never known if Drake gets the relationship he desires so much in this track.

“Nothings Into Somethings”

Song Year: 2017

Drake is no stranger to a slow, moody track. He uses this laid-back beat to discuss how it feels to watch your previous partner move on without you and watch them find happiness without you.

In this track, Drake discusses how he uses alcohol to cope with the fact that someone he loved has moved on from him, gotten engaged, and is starting a new life that he won’t be a part of. This deep anguish causes him to ask if he will even get invited to the wedding.


Song Year: 2017

A collaboration between the rapper and French fashion designer Louis Vuitton, “Signs” is a song about how someone might engage in self-destructive behaviors so they don’t have to think. Drake discusses his desire to begin his day with alcohol so he can forget the pressures of his life, relationships, and other struggles.

In this track, Drake knows that the women around him may want something from him, like money or expensive items, but he doesn’t care if he has a drink and whatever else he wants. This desire to stop feeling may ring true with many Drake fans who feel like they have been used by others too.

“Let’s Call It Off” (feat. Peter Bjorn and John)

Song Year: 2015

Drake is the king of breakup tracks, and this time he gets some help from Swedish indie pop group Peter Bjorn and John. This song is about being approached by a romantic partner and finding out that you just don’t get along anymore. Although sad, walking away may be for the best for both parties.

Drake discusses how it’s better to leave some things left unsaid and in the unknown instead of trying again to make something work when it just hasn’t been working.

“Keep the Family Close”

Song Year: 2016

Drake’s 2016 “Views” album is divided into two kinds of tracks; the more trap/hip-hop influenced “Summer” songs, and the moodier, R&B-based “Winter” ones. “Keep the Family Close” falls into the “Winter” song cycle.

Drake uses this track to discuss the importance of a support system and how hard it is to keep real friends close. Drake laments that many people he enjoyed having in his life aren’t there for him during his moments of need and that they seem to only want him for his money and fame.

Because of this, he says it’s vital to rely on your family, who will never leave you.

“Down Hill”

Song Year: 2022

This track from Drake’s 2022 album entitled “Honestly, Nevermind” has taken many fans by storm. Heavily influenced by the dance music genres of house and EDM, it nevertheless has that classic R&B feel for which Drake is known. “Down Hill” discusses the ending of a relationship and contemplates when something feels disconnected and done.

In this song, Drake desperately wants to feel familiar with the person he’s addressing, but he can feel the distance. Drake laments the ending, saying he tried, but it’s time to walk away.

Sad Drake Songs, Final Thoughts

Drake is no stranger to pain and struggle. However, his way with words, lyrics, and melody make him the ideal musical artist for fans to rest on for comfort. Drake has dozens of songs about his sadness, his discontent with the world, and how he handles life.

These sad Drake songs prove that he is a masterful lyricist and holds a deep wealth of emotional intelligence.

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