27 Happy Taylor Swift Songs, For Upbeat, Feel Good Vibes

We all have off days, but that doesn’t mean you have to let one moment of uncertainty cloud the entirety of your day. Sometimes, just the act of playing upbeat music can help you to see the sunshine of the day once again.

Taylor Swift has a boatload of tracks that are sure to help keep those clouds at bay. Consider adding the following tracks to your own danceable playlist the next time you need a boost.

1. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2014

More often than not, we can live a life dictated by what we think other people would think it best for us to do. Sometimes, we perceive people to have certain thoughts about us, which can be detrimental to enjoying the small things in life.

Shake It Off is a track that reminds listeners to revel in the joy of marching to the beat of one’s own drum.

2. “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2014

Have you ever had second thoughts about getting into a relationship with someone because of their reputation? Or perhaps it’s you that has a reputation that cannot be escaped?

Blank Space satirizes Swift’s personal reputation for jumping from relationship to relationship. In the song, she likens the act of giving out her love like writing a blank check for anyone to fill out their name.

3. “Delicate” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2017

Personal relationship dynamics can be quite fragile at times, especially at the beginning of a new romance. Both parties generally want the other person to like them, despite the fact that we’re all flawed human beings.

Delicate touches on this fragility as the song’s narrator balances self-doubt with a carpe diem attitude with regard to their new love interest. After all, while the future is always uncertain, the current moment is something that can always be enjoyed.

4. “Me!” by Taylor Swift, Featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco

Year: 2019

Everybody has been a part of a situation where 1 person ruined a great situation for everyone else. For many, this has happened in the field of romance, where a potential partner rejected them based on the past actions of someone else (but of the same sex).

Guys and girls both tend to have these preconceived notions of how the other will jeopardize the relationship and waste time. ME! reminds listeners to be themselves and to not let the mistakes of others define their future.

5. “Ready For It?” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2017

Sometimes, we can get a particular feeling about someone just by looking at them. And yet, it’s important to remember that other people are making the same snap judgments about ourselves without even taking the time to know us.

…Ready For It? outlines the thronging for another despite knowing they might be considered bad news. Of course, since both people fall under this distinction, it might be a perfect match after all.

"Ready For It?" by Taylor Swift

6. “Style” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2014

The popularity of all things is always subject to the passing phases of the current fashions. Yet, there are always certain timeless icons (both in people, objects, works of art, etc.) that withstand the test of time.

Style gives an insight into the timeless nature of a romance that never dies despite the many mistakes each party has made. Even though they might be drawn toward a passing passion of fancy, that original love for the other remains in the foundation.

7. “Mine” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2010

Upon reaching adulthood and beyond, humans spend a good portion of time working through the baggage they’ve been carrying since childhood. These experiences shape our reality and often inform our preconceived expectations.

The song, Mine, expresses just how this can play out in romance when one has grown up watching their parents have failed relationships. Like any good partner, the right person will give one a reason to believe again.

8. “End Game” by Taylor Swift, Featuring Future & Ed Sheeran

Year: 2017

Most people listening to End Game for the first time probably did not expect to hear Taylor rapping a few lines of her verse. The song highlights the importance of having standards with regard to where energy and effort are being reciprocated.

For instance, the song has verses from both Future and Sheeran telling their character’s unique perspectives. But, from Taylor’s perspective point of view, her love will go to the one who can treat her like she knows she deserves.

9. “Sparks Fly” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2010
One song that hinted at Taylor’s songwriting prowess at a young age was Sparks Fly, the foundation for which she wrote at 16. This track is all about having feelings for someone that you know you shouldn’t but going for it anyway because the results are worth the risk.

"Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift

10. “Fearless (Taylor's Version)” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2021

It really is quite magical how the feeling of love can make one do things that they might not otherwise have the courage to do. Fearless plunges its listener into that uplifting magic of a new love that makes the heart beat just a few ticks faster, and the desire to remember those moments of passion forever.

11. “Love Story (Taylor's Version)” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2021

Love Story dates back to Taylor’s 2nd album, using Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a basis for its tale. The song paints a story of a young love that survives hardships and misunderstandings but surprisingly ends in marriage at the last strand of hope, contradicting the tragic play with a happily-ever-after ending.

12. “Hey Stephen (Taylor's Version)” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2021

Many people pursue romantic relationships without ever giving thought to what they themselves bring to the table. More often than not, when posed with the question, people will tend to clam up and sell themselves short. 

In Hey Stephen, Taylor takes the time to completely outline the reasons why it’s worth anyone’s time to choose her for a relationship. She even makes a joke about writing a song about it.

13. “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift

Year: 2010

More often than not, it’s the different personalities that stand out among the usual humdrum of life that catch our attention (and sometimes, our heart). Such is the case with Taylor’s song, Enchanted, which touches on being swept off one’s feet at first sight but almost certain that there might never be another chance meeting.

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