3 Best Nicky Youre Songs

This Californian heart-throb will fill your heart with ear-worm pop and swoony tunes, no matter the time of day. Nicky Youre's tracks “Sunroof,” “Never Go Wrong,” and “Sex and Lemonade,” while being his only singles, are incredibly boppy and are prime examples of what modern pop music really is in our current day and age.

Here are the best Nicky Youre songs described in detail. Know which one will strike your heart the most by giving these reviews a pleasant read, and follow the links to watch and listen to these Californian jams by Nicky Youre and his special guests.

“Sunroof” by Nicky Youre and Dazy

Song Year: 2022

Out of the three songs by Nicky Youre, “Sunroof” is his best track. It tells the complex story about a man so in love that he can't get her out of his head. His love makes a better man out of him because of her presence. His desire for her rarely stops him from loving her entire soul that even their favorite tunes make him jump and sing her name.

The Lyrics

In Nicky Youre's first stanza of “Sunroof,” he's popping his head out of the sunroof blasting him and his love's favorite tunes, thinking only of her. She lets him feel alive, a brand new person ready to start again, and even sunshine does not surpass her relative beauty to Nicky's character.

He can't stop thinking about her. Her eyes glisten, and he's caught in a trance by them. He wants to say, “I love you,” but instead of saying the words, he performs them. He's so in love with her that he has to dance in his own bed.

He wants her so badly that he gives his true self to her because she's so perfectly imperfect, or as he says, “kinda cool and kinda not.”

They drive down the freeway at night, and she's still on his mind. Nicky just can't stop thinking about her, and he doesn't want to stop. When he's around her, nothing can stop him. She makes him feel free and powerful. She is his life essence, the reason he feels stronger. So the refrain begins, singing about his love for her again and again.

The Video

Nicky Youre's “Sunroof” music video complements the lyrics so perfectly. He's in the convertible taking in the wind with his love as they drive down the streets of California. When they're together, everything's a journey, even if it's just driving in circles around neighborhoods. He's so lovestruck. She makes him feel butterflies just by being around her.

The sunroof itself is a metaphor. With her, everything's a sunroof because she is the sunlight that he wants to feel 24/7, 365 days a year.

The song itself is so fun. It's hard not to bop your head back and forth whenever it plays, and Nicky Youre's voice is so catchy and hard not to sing along with. It's much like Oliver Tree meets Kids Choice Awards with a catchy tune.

The comedy in the video is so subtle, but it works so well. The two of them get so lost in their own fun that they don't even realize someone is walking in front of them. It does not stop them from enjoying their musical fun, though.

To end these notes on one of Nicky Youre's best songs, this is something you would listen to with your friends driving down to the nearby milkshake shop late at night; a song you play to sing along with your high school crush; music to vibe to while you study late into the night.

“Sunroof” may sound mainstream and repetitive, but it has heart to it. There's a uniqueness there within the lyrics and the video. Nicky Youre creates simplicity out of art.

It is not meant to come off as something extravagant or avant-garde but rather something easy to digest for any age. That's why “Sunroof” is one of the best Nicky Youre songs on this list.

“Never Go Wrong” by Nicky Youre and David Hugo

"Never Go Wrong" by Nicky Youre and David Hugo

Song Year: 2022

Nicky Youre's “Never Go Wrong” is an incredible song to shake and dance to. It has a cute video with a romantic interest that may cause a specific problem between two friends, telling a story of forbidden love and trust between friends.

Listen to this if you ever feel dangerous or worth taking a risk because it's inspiring for those who are too afraid to admit they are in love.

The Lyrics

Nicky Youre tells a story in “Never Go Wrong.” He begins by visualizing his romantic interest as being seen in a movie and heard in a song, creating an expectation that the relationship between the two of them will be “picture perfect.”

He already creates a standard that nothing could go wrong by these standards, even though his presumed best friend also has feelings for the girl, which foreshadows the story even further, making the listener/watcher think that things may actually go wrong given the circumstance.

Nicky Youre and his friend form a bridge with this girl, calling it cinematic by the way they connected with her and alluding to their spectacular intimacy in the dark.

They create a fantasy out of the girl, making her seem as someone irresistible and undetachable. At this point in the song, Nicky knows he's in deep water yet refuses to accept that he must end this romantic connection with her, for he'll end up hurting his friend. He admits that wanting her feels like falling onto the floor, symbolizing his self-infliction of pain.

This doesn't stop Nicky Youre. He is so tantalized by her because she understands him so well. He sings about the fact that they both know how this will end if they continue doing what they do, as if it's a dream, and he refuses to wake up.

The Video

In Nicky Youre's “Never Go Wrong” video, the boys are struggling with something. They're confused, agitated, and even stuck on some idea that bothers both of them. We then see a girl out on a date with Nicky's friend. They laugh and have so much fun in each other's company. Their romance is exuding, and it seems picture perfect.

Nicky comes in, but he's also with the girl mentioned earlier. We are starting to understand that things may not be as they seem. Nicky and his friend are both in love with this girl, and it's causing them to struggle with their morality.

They continuously shrug off the fact that their emotions towards her may not end well as she clearly cannot choose both of them, so one of them will be hurt in the end.

Alas, Nicky finds the tape with his friend and his love interest, and the story ends with surprise and the alluded heartbreak.

“Sex and Lemonade” by Nicky Youre and Laiki

Song Year: 2020

Another best song by Nicky Youre is “Sex and Lemonade.” Nicky may only have a total of three produced and released songs, but this man is an upcoming artist for the modern and casual listener.

“Sex and Lemonade” is perfect for your in-the-feels walk in the park. Be reminded of that love you have and reconnect that fire with your significant other by becoming sex and lemonade.

The Lyrics

“Sex and Lemonade” by Nicky Youre may not diversify its lyrics as much as Nicky's previous songs, but it makes a clear point to the listener.

Without a video, one must imagine and visualize the subtle tones given in the words by the music. Day by day, the two of them are like sex and lemonade. What Nicky is trying to say here is they are a constant.

Night and day can be synonymous with sex and lemonade. They've created a routine between each other: by night, they make love, furthering their affection for each other, empowering the flames within their hearts, and pushing their relationship farther than ever.

By day, it's a glass of lemonade – refreshing, chilling, and delicious – a sweet and sour combination, like any relationship.

Nicky also sings about this person getting him through his day. For some, sex is a way to revitalize themselves, to plant feet down and become wrapped in roots. It pushes them forward and gives them a purpose for the next day.

For others, lemonade is a cup of coffee, a glass of water, or a call from a friend. It's something easy and simple to have, and it makes you feel good.

Nicky Youre, while lacking in lyrical personality, utilizes symbolism very well. One may approach this song and question his writing capabilities. On the surface, they may seem simple, but if the listener thinks more in-depth about them, they will find a deeper meaning.

Nicky isn't just singing about sex and lemonade but instead sings of what sex and lemonade can be. It is genius how he makes as little effort as possible writing out these lyrics but somehow still maintains a story within these repetitive lines of pop-culture music.

Top Nicky Youre Songs, Final Thoughts

Nicky Youre is an upcoming pop singer with very few songs. Although, these songs are incredibly entertaining to the masses. They make you feel and give you a reason to jump on your bed and dance your heart out. Of the three songs Nicky Youre has currently released at the time of writing, “Sunroof” is his most popular, with almost 2.1M listens on just Spotify.

Don't let his newborn sense of music and style stray you from jamming to his songs. They each hold a sense of value and relatability to any listener, and it's worth every second of poppin' and lockin'.

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