17 Best Luke Combs Songs

You cannot discuss the best country music artists and leave Luke Combs from the list. He became a household name in the country music industry in 2017, but it feels like he has been at the top of the charts for years.

Let’s look at some of the best Luke Combs songs.

“Hurricane” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2016

It is only fitting that we start this list with the song that placed Luke Combs on the pathway to becoming one of the best country music artists. “Hurricane” was enough for him to earn a record deal since he was commencing his music career.

Moreover, discussing numbers is the best way to depict the song’s digital success. Luke Combs received millions of streams after releasing the song, and these numbers are still increasing. “Hurricane” also topped the Billboard charts for a few weeks after its release.

You cannot call yourself a Luke Combs’ fan if you have not listened to “Hurricane.”

“Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2019

“Beer Never Broke My Heart” reflects people’s day-to-day lives. It seems that Luke Combs wrote the song while observing people as they drank away their sorrows in a bar.

The song illustrates how you can always find solace in taking beer if you are nursing a heartbreak or experiencing other life challenges. This is the perfect song to listen to when you come home from work and pop a beer.

“Let the Moonshine” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2014

“Let the Moonshine ” demonstrates Luke Combs’ ability to release great hits consistently. It demonstrates his incredible vocals and songwriting capabilities.

Furthermore, the lyrics are epic and one of the best drinking songs in the music industry. You should not be shocked if you notice the song being played consistently in most drinking joints.

Additionally, the song racked up crazy numbers after its release. Luke Combs received many streams, which shows that many people loved it. It is also the kind of song you should expect when clubbing.

“When It Rains It Pours” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2017

The song starts with some fantastic beats, thus making someone eager to listen to it. However, it has an essential message for those experiencing heartbreak.

“When It Rains It Pours” is based on Luke Combs’ breakup story since it shows how things became better for him after leaving his girlfriend. It means that one can have good or bad things in quick succession, but one has to always hope for the best fortunes.

Luke Combs states that most of the good things that happened to him occurred after he left his girlfriend. He teaches us that sometimes one must go through bad things, such as a breakup, to create room for the good things.

“Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2018

Finally, a love song makes it on the list of the best Luke Combs songs. “Beautiful Crazy” is a love letter where Luke Combs narrates how much he loves a specific girl. He mentions her good and bad sides but reiterates that everything about her is perfect for him.

This is the song you should listen to when spending time with your lover. It is also the song you should serenade your girlfriend during your anniversary.

“Dear Today” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2019

“Dear Today” is Luke Combs’ letter to himself. The song’s central message is that people should get their priorities right because tomorrow is not assured.

He highlights the importance of focusing on the most important things to avoid procrastinating. Additionally, he recaps that people’s present choices impact their future outcomes.

Thus, this is the song you should listen to if you need some encouragement to take life seriously. Not only is “Dear Today” a hit song, but it also encourages you to make good life choices and be the best version of yourself.

Ultimately, listening to this song may make you evaluate your life choices to ensure you make various adjustments in the future.

“Houston, We Got a Problem” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2018

Have you ever relocated to a new state and felt out of place? Have you ever moved to a different town and felt like returning home? Then, “Houston, We Got a Problem” is the right song for you.

The song is mainly about the challenges people face when they move to a different place where they are forced to leave their family and best friends. It also depicts the feeling most people get when they get a job transfer, and they must leave their lover behind.

Thus, this is the song you should listen to if you are feeling bad because you miss your old life.

“One Number Away” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2018

“One Number Away” is a tragic love story that describes people’s experiences in relationships. It narrates how those in relationships break up but regret the decision.

Luke Combs describes how people occupy themselves with various activities to forget their previous lover but still want them back.

The video also illustrates the realities of losing someone you love. It shows how a man loses his girlfriend in an accident after arguing and regrets ending the relationship.

Ultimately, the most crucial lesson in this song is that we should never make haste decisions regarding relationships.

“Cold as You” by Luke Combs

“Cold as You” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2020

Luke Combs surprises his audience with this relatable heartbreak single, “Cold as You.”

The song contains punchy beats with relatable lyrics that offer solace to men experiencing harsh breakups.

Based on the lyrics, Luke speaks figuratively, insinuating that the best way to get over a woman is by going to a bar and having a good time. He also likens the woman’s cold heart to a cold beer. Thus, it is a perfect song for men to listen to when nursing a heartbreak.

“I Got Away with You” by Luke Combs

Song Year: 2017

Luke Combs is a sharp Country singer and songwriter who amazes the masses with his talent.

“I Got Away with You” is an excellent love song. In the song, Combs claims that though he always got caught stealing beer and cigarettes, he got away with stealing his wife’s heart.

The lyrics are filled with metaphors, stating that most people get caught after stealing prized possession. However, he confesses that his wife’s love is priceless, and until today he has not been detected for stealing her heart. Thus, this song is suitable for you to dedicate to your partner as it shows how in love you are with them, and how much they mean to you.

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