All Taylor Swift Songs About Stephen Barker Liles

You may have heard Taylor Swift has songs about Stephen Barker Liles. But what are these songs, and what was the relationship between the two? Here are all Taylor Swift songs about Stephen Barker Liles.

“Hey Stephen” by Taylor Swift

Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2008

Many of Taylor Swift's songs are about famous artists she's been in full relationships with, such as Calvin Harris, Taylor Lautner, Tom Hiddleston, and, most recently, Joe Alwyn.

But one of her earlier hits from the Fearless album wasn't about someone she dated. Instead, it was about a man Taylor had a crush on at the time: Stephen Barker Liles.

Stephen Barker Liles' band called “Love and Theft” toured with Taylor in 2008, and Taylor reportedly told Liles that she had written a song about him. He was nervous it wasn't a nice song since she was already known for writing songs about bad exes.

Liles was relieved that it was one of the nicest songs you could write about someone, boasting about how wonderfully he walks, talks, and even looks like an angel.

The two had also gotten very close on tour as friends. It wasn't strange that Taylor would write something loving to this new close friend, and he even wrote a song about her, too, called “Try To Make It Anyway.”

That said, even if they didn't have a romantic relationship, they certainly had an emotional relationship, and it brought the world a catchy, fun-loving tune that anyone who's had a youthful crush can resonate with.

Hey Stephen (Taylor's Version)

Hey Stephen (Taylor's Version)

Song Year: 2021

While “Hey Stephen” is the only Taylor Swift song about Stephen Liles Barker, it got a makeover when she re-recorded Fearless in 2021.

Swift re-recorded Fearless and other albums to regain control of her own master recordings, but she still kept the original feel of the original songs, much to her fans' appreciation.

However, in Hey Stephen (Taylor's Version), her voice sounds much more mature, which some love and some find take away from the innocent, cutesy lyrics.

Best Taylor Swift Songs About Stephen Barker Liles, Final Thoughts

Taylor Swift is a renowned artist who has worked with other artists like Ed Sheeran and inspired newer singer-songwriters like Olivia Rodrigo.

And Swift wrote “Hey Stephen” about Stephen Barker Liles, whom she toured with in 2008, and they became very close.

While they didn't necessarily have a romantic relationship, the song reflects an intimate connection and a youthful crush, which many fans then and now can relate to.

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