29 Best Juice WRLD Songs

Best Juice WRLD Songs

Born Jarod Higgins and known professionally as Juice WRLD, the Chicago-based rapper helped bring emo-rap to mainstream attention in the mid-late 2000s. Juice passed away suddenly from a drug overdose in 2019.

While the rapper is no longer with us, he left an undeniable impact on the music genre. The following are his best and most popular Juice WRLD songs.

“Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2017

Easily Juice WRLD’s biggest hit, in this track, Juice explores the difficulties and mental anguish he is experiencing after a difficult break-up. The track peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and amassed over 1 billion streams on Spotify. In 2022, it was certified Diamond.

Lucid dreaming refers to a type of sleeping where a person experiences consciousness while dreaming, eventually able to control their dreams. Juice uses this as an analogy for his mental state of avoiding the pain of seeing his ex in his dreams by attempting to replace them.

“All Girls Are The Same” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2017

In “All Girls Are the Same,” Juice WRLD subverts traditional expectations around rappers – that of one artist regularly hooking up with many different women. Instead, it is a sorrowful track about heartbreak.

While some of Juice’s songs are specific, he revealed in an interview that this song was less about one person and more about the general issues he had dealt with in various relationships.

 This song was Juice WRLD’s debut track and cemented himself as a true emo rapper.

“Come & Go” by Juice WRLD ft. Marshmello

Song year: 2020

This song includes beats produced by Marshmello, giving it a different flair than Juice’s other work. The track is the fourth promotional single off of Juice’s posthumous album, Legends Never Die, and it focuses on a different side of relationships. In this song, Juice references difficult relationships in the past but focuses on the positive side of his new love.

“Wishing Well” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2020

As we mentioned before, Juice WRLD suffered an accidental overdose in 2019. This song, which dropped on his posthumous album, discusses the stress of fame and his substance abuse. He drops a reference to his drug of choice, Percocet.

He and his team were flying into the Midway Internation Airport in Chicago. Law enforcement officers were waiting for the jest to arrive, suspecting guns and drugs on the plane. Higgens swallowed several pills to hide them from the police and ended up dying due to a seizure induced by a drug overdose. After his death, the medical examiners had found fatal levels of oxycodone – which are found in Percocet.

“Robbery” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2019

In the lead single off of Juice WRLD’s sophomore album, Death Race Love, Juice is dealing with the common themes in his music: love and heartbreak. Throughout the song, he recounts his relationship.

He tried to entire his partner into loving him with expensive items, but it fell apart anyway, causing him to turn to alcohol. He makes several allusions to a woman who “robbed” him of his heart, and now he has been robbed of his ability to love after the break-up.

The song was in Billboard’s Top 50 Hip-Hop end-of-the-year songs and was certified 5x platinum in 2021.

“Lean Wit Me” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2018

This song was Juice WRLD’s third official single, following “Lucid Dreams.” The lyrics revolve around his addiction issues. He also addresses the effects his addiction is having on his life. He acknowledges that while he wants to quit, he is unable to stop. The song was certified 4x platinum in 2022.

The music video features Juice at an AA meeting, which is a reference to Eminem's video for “When I’m Gone,” who Juice collaborated with on the song “Godzilla.”

“Hear Me Calling” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2019

Despite the upbeat tempo, this track flips the script on what listeners expect and again deals with Juice WRLD, looking back on a heartbreak. In this song, he expands on the theme of heartbreak. He is also looking at a new relationship and the hopes that he has for it long term.

“Sometimes” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2022

On the track “Sometimes,” Juice WRLD grapples with mental issues such as depression and other struggles that have come from his substance addiction. The track was recorded on his 20th birthday in 2018. While it was leaked in January of 2020, it was officially released in 2022 with the digital deluxe edition of the post-humous album Fighting Demons.

“Cigarettes” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2022

Like “Sometimes,” this song was leaked many times long before it was released in 2022. In “Cigarettes,” Juice WRLD hits upon his extensive additions to both love and drugs. He also details his desire to find fulfillment without drugs and with his partner.

“Burn” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2021

The song “Burn” serves as an opening track to Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album, Fighting Demons. It handles his continuous struggle with substance abuse and his slipping grasp on understanding reality as he deals with the trappings of fame.

“Rich and Blind” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2018

In this song, Juice WRLD looks at the topic of legends dying young, such as peers Lil Peep and XXXTENTATCION’s sudden deaths. This song is more personal than many of his other tracks and discusses the feeling of losing friends and loved ones. He also covers the importance of keeping yourself and others safe, using violence if necessary to protect yourself.

“Wandered To LA” by Juice WRLD ft. Justin Bieber

Song year: 2021

In this partnership with long-time pop sensation Justin Bieber, Juice goes over a drug-filled, romantic experience in Los Angeles where he has met someone new. Bieber’s verse looks back at his relationship with his wife and how they have evolved. Despite the overall uplifting subject matter, Juice ends on a dark note, stating that his nightmares have begun to come to life.

“Hate the Other Side” by Juice WRLD ft. Marshmello, Polo G and Kid LAROII

Song year: 2020

In this song, Juice WRLD has brought on fellow Chicago rapper Polo G and his mentee, Kid LAROI, to rap along with Marchmello produced beats. They rap about their struggles with violence and heartbreak and their camaraderie amid all their difficulties.

“Conversations” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2020

In this song, Juice WRLD uses his typical references to devils and demons haunting him. He directly addresses his struggles with drugs and anxiety, which are compounded by the fame he had once sought. He directly addresses his belief that he will die young – much like one of his idols, Tupac.

“Legends” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2018

Simpler to the song “Rich and Blind,” this is a tribute to the late rappers XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep. Written in just a day, he talks about the unexpected deaths of his peers and questions how fame will impact his own life, questioning whether he would become a legend himself.

In retrospect, the song is even more impactful, as it seemed to predict Jucie’s early death with lyrics stating he wouldn’t survive past the age of 21.

“Godzilla” by Eminem ft. Juice WRLD

“Godzilla” by Eminem ft. Juice WRLD

Song year: 2020

This collaboration between Juice WRLD and Eminem had the two comparing themselves to monsters, specifically the famous movie monster Gozilla, as the title suggests. The song was the first collaboration between the two artists and an important one for Juice, who had frequently listed Eminem as a major inspiration for him.

This was also the first track to be released after Juice WRLD’s sudden death. He recorded the chorus just before his 21st birthday but didn't finish his verse in time. The song ended up being certified gold in Canada. The song ended up being a tribute to Juice from Eminem, who openly admired the younger rapper.

“Already Dead” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2021

This song was the first promotional single for Juice WRLD’s posthumous album, Fighting Demons. It is a premonition for what was to come, touching on the deadly effects of substance abuse and heartbreak when mixed.

“Go Hard 2.0” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2022

Go Hard 2.0 is the complete version of the original track “Go Hard.” When the song was first released posthumously by Juice WRLD’s former manager, they faced backlash about a missing second verse. Juice's former team released a second version with a new video – and the missing verse – in response.

“Righteous” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2020

This song was the first= put out by Juice WRLD’s label after his unexpected death. Before the leak, Juice had teased the song several times before. The ballad deals with his anxiety and addiction issues. He also writes about the facade of glamour that comes with fame and that under the expensive items, Juice is still suffering just as much – if not more – than he did before he was rich.

“Hide” by Juice WRLD ft. Seezyn

Song year: 2018

In this song, Juice WRLD and Seexyn sing to their partners and their promise to spend a life with them. They talk about their love for their significant others. While the relationship isn’t constantly thrilling, it does feel “like home.” This track was included in the final soundtrack for the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

“The Bees Knees” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2019

On this track, Juice WRLD shows major technical proficiency. The song features two distinct beats – the first choppy and quick, the second more upbeat sounding. The lyrics detail how Juice is now focused on making money over relationships, but at the same time explains that drugs don’t make him feel complete. The song was certified gold in 2021.

“Hard Work Pays Off” by Juice WRLD and Future

Song year: 2018

This upbeat and melodic song wraps up the last track of WRLD ON DRUGS, a collaborative mixtape between Future and Juice WRLD. The two rap about their successes in the music industry, their willingness to participate in violence, and their designer clothes.

“Who Shot Cupid” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2019

In this song, Juice WRLD discusses an ex-love leaving him and leaving him heartbroken after. He claims Cupid, a famous symbol of romantic love, isn’t doing his job correctly, and that is why he can’t find true love. However, as Juice’s success and wealth grows throughout the song, his previous partner wants him back, leaving him with the upper hand.

“Without Me” by Halsey ft. Juice WRLD

Song year: 2020

This song was Halsey’s first solo number-one hit, and Juice WRLD was tapped to include a verse for the much-awaited remix. The two artists address the difficulty of being with someone that consistently hurts you and the pain of staying with them anyways.

“End of the Road” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2018

This song is the second to last song on Juice WRLD’s debut album, Goodbye & Good Riddance. As the end of the road is a phrase typically used when someone is nearing the end of their journey, it makes sense that this would come close to the album’s closure. Much like the rest of the album, this song primarily deals with relationship struggles and looking at the end of a partnership.

“Wasted” by Juice WRLD ft. Lil Uzi Vert

Song year: 2018

In this song, Juice WRLD explains his toxic relationship with a girl who is always using drugs. Juice also uses drugs to forget about his ex, but she keeps coming back to ask him to take care of her. \

This song references Grand Theft Auto, which was famously his favorite video game. In 2022, it was revealed one of his songs would actually be featured in the game.

“Roses” by Juice WRLD and Benny Blanko, ft. Brendon Urie

Song year: 2018

This exceptionally emotional ballad of love and loss brought together producer benny blanco, Juice WRLD, and Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco. The song is emblematic of the trend of rappers and rock artists teaming up to blend the boundaries of the two genres. While Urie is known for his exceptional vocals and range, Juice holds his own in this unique collaboration.

“Armed and Dangerous” by Juice WRLD

Song year: 2018

This song focuses exclusively on a lifestyle focused on guns, extreme wealth, and drugs. Furthermore, he also takes on a superior mindset, looking down on others after he became famous. This song was certified 3x platinum in 2021.

“Feline” by Juice WRLD ft. Polo G and Trippie Redd

Song year: 2021

This collaboration with Polo G and rapper Trippie Redd is a little different than the emo-rap that Juice has become known for. Instead of heartbreak, this song deals with their willingness to fight when confronted and violence, more closely aligning with gangster rap.

Juice's part of “Feline” was recorded in 2018, but the features were likely recorded after his death in 2021. This makes their section all the more poignant.

Top Juice WRLD Songs, Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of the late Juice WRLD's best songs. While his carrier was short, it was full of songs that moved many with their lyrical content.

Juice WRLD has always paid homage to those that came before him, and others will surely do the same. Juice WRLD started his career online, and has moved closer to the mainstream!

What is your favorite Juice WRLD song?

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