37 Best Songs With Phone Numbers

Getting to know someone is an exciting process, and it often starts with the exchange of phone numbers. Unsurprisingly, musicians have used phone numbers in their songs since phones became commonplace. Let's take a deep dive into the best songs with phone numbers in the title or lyrics.

“911″ by Lady Gaga

911 by Lady Gaga

Song Year: 2020

Despite featuring energetic electronic beats, “911” is a deeply personal song that touches on mental health and the importance of seeking help.

Through her moving lyrics, Gaga sings about feeling overwhelmed by her own emotions and struggling to find a way to deal with it all. The title refers to the emergency phone number in the United States, highlighting the sense of urgency and desperation felt by the singer.

“634-5789 (Soulsville, USA)” by Wilson Pickett

Song Year: 1966

Pickett built a justified reputation for injecting lots of soul into his music, and this single is a fine example of that. With a homely vibe that takes the audience back to more romantic moments, Pickett reminds a special someone that they don’t have to spend their nights alone anymore.

Instead, all they have to do is call the number 634-5789 anytime they need someone to give them some love.

After its release, Pickett’s song charted in the UK and the Billboard Hot 100, becoming among the top-selling R&B singles in the US.

“865” by Morgan Wallen

Song Year: 2021

The title “865” refers to the area code for Knoxville, Tennessee, the singer's hometown. Wallen’s lyrics focus on the people and places that have shaped his life, including his family, friends, and the town where he grew up.

Alongside that commentary on small-town life, Wallen sings about drunk dialing to his ex-girlfriend. He can't get 865 409 1021, her phone number, out of his mind and hopes an answer from her might give him closure.

“1-800-273-8255″ by Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid

Song Year: 2017

This song takes a somber look at a serious and sensitive issue, talking of hopelessness, loneliness, and rejection.

The band advocates for listeners to seek help for these negative feelings since they can drive people to commit suicide.

The number in the title belonged to the American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline then. This poignant track captures the mood of anyone going through troubled times.

“Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot

Song Year: 1992

Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t hold back in his celebration of curvy ladies in “Baby Got Back.” As he professes his love for those with ample derrieres, Sir Mix-a-Lot urges those with one to call him through the line “1-900-MIXALOT.”

It became a massive hit after its release, topping the US Billboard 100 in 1992. The video was praised for its celebration of body positivity and was nominated for multiple MTV Video Music Awards. Thanks to its fun lyrics and catchy tune, “Baby Got Back” has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and advertisements, and become a mainstay at parties.

“My Girl” by Mindless Behavior

Song Year: 2011

For those wanting to listen to love songs from the 2010s, look no further than this hit pop song from the album Number I Girl. The boy band Mindless Behavior managed to woo fans mainly due to their young age and cool dance moves.

“My Girls” has an infectious beat that complements lyrics that remind listeners of the excitement of young love. In the piece, Mindless Behavior sings about a couple who text and hang out with each other all the time. After outlining all the things they do together, the narrator reminds the girl to text him through his number(323) 319-6060.

“867-5309 Jenny” by Tommy Tutone

Song Year: 1981

“8675309 Jenny” is one of the best songs with a phone number. The song revolves around the narrator confessing his love for a girl named Jenny and finally getting her number, the number being in the title of the song.

Tommy recites the number throughout the track while begging Jenny not to change the number. With its themes of young love and nostalgia, this is the perfect tune to share happy times with your significant other.

“I'll Shoot the Moon” by Tom Waits

Song Year: 1983

“I'll Shoot the Moon” is a slow and lovely tune. Known for his gravelly voice, Waits speaks of his love and willingness to do anything to win a person’s love.

He urges the lady to call him on his line, 372-7704, so he can ask her out on a date. While Waits is better for his darker themes, this is a sweet romantic song of a man promising to win a lady's heart.

“777 931“ by Morris Day and The Time

Song Year: 1982

The funky rock song is the second track in the album, What Time Is It? With a catchy drumbeat and guitar in the background, it’s ideal for an eighties party or chilling with friends.

In this track, the narrator asks for a lady's phone number while expressing his interest in knowing her better.

The song's title was the band's phone number at the time, which received so many calls that the line had to be disconnected.

“” by City Boy

Song Year: 1978

This old gem by the British band City Boy has funky rock beats that make it a top pick for karaoke get-togethers.

In this song, the narrator expresses his disappointment upon calling the number 5705 and finding no response from the person he wants to speak to.

He has only a dime left and worries if the operator will keep holding the line. Its catchy beat helped it chart in the UK and on the Billboard Hot 100.

“853 5937” by Squeeze

Song Year: 1987

Interestingly, this rock tune started life as an answering machine jingle for one of its writers.

The song's title references a phone number of someone the narrator repeatedly tries to get through to. Despite the message saying no one’s home, he can’t help but keep calling the number.

While “853-5937” was not a huge commercial success for Squeeze, it is regularly perform at their live shows. It remains a classic example of the band's clever songwriting and catchy pop.

“Beechwood 4-5789” by The Marvelettes

Song Year: 1962

“Beechwood 4-5789” was written by Marvin Gaye, William “Mickey” Stevenson, and George Gordy. In addition, Gaye played drums on the track, one of several songs he contributed to for the Motown girl group.

This track is about a girl who gives her phone number (“Beechwood 4-5789”) to a guy and tells him to call her anytime he wants to talk. The lyrics encourage the guy to call the number and reach out to the girl whenever he needs someone to talk to, as she will always be there to answer.

While not the biggest-selling Motown record, The Marvelettes scored a hit with this track. It has since become one of Motown’s most recognizable songs.

“Lonesome 77203” by Hawkshaw Hawkins

Song Year: 1963

Lonesome 77203″ by American country singer-songwriter Justin Tubb tells the story of a sad man who keeps receiving calls intended for his ex-wife.

Over time, they become too much to bear, leading the man to get a new number, “Lonesome 77203.” As the lyrics progress, he reveals to his ex-lover that she can reach out to him – and he hopes that she misses him enough to call.

The song has been covered by several other artists over the years, including Johnny Cash, who recorded his version in 1962.

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