33 Best XXXTentacion Songs EVER


Before his untimely death, XXXTentacion was en route to being a global superstar. The rapper made a name for himself for his controversial music style, typically featuring dark and frequently violent bars. While X is gone, his music lives on. Here are the best XXXtentacion songs of all time.


“SAD!” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

“SAD!” is a standout single from XXXTentacion's 2018 album, ?. Released just a month before his demise, “SAD!” keeps things short and sweet, with X working with a more traditional song structure for a smash that earned mammoth success.

The moody and mysterious production is powered by X's vocals and nonchalantly gloomy bars. “SAD!” expresses the narrator's struggle with acute depression caused by the problems of his failed romantic relationship.

It's probably XXXTentacion's best song of all time, hitting immense success after his death. “SAD!” broke Spotify's single-day streaming record and landed the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.


“Moonlight” – A Famous XXXTentacion Song

Song year: 2018

“Moonlight,” an animated and upbeat hit, is arguably the best single from X's ? album. The song is highlighted with a catchy hook that is both distinctive and infectious.

X flexes excellent vocals and some mumble rap bars over an odd trap-inspired beat. The lyrics mainly feature X lavishing praises on his lover. “Moonlight” was the last music video the rapper filmed before his death, making it go viral on YouTube.


“BAD!” – A XXXTentacion Love Song

Song year: 2018

“BAD!” is X's posthumous single from his 2018 studio album, Skins. Despite the seemingly contradicting title, “BAD!” is a love song. In the song, X expresses his need for his girl's affection. The narrator says he has heard about how ‘bad' the girl is, and that's one of the main reasons he wants her love.

Most Skins tracks feel unfinished because it was released posthumously minus X's final contribution. However, X's graceful, emotional vocals and swirling synthesizers go a long way toward making “BAD!” one of his best tracks on the album.


“Arms Around You” by XXXTentacion feat. With Lil Pump, Maluma & Swae Lee

Song year: 2018

Rappers Lil Pump and XXXTentacion collaborated with the Colombian singer Maluma and Swae Lee, the American singer, to produce one of the best songs, “Arms Around You.” This song was a global crossover track with Latin, alternative, hip-hop, and pop influences.

This song has a unique story. Initially, it was a collaboration between Rio Santana and X. The duo wrote and recorded the song while Mally Mall, Skrillex, and JonFX handled the production. After X's death, the record label took it and included other co-features.

Arms Around You

“Look at Me!” – XXXTentacion's First Song

Song year: 2015

“Look at Me!” is the song that introduced XXXTentacion to the world, with its spooky Mala sample, distorted bass, and jittery rapping. The artist's lead single quickly became a global sensation, especially among teenagers, evident in becoming platinum in 2017.

However, the song's throbbing, anxiety-laden lyrics have nothing to do with teens—it primarily focuses on X's love life, specifically his affinity for a specific type of intimate engagement. “Look at Me” depicts a promiscuous, drug, and violent culture, which X portrays via pompous lyrics representing his mentality. XXXTentacion's first song showed a sign of things to come.

Look At Me

“Sauce!” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2019

“Sauce!” is another hit with an animated video. The song is about, you guessed it, having sauce. He claims he's saucing on people, whether it's those under him (him being a boss) or of course the opposite sex.


“Changes” feat. PnB Rock by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

XXXTentacion partnered with PnB Rock in “Changes” to deliver heartbreak against sentimental instrumentals. This tune was X's last released song, the second single in his second studio album, ?. The song gives some insight into romantic relationships from X's perspective, and many feel it is closely tied to his personal life.

“Changes” depicts the narrator's pain because his lover has changed, set to a melancholy piano tune. The rapper is still emotionally attached to her, but she has become aloof, which breaks his heart.

“Jocelyn Flores” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

“Jocelyn Flores” is named after X's friend who committed suicide in 2017. The song is a tribute to the friend, with the rapper oscillating between what he wishes could be and what he knows is the reality of a traumatized existence.

This song is driven by melancholy guitar riffs and X's gloomy vocals, a perfect ballad to the lonely. Its production features a sample of Potsu's “I'm Closing My Eyes,” a hip-hop tune with Shiloh vocals that inspire longing as they blend into muted percussion.

“Revenge” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

X exhibited sonic versatility in “Revenge,” a standout acoustic track from his breakthrough studio album, 17. He goes outside his signature rapper tag, showcasing his vocal range and crooning harmonization throughout the song against an acoustic guitar accompaniment.

The song is an ode to the rapper's departed friend, Jocelyn Flores, who committed suicide. “Revenge” is the ideal go-to track if you seek an emotional piece by X—simply beautiful, calming melodies that will soothe your soul.

“bad vibes forever” by XXXTentacion feat PnB Rock & Trippie Redd

Song year: 2019

The title track from X's last album, “bad vibes forever,” is a masterpiece that features his rapper friends, Trippie Redd and PnB Rock. This song is about the rappers' affection and devotion to their lovers. The rappers can be heard pleading with their partners to stick by them through thick and thin.

The trio swapped verses, harmonizing throughout the song against acoustic guitar instrumentation. Moreover, its flaws add to the poignancy of “bad vibes forever”—a clear indication that it's an incomplete version of a piece X worked on before his death.

“Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

Another special delivery by XXXTentacion from his debut studio album is on our list. “Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares” reflects on suicidal thoughts, showcasing X's consistency in expressing his opinions, including controversial ones.

This song is unarguably the best musical piece ever released by X, peaking at number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. The superstar rapper lays rapid-fire bars on a Potsu-produced acoustic instrument that samples Shilo Dynasty's July 27, 2015.

“HOPE” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

Unlike X's typical reflective tracks, “HOPE” is a dedication to victims of a heinous mass killing. The incident happened at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, with a former student gunning down seventeen people in 2018.

The Florida-born rapper delivered an intense yet sensitive ballad about survivor guilt and the struggles of remaining alive after the tragedy. He expresses his grief and uncertainty at not understanding how he can assist the survivors in recovering when he can't see the light at the end of the tunnel within himself.

“Looking for a Star” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

“Looking For a Star” is another introspective piece by XXXTentacion that depicts his vulnerability in love matters. The song is about the narrator's unrequited love and how she is always in his thoughts. He expresses his yearning for her, his obsession with discovering where she is, and why she abandoned him.

This track was X's debut attempt at creating a pop tune, partnering with the celebrated pop producer Diplo to deliver a soothing anthem. It goes outside his trademark loud beats and abrasive vocals, sounding like a mainstream anthem.

“True Love” by XXXTentacion feat. YE

Song year: 2022

“True Love” proves that good music surpasses lifetimes; it was released four years after X's death. The song featured as a collaborative single on Kanye West's demo album, Donda 2. The hit is also included in X's posthumous album, Look at Me: The Album.

“True Love” will most likely send chills down your spine. X delivers an unbelievably moving chorus while YE lays an extra-driven verse, a perfect combo for a duo. The song sees the rap stars address their struggles with love, relationships, and heartbreak.

“Carry On” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

“Carry On” is the third track on 17 produced by Potsu, which also samples Shiloh Dynasty. It's a calmer, lo-fi ballad, unlike what you may expect from X, delving into some of the very emotional topics on his mind. It primarily involves his ex-girlfriend and dealing with the breakup after a relationship.

X's vocals are honest and emotional, and exquisite harmonies back them up. There's an oddly satisfying downtime on the tune, a departure from his usual wall of voice that genuinely allows listeners to get lost in the music and digest the lyrics.

“hate will never win” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

Forget the song's positive title, “hate will never win,” is full of controversy. XXXTentacion penned this lo-fi smash in response to the rising tide of hatred in the US following Donald Trump's presidential election.

With all of the presidential turmoil and X receiving heat for lynching a child in his music videos, the song screams controversy. “hate will never win” even sampled Donald Trump's speeches to add another dimension to the song's complicated structure. Besides the speeches, the song's instrumental sounds familiar; it's a sample of the beat of “Life,” a masterpiece by the legendary J Dilla.

“the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

“the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)” is the fifth single on X's sophomore album, bearing all the characteristics of the controversial rapper's signature sound—melancholy background vocal loops, painful lyrics about unrequited love, and moody 808 drums.

In an innovative twist, the song's sample features X's voice, which matches the minimalistic instrumentation he's famous for. The song is about his ex-girlfriend, like most of the pieces in his album, ?.

“F*ck Love” by XXXTentacion feat. Trippie Redd

Song year: 2017

Nothing unites XXXTentacion with other music acts like heartbreaks, and in “F*Ck Love,” the Florida native rapper combined with Trippie Redd to share their experiences with heartbreaks. As the song's title suggests, there's no better way to depict one's feelings after a painful process than “F*ck Love.”

The song saw two of emo rap's greatest linking up to flex their lyrical and storytelling prowess over an alt-RnB production. It's about giving up on love and walking away from an unhappy romantic relationship. This massive tune depicts the anguish and uncertainty caused by a bad breakup and challenges the listeners to decide whether it's worth continuing in their relationships.

“infinity (888)” by XXXTentacion feat. Joey Bada$$

Song year: 2018

“infinity (888)” is the second single from X and Joey's anticipated joint music project before the former met his untimely death. The song is an attempt of X to infiltrate the East Coast hip-hop scene, and what's a better way to do it than tagging Brooklyn's own Joey Bada$$?

This hip-hop smash is a celebration of tenacity and resilience amid hardship. The lyrics portray X and his peers' problems and their will to overcome their difficulties and succeed. “infinity (888)” demonstrated how terrific a match Joey was for X, with surprise lyrics, saxophones, and a largely jazzy tempo that was somewhat atypical from X.

“RIP Roach” by XXXTentacion feat. $ki Mask the Slump God

Song year: 2017

“RIP Roach” was initially released by $ki Mask the Slump God in 2016 before XXXTentacion included it as a rerelease in his debut commercial mixtape Revenge. “RIP Roach” combines X's screamo leanings and penchant for havoc with Ski's laid-back delivery and offbeat punchlines.

However, Ski deviates from the topic, mentioning Kujo and flashing his bling. It doesn't seem like it should go with X's verse, yet it does because it looks like a break from X's fury. The song is an ode to X's close friend, nicknamed Roach, who was slain in 2016.

“King of the Dead” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2015

“King of the Dead” was first released in 2015, but it was until Columbia Records put out X's posthumous album, “bad vibes forever,” that it featured in a mega musical project. This tune derives its instrumental from Hellion's “Battle Cry,” co-produced with Fisty Grand. The song is essentially X's suicide proclamation.

This track's massive distortion and dips were intended to depict X's life's chaos and disarray. “King of the Dead” is among the rapper's harder-hitting tunes with a disturbing vibe, giving a glimpse into the complexity and controversy that defined X's artistry.

“Save Me” by XXXTentacion

“Save Me” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

X hardly asks for help in his songs, but “Save Me” sees the rapper summoning from his dark side to see whether hell gets any company. It's the most desperate-sounding song by XXXTentacion, with the voices in the narrator's head telling him that he will die.

Although “Save Me” isn't looking for a shoulder to cry on or any assistance, it just requests space to cope with the troubles that X faces at the time. The song adds to the rapper's trademark sad and contentious discography themes.

“going down!” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

“going down!” is the ninth track of X's second studio album, a rebirth of the rapper's goofy and lighthearted side. It has a solid repetitive hook and an uplifting soundtrack, bypassing the gloomy and eerie atmosphere of many of his previous songs.

The song is primarily about X's sexual interactions, with the rapper bragging about how he’s good at it. X delivers his singalong bars on the trap-inspired production, a perfect upbeat song to raise your spirit.

“Riot” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2015

XXXTentacion never backed away from tragic and traumatizing events; he even released songs about them. “Riot” is an excellent example of how the rapper publicized his thoughts on awful events. X penned and released this song in the wake of the killings of African Americans, condemning police brutality.

X doesn't stop at that; he also criticizes the hypocrisy of people who riot as a protest. Such individuals use their right to protest to vandalize property and destroy businesses. The song left a mark in the African American rights movement, rereleased in 2020 in the aftermath of riots sparked by the killing of George Floyd by white police.

“NUMB” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

Numbness and emotional pain are synonymous with X's discography themes. The rapper uses his songs to shield the urge of vulnerability, offering him a dynamic outlet to express his darkest thoughts and emotional pain. “NUMB” sums up the musical themes of X in one song.

The rapper has the word ‘numb' tattooed under his right eye to signify a point in his life when he felt no emotions. While “NUMB” lacks the hip-hop cadences seen in most of his songs, it's a terrific single that adds flexibility to his musical career.

“YuNg BrAtZ” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2016

“YuNg BrAtZ” is a hip-hop tune by XXXTentacion originally from his mixtape, bad vibes forever. The release of this project was delayed, and X instead featured the song in his debut commercial mixtape, Revenge.

This song is about financial success and wealth, with the rapper bragging about his accomplishments and warning haters not to try him. “Yung Bratz” sounds precisely like its title, with its distorted bassline, boisterous shrieking, and comical vocal inflections. The song is a good representation of X at his most raw.

“Royalty” by XXXTentacion feat. Vybz Kartel, Stefflon Don and Ky-Mani Marley

Song year: 2019

In the posthumously released “Royalty,” X goes deep into his Jamaican roots, collaborating with Vybz Kartel, Stefflon Don, and Ky-Mani Marley. The rapper again demonstrates that he is one of the most versatile musicians ever to grace the game.

The departed rapper meddles in the Reggae sound in “Royalty,” a style nobody knew he possessed in his repertoire. However, X excels by delivering fire lyrics blended with a Jamaican accent. Vybz Kartel, Stefflon Don, and Ky-Mani Marley participate in “Royalty,” offering edgy and unapologetic rhymes and hooks about bossing up.


Song year: 2018

“A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL” was eventually published as an EP, with the title tune serving as the opening song. It's far beyond the usual for X's music, focusing nearly solely on the positive aspects of his life and everything that makes him happy.

This track is worlds apart from the feelings the rapper explores on his 17 album as you can go, and it's considerably lighter and more pleasant than practically anything else he's ever done. X incorporates the Christmas spirit by rhyming about ice and city lights. If you've ever wanted to hear a festive song from X, “A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL” is the perfect fit!

“I don’t even speak spanish lol” by XXXTentacion feat. Judah, Carlos Andrez and Rio Santana

Song year: 2018

In his ? album, X juggles musical styles, and “I don’t even speak spanish lol,” with its joke of a title, was purely unpredictable. Yet, his soothing vocals mingle with the Latin-inflected groove, creating a summer-ready track you didn't expect from X.

This lively tune combines Florida's top RnB and pop acts—Judah, Carlos Andrez, and Rio Santana—who blend Spanish and English in their croons. X graces the last verse, spitting in English entirely, demonstrating that he doesn't know Spanish.

“Ex Bitch” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2019

“EX Bitch” is the opening song on X's bad vibes forever album, a terrific Folk tune with a cheery feel. The song is about a failed romantic relationship, with the rapper reflecting on lost love and his precious relationship that wasn't built on love and affection.

This tune comes out as a reflective peace. The rapper purportedly refers to Geneva Ayala, his ex-girlfriend, who he reportedly abused. X explores the pop genre in this song, delivering laid-back vocals on an acoustic-driven instrumental.

“Falling Down” by XXXTentacion feat. Lil Peep

Song year: 2018

“Falling Down” appeared on Lil Peep's second studio album, Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2, as a posthumous release with a unique story. Peep and iLoveMakonnen wrote the song. After Lil Peep's demise, X discovered the clip online and added a verse, earning him writer credit on the finished product.

X's rendition peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Peep's highest-charting single ever, and RIAA awarded it a triple platinum certification.

“Pain = BESTFRIEND” by XXXTentacion feat. Travis Barker

Song year: 2018

“Pain = BESTFRIEND” is one of X's best songs. This song's lyrics were initially written by Travis Barker, Jahseh Onfro, John Cunningham, and Robert Soukiasyan.

At the song's beginning, a more subdued and solemn X seems to be giving in to his suffering as he sings over pensive guitar strumming. Conversely, Travis Barker's drumming gets crazy, somber singing turns into screams toward the end of the track, and X seems to accept his pain since he's sure it will never leave him.

“before I close my eyes” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

X's hit song “before I close my eyes” was featured in his anticipated second album, ?. The song is a traditional children's night prayer interpolation, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” where he expresses that it's already too late. Although he doesn't say what he's too late for, you can tell by his voice that he feels hope and regret.

“before I close my eyes” is arguably among X's best songs. It features acoustic and orchestral instrumentation, bringing out the song's natural mood.

“Depression & Obsession” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

The song's haunting title sounds like a typical theme you'd expect from XXXTentacion. “Depression & Obsession” depicts X's feelings towards his love life, most likely his romantic relationship with Geneva Ayala.

The rapper feels depressed by his tumultuous romantic relationship, yet he's so obsessed with her to let her go. Its production is simple, yet it works nicely with X's lyrics. Although X describes his crippling heartache in the song, a guitar creates a melancholy ambiance that amplifies his pain.

Top XXXTentacion Songs Of All Time, Final Thoughts

While XXXTentacion is no longer with us, his spirit lives through his timeless music. With pliable vocals, a passion for experimentation, and an indisputably punk style, the rapper's legacy will transcend the ages.

We hope you enjoyed reading our comprehensive guide on X's best songs of all time. This full spectrum of X's releases depicts how versatile he was, that the tag ‘rapper' seems restricting. What's a better way of commemorating X than his music?

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