27 Best Jason Aldean Songs

11. “She’s Country”

Song year: 2008

The world saw Aldean perform “She’s Country” for the first time at the 2008 Country Music Awards, where he describes the quintessential traits of a country-raised girl in the American West.

Aldean sings a little faster than usual in this hit, and the unusual trend led to the piece becoming #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in May 2009.

12. “The Truth”

Song year: 2009

“The Truth” highlights the grim details of lovers enduring struggling relationships. While they may love each other dearly, it may be best for them both to go their separate ways to excel personally in their lives.

The song narrator wants his lover to acknowledge that he will always love her. However, during their breakup, he does not want her to tell her friends and family how much he struggles to move on from her and their relationship.

13. “Tattoos on This Town”

“Tattoos on This Town”

Song year: 2010

“Tattoos on This Town” figuratively commemorates the marks people leave as legacies in their lives, whether it’s carving on roads or old trees or the children you bring into the world.

Physically speaking, Aldean touches on different marks in the roads that helped inspire the title of this song. Skid marks on the road and burn marks on a tree are just a couple of examples. In the same way that people leave physical marks where they live, the environment around them also instills an influential mark on who they are.

14. “Take a Little Ride”

Song year: 2012

After a farmer’s hard day at work, he’s looking forward to a relaxing evening. Aldean describes the song narrator riding an old school Chevy into town using a backroad to get there.

In the passenger seat, there’s the narrator’s lover with her feet lounging on Chevy’s dash as she is wearing frayed shorts. What finalizes the setting on a high note is the radio turned up during the drive into town, where there are no worries and all fun.

15. “Laughed Until We Cried”

Song year: 2007

“Laughed Until We Cried” highlights high schoolers on their senior trip to a beach where they enjoyed the lovely weather, swimming, talking about their memories, and just enjoying one another’s company.

Later in the song, it fast-forwards to two high school sweethearts married and starting their lives together. They tried and tried for a baby until they got blessed with their first child’s birth years later.

The music video was filmed at the beach and boardwalk of Wildwood, NJ. Aldean’s daughter Keely and his ex-wife, Jessica, appear in the video on a carousel ride at Morey’s Pier.

16. “When She Says Baby”

Song year: 2013

Jason Aldean became the first artist to put on a formal performance at Sanford’s Stadium at the University of Georgia. The music video for “When She Says Baby” takes clips of his performance and meshes them together.

As a Georgia native, Aldean was stoked about being the first artist to perform at this venue. The song touches on how the male narrator feels when his lover calls him a baby. No matter if he’s happy, sad, or angry, his heart melts when she calls him that.

17. “Asphalt Cowboy”

Song year: 2005

“Asphalt Cowboy” recounts the hardship that a couple faces when the man has to go out on his truck driving job. While they miss one another dearly, they know it is essential for him to be on the road to make ends meet for the family.

Being a cowboy on the asphalt shows he is always on the road as a trucker, just like a cowboy always travels dirt roads. The horses mentioned in the song are a metaphor for the truck’s horsepower.

18. “Any Ol’ Barstool”

Song year: 2016

The grief associated with enduring a breakup is different for everyone. “Any Ol’ Barstool” is about a man who cannot endure the fact that his relationship with his current girlfriend has officially ended.

He has attempted to drown his sorrows by visiting more local bars and drinking alcohol. Despite his journey to find coping mechanisms for the new changes of not having this girl in his life anymore, he is confiding in the new friends he has made to pick himself up.

19. “Whiskey Me Away”

Song year: 2021

The song title is a play on words. Instead of the girl whisking the man away, he wants her to “whiskey” him away. “Whiskey Me Away” starts with the male song narrator in a small town on the side of the highway and taking a break at a local bar.

A girl is sitting with him at the bar, and they start talking about one another’s lives. He is currently experiencing a hangover and wishes the girl could take him away from all his worries while he is buzzed on alcohol.

20. “Texas Was You”

Song year: 2010

Aldean sings different metaphors about how different metaphors equate to certain states in the country. The song narrator says that Texas was just like the girl he met that summer.

The only thing we know about the girl’s physical appearance is that she has green eyes; they were filled with tears when he had to leave Texas for the summer where she lived. He is still enduring the pain of having to leave her behind to continue his journey.

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