33 Best XXXTentacion Songs EVER


“Looking for a Star” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

“Looking For a Star” is another introspective piece by XXXTentacion that depicts his vulnerability in love matters. The song is about the narrator's unrequited love and how she is always in his thoughts. He expresses his yearning for her, his obsession with discovering where she is, and why she abandoned him.

This track was X's debut attempt at creating a pop tune, partnering with the celebrated pop producer Diplo to deliver a soothing anthem. It goes outside his trademark loud beats and abrasive vocals, sounding like a mainstream anthem.

“True Love” by XXXTentacion feat. YE

Song year: 2022

“True Love” proves that good music surpasses lifetimes; it was released four years after X's death. The song featured as a collaborative single on Kanye West's demo album, Donda 2. The hit is also included in X's posthumous album, Look at Me: The Album.

“True Love” will most likely send chills down your spine. X delivers an unbelievably moving chorus while YE lays an extra-driven verse, a perfect combo for a duo. The song sees the rap stars address their struggles with love, relationships, and heartbreak.

“Carry On” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

“Carry On” is the third track on 17 produced by Potsu, which also samples Shiloh Dynasty. It's a calmer, lo-fi ballad, unlike what you may expect from X, delving into some of the very emotional topics on his mind. It primarily involves his ex-girlfriend and dealing with the breakup after a relationship.

X's vocals are honest and emotional, and exquisite harmonies back them up. There's an oddly satisfying downtime on the tune, a departure from his usual wall of voice that genuinely allows listeners to get lost in the music and digest the lyrics.

“hate will never win” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

Forget the song's positive title, “hate will never win,” is full of controversy. XXXTentacion penned this lo-fi smash in response to the rising tide of hatred in the US following Donald Trump's presidential election.

With all of the presidential turmoil and X receiving heat for lynching a child in his music videos, the song screams controversy. “hate will never win” even sampled Donald Trump's speeches to add another dimension to the song's complicated structure. Besides the speeches, the song's instrumental sounds familiar; it's a sample of the beat of “Life,” a masterpiece by the legendary J Dilla.

“the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

“the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love)” is the fifth single on X's sophomore album, bearing all the characteristics of the controversial rapper's signature sound—melancholy background vocal loops, painful lyrics about unrequited love, and moody 808 drums.

In an innovative twist, the song's sample features X's voice, which matches the minimalistic instrumentation he's famous for. The song is about his ex-girlfriend, like most of the pieces in his album, ?.

“F*ck Love” by XXXTentacion feat. Trippie Redd

Song year: 2017

Nothing unites XXXTentacion with other music acts like heartbreaks, and in “F*Ck Love,” the Florida native rapper combined with Trippie Redd to share their experiences with heartbreaks. As the song's title suggests, there's no better way to depict one's feelings after a painful process than “F*ck Love.”

The song saw two of emo rap's greatest linking up to flex their lyrical and storytelling prowess over an alt-RnB production. It's about giving up on love and walking away from an unhappy romantic relationship. This massive tune depicts the anguish and uncertainty caused by a bad breakup and challenges the listeners to decide whether it's worth continuing in their relationships.

“infinity (888)” by XXXTentacion feat. Joey Bada$$

Song year: 2018

“infinity (888)” is the second single from X and Joey's anticipated joint music project before the former met his untimely death. The song is an attempt of X to infiltrate the East Coast hip-hop scene, and what's a better way to do it than tagging Brooklyn's own Joey Bada$$?

This hip-hop smash is a celebration of tenacity and resilience amid hardship. The lyrics portray X and his peers' problems and their will to overcome their difficulties and succeed. “infinity (888)” demonstrated how terrific a match Joey was for X, with surprise lyrics, saxophones, and a largely jazzy tempo that was somewhat atypical from X.

“RIP Roach” by XXXTentacion feat. $ki Mask the Slump God

Song year: 2017

“RIP Roach” was initially released by $ki Mask the Slump God in 2016 before XXXTentacion included it as a rerelease in his debut commercial mixtape Revenge. “RIP Roach” combines X's screamo leanings and penchant for havoc with Ski's laid-back delivery and offbeat punchlines.

However, Ski deviates from the topic, mentioning Kujo and flashing his bling. It doesn't seem like it should go with X's verse, yet it does because it looks like a break from X's fury. The song is an ode to X's close friend, nicknamed Roach, who was slain in 2016.

“King of the Dead” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2015

“King of the Dead” was first released in 2015, but it was until Columbia Records put out X's posthumous album, “bad vibes forever,” that it featured in a mega musical project. This tune derives its instrumental from Hellion's “Battle Cry,” co-produced with Fisty Grand. The song is essentially X's suicide proclamation.

This track's massive distortion and dips were intended to depict X's life's chaos and disarray. “King of the Dead” is among the rapper's harder-hitting tunes with a disturbing vibe, giving a glimpse into the complexity and controversy that defined X's artistry.

“Save Me” by XXXTentacion

“Save Me” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2017

X hardly asks for help in his songs, but “Save Me” sees the rapper summoning from his dark side to see whether hell gets any company. It's the most desperate-sounding song by XXXTentacion, with the voices in the narrator's head telling him that he will die.

Although “Save Me” isn't looking for a shoulder to cry on or any assistance, it just requests space to cope with the troubles that X faces at the time. The song adds to the rapper's trademark sad and contentious discography themes.

“going down!” by XXXTentacion

Song year: 2018

“going down!” is the ninth track of X's second studio album, a rebirth of the rapper's goofy and lighthearted side. It has a solid repetitive hook and an uplifting soundtrack, bypassing the gloomy and eerie atmosphere of many of his previous songs.

The song is primarily about X's sexual interactions, with the rapper bragging about how he’s good at it. X delivers his singalong bars on the trap-inspired production, a perfect upbeat song to raise your spirit.

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