17 Best Jack Harlow Songs

Jack Harlow has really made a name for himself in the last few years. With a fast flow and music containing non-typical subject matters, he’s found a fanbase with a surprisingly few number of songs. Below are the top Jack Harlow songs he’s released.

“What's Poppin” by Jack Harlow

What's Poppin by Jack Harlow

Song year: 2020

“What's Poppin” played an influential role in launching Jack Harlow's career after being released as the lead single from the EP Sweet Action. The song earned Jack Harlow a Grammy Nomination for Best Rap Performance.

Harlow sings about people who only want to know you when you’re successful and looks at his own experiences as a musician. The song became a huge hit on streaming platforms, amassing over 164 million views on Youtube alone. Several big-name artists, including Dababy, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne collaborated for an even more popular remix of the track.

“First Class” by Jack Harlow

Song year: 2022

“First Class” is another exploration of Jack Harlow’s rapid rise to fame. The lyrics are boastful, making references to his wealth and the many women who want to be with him. Released as part of the Come Home The Kids Miss You album, “First Class” features a catchy chorus and samples Fergie’s hit song “Glamorous.”

The hit received a Song of the Summer award from the MTV VMAs. It also got nominated at the Grammys for Best Melodic Rap Performance, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song, and Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Song.

“Tyler Herro” by Jack Harlow

Song year: 2020

Jack Harlow named this song after Tyler Herro, who plays shooting guard for the NBA team Miami Heat. The inspiration stems from Herro being a friend of Harlow’s. The two share several similarities, as the basketballer experienced an equally sudden rise to the top.

Despite the name, Jack Harlow focuses on calling out his haters and rivals, talking about how he is self-built and did not listen to anyone that told him he wouldn't make it. Still, Harlow does pay tribute to Herro and even reveals to the listener that he has a core group of new friends. Ironically, Harlow filmed the video in the home of Lou Williams, a player for the Atlanta Hawks.

“Nail Tech” by Jack Harlow

Song year: 2022

“Nail Tech” was released as part of his hit album, Come Home The Kids Miss You. The song features Jack Harlow's go-to laid-back flow to a beat made by 2forwOyNE.

As with many of his tracks, the lyrics center on Harlow’s newfound successes. The title is derived from the song’s first line, which suggests he may have a relationship with his nail tech that’s much more than professional.

His lyrics are somewhat bittersweet, as he notes how many people pretend to be his friend. Perhaps reflecting that, Harlow’s lyrics stress that he prioritizes family and friends over showing off on Instagram.

“Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X feat Jack Harlow

Industry Baby by Lil Nas X feat Jack Harlow

Song year: 2021

With “Industry Baby,” Harlow went viral on Tiktok and Instagram and finally got nominated for a Grammy award. Apart from the song's lyrical flow, the chemistry between Harlow and Lil Nas X has created a beautiful friendship.

The song revolves around the impact Lil Nas X has had on the music industry and touches on the rapper's sexuality. Its accompanying video features a mock trial parodying the Satan Shoes Court case. “Industry Baby” has an energetic bounce, helping it claim the top spot in the Billboard 100.

“Already Best Friends” by Jack Harlow, Featuring Chris Brown

Song year: 2021

Jack Harlow duos with Chris Brown to rap about an encounter with two female friends that quickly turns romantic. The song acts like a conversation, moving through its various stages as Harlow makes moves on both of them.

“Already Best Friends” blends rap and R&B and was released under the album That's What They All Say. While it didn’t receive any awards or nominations, it was still certified Platinum in the US and hit number 13 on Billboard’s Rhythmic airplay chart.

“Churchill Downs” by Jack Harlow, Featuring Drake

Song year: 2022

Named after the iconic racecourse, “Churchill Downs” was released on the album Come Home the Kids Miss You. In this song, Jack Harlow speaks about how people didn't believe in him or think he would make it big. Harlow chimes that he ought to be humble but hasn’t unlearned the habit of boasting. He reminds listeners that his hard work and sacrifice have led to sold-out shows and collaborations with big-name stars.

Drake’s contribution to the song reveals his abandonment issues, claiming he's seeking therapy, and also references a feud with Pusha T. Appropriately given the name, Harlow recorded the accompanying music video at the 2022 Kentucky Derby.

“SUVs” by Jack Harlow and Pooh Shiesty

Song year: 2021

Harlow collaborated with Pooh Shiesty for this grimier take on the rapper’s typically swaggering style. As with several of his records, Harlow draws attention to the doubts many had about his prospects in the music industry. He reminds listeners that his boasts always turn true and that he’s racking up money. In the process, he lists several examples of his wealth, from eating filet mignon to living in a penthouse.

While the collaboration was unexpected, the two rappers blend their distinct styles in a production that features 808s and percussion. The track was certified gold and charted at number 67 on the Billboard 100.

“Way Out” by Jack Harlow, Featuring Big Sean

Way Out by Jack Harlow, Featuring Big Sean

Song year: 2020

“Way Out” features a trap beat made by JetsonMade. The track is a collaboration between Harlow and Big Sean, who both boast about being big names in the music industry. Harlow, in particular, raps about his lucrative live shows and how he doesn’t have to worry about checking the bill when dining out with friends.

The song appeared on the album, That's What They All Say and charted at 76 on the US Billboard Hot 100. While it didn’t chart high, “Way Out” still went Platinum after selling a million certified units.

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