27 Best Jason Aldean Songs

Best Jason Aldean Songs

Jason Aldean is an American country music star with over 40 hit singles under his belt. His most popular album went multi-platinum.

Here are the best Jason Aldean songs ever.

1. “You Make It Easy”

“You Make It Easy”

Song year: 2018

“You Make It Easy” is about a country singer enjoying his life with his significant other. She inspires his country hits, lifts him when he is down, and brings out his best traits. It didn’t matter if he was a bit callous at times. That behavior did not affect her, and she loved him unconditionally regardless.

Aldean’s wife, Brittany Kerr, was the main inspiration behind this song. They got married in March 2015. The couple are still together today.

2. “Burnin' It Down”

Song year: 2014

“Burnin’ It Down” is about an inseparable couple who have become a dynamic duo. She loves to hear him sing his songs as they drink Jack Daniels together. He likes it when she listens to him sing. Through the beautiful imagery of the lyrics, it is implied that they love the intimacy together whether they are getting buzzed on Jack Daniels or sober.

3. “Tonight Looks Good on You”

Song year: 2015

“Tonight Looks Good on You” is about a man who is courting a woman, perhaps on their first string of dates. He loves anything that she wears and whatever she wants to talk about.

Plus, he loves how the moon compliments the color of her eyes, enhancing her beauty further. Funny enough, he wrote the song around the time he was dating his current wife, Brittany Kerr (now last name Aldean).

4. “Drowns the Whiskey” Featuring Miranda Lambert

Song year: 2018

“Drowns the Whiskey ” is a country tune about a broken relationship between lovers that drinking whiskey cannot even numb the aching pain in their hearts.

The 2018 hit peaked at #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the 19 weeks on the chart. It’s the second collaboration between Aldean and Lambert since their first duet, “Grown Woman,” in 2007 for his Relentless album. The song was originally not written to get sung as a duet, but Aldean thought Lambert had the perfect voice for the backing vocals.

5. “Fly Over States”

Song year: 2010

Jason Aldean reflects on flying in a plane to play for musical tours throughout the country while showing love to where he grew up in Macon, Georgia outskirts of a small town. He speaks personally to his fans that grew up in the heartlands of the Midwestern United States like he did, otherwise known as the flyover country.

The song appeared on Aldean's My Kinda Party album in 2010. However, it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2012. The tune peaked at #32 during its 20 weeks on the chart.

6. “Why”

Song year: 2005

The song narrator in “Why” acknowledges how much he and his girlfriend constantly fight with each other. He touches on his regret for acting out of line with the harsh words he says to the point that his lover cries in frustration.

Ultimately, the narrator wonders why he is so callous with his words during their heated arguments. No clear solution to his internal issue gets reached, with the song left on a cliffhanger regarding whether the couple got back together or stayed separated.

7. “My Kinda Party”

Song year: 2010

Jason Aldean highlights his favorite way to have fun at parties. He drives a vintage 1968 vehicle and likes to have fun with great drinks and a lovely time with his woman.

Aldean does not mind if his lover delights in alcoholic beverages as long as they can stay together for the night for her safety. He even offers her what seems to be a one-night stand when comparing themselves to Romeo and Juliet. Hence, he loves the fun of living in the moment when attending parties.

8. “Don't You Wanna Stay” Featuring Kelly Clarkson

Song year: 2010

The notable country singer wanted to collaborate with Kelly Clarkson, but he was waiting on the best song where her vocals would be best suited. “Don’t You Wanna Stay” was that song, which peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2011 and remained on the chart for 31 consecutive dates.

The country heartstring tugger is about two lovers falling more for each other. When they are supposed to part ways to go home for the night, they prefer to stay together instead. They touch on the lovely feeling of falling asleep beside the one that they love.

9. “Big Green Tractor”

Song year: 2009

It’s a country date with a man and his gal on a large green tractor in this song. Aldean sets the romantic setting with colorful lyrics painting the picture of the song narrator’s date with his gal.

They can enjoy the sky on a moonlit night as she puts his arms around him as he drives. It’s a unique and intimate form of transportation, going into one of the small towns of Georgia to see the sights or to eat dinner. 

10. “Amarillo Sky”

Song year: 2005

The music video for “Amarillo Sky” opens up with some young Illinois-based farmers talking about their experiences with taking over the family business now that they are adults.

Three years after McBride and the Ride released this song in May 2002, Aldean sang the lyrics in his way. The song peaked at #4 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs List in 2007.

“Amarillo Sky” is primarily about generational farming. The farmers hope for success in their crops and desire for the business to be fruitful as they pass it on to future generations.

11. “She’s Country”

Song year: 2008

The world saw Aldean perform “She’s Country” for the first time at the 2008 Country Music Awards, where he describes the quintessential traits of a country-raised girl in the American West.

Aldean sings a little faster than usual in this hit, and the unusual trend led to the piece becoming #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in May 2009.

12. “The Truth”

Song year: 2009

“The Truth” highlights the grim details of lovers enduring struggling relationships. While they may love each other dearly, it may be best for them both to go their separate ways to excel personally in their lives.

The song narrator wants his lover to acknowledge that he will always love her. However, during their breakup, he does not want her to tell her friends and family how much he struggles to move on from her and their relationship.

13. “Tattoos on This Town”

“Tattoos on This Town”

Song year: 2010

“Tattoos on This Town” figuratively commemorates the marks people leave as legacies in their lives, whether it’s carving on roads or old trees or the children you bring into the world.

Physically speaking, Aldean touches on different marks in the roads that helped inspire the title of this song. Skid marks on the road and burn marks on a tree are just a couple of examples. In the same way that people leave physical marks where they live, the environment around them also instills an influential mark on who they are.

14. “Take a Little Ride”

Song year: 2012

After a farmer’s hard day at work, he’s looking forward to a relaxing evening. Aldean describes the song narrator riding an old school Chevy into town using a backroad to get there.

In the passenger seat, there’s the narrator’s lover with her feet lounging on Chevy’s dash as she is wearing frayed shorts. What finalizes the setting on a high note is the radio turned up during the drive into town, where there are no worries and all fun.

15. “Laughed Until We Cried”

Song year: 2007

“Laughed Until We Cried” highlights high schoolers on their senior trip to a beach where they enjoyed the lovely weather, swimming, talking about their memories, and just enjoying one another’s company.

Later in the song, it fast-forwards to two high school sweethearts married and starting their lives together. They tried and tried for a baby until they got blessed with their first child’s birth years later.

The music video was filmed at the beach and boardwalk of Wildwood, NJ. Aldean’s daughter Keely and his ex-wife, Jessica, appear in the video on a carousel ride at Morey’s Pier.

16. “When She Says Baby”

Song year: 2013

Jason Aldean became the first artist to put on a formal performance at Sanford’s Stadium at the University of Georgia. The music video for “When She Says Baby” takes clips of his performance and meshes them together.

As a Georgia native, Aldean was stoked about being the first artist to perform at this venue. The song touches on how the male narrator feels when his lover calls him a baby. No matter if he’s happy, sad, or angry, his heart melts when she calls him that.

17. “Asphalt Cowboy”

Song year: 2005

“Asphalt Cowboy” recounts the hardship that a couple faces when the man has to go out on his truck driving job. While they miss one another dearly, they know it is essential for him to be on the road to make ends meet for the family.

Being a cowboy on the asphalt shows he is always on the road as a trucker, just like a cowboy always travels dirt roads. The horses mentioned in the song are a metaphor for the truck’s horsepower.

18. “Any Ol’ Barstool”

Song year: 2016

The grief associated with enduring a breakup is different for everyone. “Any Ol’ Barstool” is about a man who cannot endure the fact that his relationship with his current girlfriend has officially ended.

He has attempted to drown his sorrows by visiting more local bars and drinking alcohol. Despite his journey to find coping mechanisms for the new changes of not having this girl in his life anymore, he is confiding in the new friends he has made to pick himself up.

19. “Whiskey Me Away”

Song year: 2021

The song title is a play on words. Instead of the girl whisking the man away, he wants her to “whiskey” him away. “Whiskey Me Away” starts with the male song narrator in a small town on the side of the highway and taking a break at a local bar.

A girl is sitting with him at the bar, and they start talking about one another’s lives. He is currently experiencing a hangover and wishes the girl could take him away from all his worries while he is buzzed on alcohol.

20. “Texas Was You”

Song year: 2010

Aldean sings different metaphors about how different metaphors equate to certain states in the country. The song narrator says that Texas was just like the girl he met that summer.

The only thing we know about the girl’s physical appearance is that she has green eyes; they were filled with tears when he had to leave Texas for the summer where she lived. He is still enduring the pain of having to leave her behind to continue his journey.

21. “Back in This Cigarette”

Song year: 2007

“Back in This Cigarette” highlights a broken relationship where the woman tells the man to leave. Now, he is left in a temporary home of a motel room left to ruminate and reminisce on what went wrong in the relationship and how he hasn’t moved on yet.

He acknowledges that she doesn't love him anymore, despite the feelings he holds for her. He equates fixing the broken relationship is like trying to get the smoke to return to the cigarette he is smoking, which is impossible on both ends.

22. “Johnny Cash”

Song year: 2007

“Johnny Cash” shows a man risking it all by quitting the job he hates and packing up his belongings to go cross country with his girlfriend to Las Vegas. The colorful lyrics indicate that the couple may have eloped, which was their reasoning for visiting Las Vegas.

During their long drive, they listen to Johnny Cash songs to rev up the mood and excitement of new changes coming in their lives.

23. “The Only Way I Know” Featuring Luke Bryan and Eric Church

Song year: 2012

“The Only Way I Know” was a long-time process as Aldean, Bryan, and Church all had their busy schedules. However, it became a commercial success with Aldean achieving his 11th number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts since he started his career. It was also the seventh #1 hit in a row that he achieved on the chart.

The song was awarded the Vocal Event of the Year at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards. The tune is primarily about how to keep motivated in life, which is to never give up and give everything your all.

24. “Lights Come On”

Song year: 2016

Aldean discusses how it feels when it’s time to go on stage in “Lights Come On”. He’s ready to show his fans a great time who have come to his concert to rock out and have fun with his music. He recognizes that while many people are shy, he feels that music and a good time liven up the environment for those individuals to break out of their shells.

25. “Champagne Town”

Song year: 2019

“Champagne Town” highlights how much a man misses his female lover. His favorite drink of choice is whiskey, and he finds himself drinking it when the town locals prefer champagne instead. Hence, he realized he fell for a woman that prefers higher class tastes than him, which resulted in the couple’s relationship not working out because of how different they are from one another. 

26. “I Ain't Ready to Quit”

Song year: 2010

“I Ain’t Ready To Quit” is a motivational song about what it feels like to be backed into a corner on different occasions. He feels motivated to be beside his significant other who is his fuel for not wanting to quit even when the going gets tough.

27. “Hicktown”


Song year: 2005

“Hicktown” commemorates those who live in the classic country towns of the American West. Think dirt roads, tractors, vintage cars on backroads, and maybe even people with their bottom cracks hanging out of their pants as they do yard work.

When you hear this song, you may feel like you are at your local saloon partying it up with cowboys, rogue girls, and drunken rednecks.

Top Jason Aldean Songs, Final Thoughts

Jason Aldean has revolutionized American country music since the early 2000s. Between his love tracks and country-inspired anthems, he’s left a unique mark on America’s country music history. What is your favorite hit from Aldean? Let us know in the comments below.

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