All Taylor Swift Songs About Drew Hardwick

Taylor Swift often speaks about her experiences with people, both exes and friends, in her songs. If you’re wondering what she wrote about Drew Hardwick, here are the best Taylor Swift songs about Drew Hardwick.

Teardrops on My Guitar

Song Year: 2006

“Teardrops on My Guitar” is one of Taylor Swift’s signature songs. Whether you’re a die-ahead Taylor fan or country music enthusiast, you’ve probably heard this tune.

Taylor released the track as the second single for her self-titled debut album in 2006. This smooth ballad quickly became a radio hit, peaking at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming Taylor’s first pop-radio crossover single on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. The single is currently certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Nonetheless, whereas you might be familiar with the track’s lyrics, do you recognize its backstory? Interestingly, this song is inspired by one of Taylor’s past experiences, and has some dark twists involved as well.

Here’s the real inspiration behind “Teardrops on My Guitar.”

Teardrops on My Guitar

A Teenage Crush on Drew Hardwick

Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar” borrowed inspiration from Taylor’s crush on a guy known as Andrew Hardwick. Nicknamed “Drew,” which is the same name Taylor references in the track.

The whole track has Taylor singing about a teenage girl’s sadness and frustration that the guy she wants doesn’t want her back. During their time at Hendersonville High School, Taylor claimed that Hardwick would sit by her daily and talk about another girl she wanted. All this while, Taylor pretended to cherish the lady, sometimes commenting on how perfect or beautiful the other girl was, but none of that was ever genuine.

It’s probably something most people have endured before: unreciprocated love. Despite Taylor’s crush on Drew and their friendship, she finds it hard to confess her feelings.

Upon the song’s release, Drew ended up asking Taylor out. Unfortunately, it was already too late, and Taylor turned him down. Undoubtedly, the tables had turned.

Andrew Hardwick Arrested on a Criminal Charge

After high school, Hardwick joined the United States Navy, but life didn’t turn out so well on his end. In 2015, Drew and his wife were arrested for aggravated child abuse.

Apparently, Drew had struck a 3-year-old child under his care so badly that the girl suffered serious lacerations and bruising. In fact, the girl had to be airlifted to hospital.

Although these were undoubtedly charges and accusations, it makes Taylor Swift and Drew’s relationship slightly unsettling. When Taylor turned down Drew’s request for a date, perhaps she had an awful foreboding. In this case, everything may have worked out for the best.

Best Taylor Swift Songs About Drew Hardwick, Final Thoughts

Swift doesn’t shy away from opening up about her past heartbreaks, as evident on the track “Teardrops on My Guitar.” Hopefully, you never end up on her wrong side, or you might be the next ex on a chart-topping heartbreak song.

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