27 Best Jason Aldean Songs

21. “Back in This Cigarette”

Song year: 2007

“Back in This Cigarette” highlights a broken relationship where the woman tells the man to leave. Now, he is left in a temporary home of a motel room left to ruminate and reminisce on what went wrong in the relationship and how he hasn’t moved on yet.

He acknowledges that she doesn't love him anymore, despite the feelings he holds for her. He equates fixing the broken relationship is like trying to get the smoke to return to the cigarette he is smoking, which is impossible on both ends.

22. “Johnny Cash”

Song year: 2007

“Johnny Cash” shows a man risking it all by quitting the job he hates and packing up his belongings to go cross country with his girlfriend to Las Vegas. The colorful lyrics indicate that the couple may have eloped, which was their reasoning for visiting Las Vegas.

During their long drive, they listen to Johnny Cash songs to rev up the mood and excitement of new changes coming in their lives.

23. “The Only Way I Know” Featuring Luke Bryan and Eric Church

Song year: 2012

“The Only Way I Know” was a long-time process as Aldean, Bryan, and Church all had their busy schedules. However, it became a commercial success with Aldean achieving his 11th number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts since he started his career. It was also the seventh #1 hit in a row that he achieved on the chart.

The song was awarded the Vocal Event of the Year at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards. The tune is primarily about how to keep motivated in life, which is to never give up and give everything your all.

24. “Lights Come On”

Song year: 2016

Aldean discusses how it feels when it’s time to go on stage in “Lights Come On”. He’s ready to show his fans a great time who have come to his concert to rock out and have fun with his music. He recognizes that while many people are shy, he feels that music and a good time liven up the environment for those individuals to break out of their shells.

25. “Champagne Town”

Song year: 2019

“Champagne Town” highlights how much a man misses his female lover. His favorite drink of choice is whiskey, and he finds himself drinking it when the town locals prefer champagne instead. Hence, he realized he fell for a woman that prefers higher class tastes than him, which resulted in the couple’s relationship not working out because of how different they are from one another. 

26. “I Ain't Ready to Quit”

Song year: 2010

“I Ain’t Ready To Quit” is a motivational song about what it feels like to be backed into a corner on different occasions. He feels motivated to be beside his significant other who is his fuel for not wanting to quit even when the going gets tough.

27. “Hicktown”


Song year: 2005

“Hicktown” commemorates those who live in the classic country towns of the American West. Think dirt roads, tractors, vintage cars on backroads, and maybe even people with their bottom cracks hanging out of their pants as they do yard work.

When you hear this song, you may feel like you are at your local saloon partying it up with cowboys, rogue girls, and drunken rednecks.

Top Jason Aldean Songs, Final Thoughts

Jason Aldean has revolutionized American country music since the early 2000s. Between his love tracks and country-inspired anthems, he’s left a unique mark on America’s country music history. What is your favorite hit from Aldean? Let us know in the comments below.

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