21 Best Dave Songs

Dave, the acclaimed British rapper and songwriter, has solidified his position as one of the most talented artists in the UK hip-hop scene. In this article, we delve into his discography and present the best Dave songs that showcase his musical brilliance and his impact on the industry.

1. “Location” by Dave ft Burna Boy

Song Year: 2019

British rapper Dave collaborates with the Nigerian Afro-Fusion sensation Burna Boy on “Location” and the resulting track is an enchanting blend of their respective styles. The song was a commercial hit peaking at number ten on the UK charts and was certified triple platinum.

The track speaks on Dave and Burna Boy always being up for the party, just send them the location and they’ll pass through.

The song gives us a captivating fusion of hip-hop and Afrobeat, with infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies. Dave's introspective verses seamlessly interplay with Burna Boy's infectious energy, delivering a poignant exploration of personal growth and the weight of success.

2. “Funky Friday” by Dave ft Fredo

Song Year: 2018

“Funky Friday,” is a self-released single by British rapper Dave that shook the music scene. This track features a collaboration with fellow British rapper Fredo and is produced by the talented duo 169 and Dave himself.

A chart-topper, “Funky Friday” solidified Dave’s place in UK hip-hop history. “Funky Friday” peaked at number one on the UK singles and UK hip-hop charts in 2018.

3. “Clash” by Dave ft Stormzy

Song Year: 2021

Representing South London, rappers Dave and Stormzy team up to create a sonic masterpiece. Serving as the leading single for Dave's highly awaited sophomore studio album, We're All Alone In This Together, this track showcases their undeniable chemistry.

The song flaunts the rapper's wealth and mentions their luxurious collection of Rolex and Audemars Piguet watches. If you like your rappers boasting, “Clash” is a master class on how to do it right.

4. “Starlight” by Dave

Song Year: 2022

Starlight was Dave’s second number-one single, and the song was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2023 Brit Awards. This self-produced track showcases Dave's versatility as both a writer and producer.

The song features haunting samples of “Fly Me to the Moon” sung by Norwegian singer Angelina Jordan. With thought-provoking lyrics that reference American rapper Meek Mill, his home of South London, and even Jamaica, Dave skillfully paints a vivid picture of personal growth and desires.

5. “Thiago Silva” by Dave, AJ Tracey

Song Year: 2016

Dave teams up with UK grim Artist AJ Tracey to deliver a dark and brooding track on “Thiago Silva.” This rising London duo showcases their lyrical prowess, dropping references to Nike, Nando's, and even Naruto. You’ll notice several pop culture and fashion references if you listen carefully to “Thiago Silva.”

Set against the backdrop of a new 169 refix of Prince Rapid's classic “Pied Piper,” the track pulsates with infectious energy.

6. “Screwface Capital” by Dave

Song Year: 2019

Dave uses his lyrical skills to tell a tale of London. Dubbed “Screwface Capital,” Dave explores how the fast-paced and bustling nature of cities can often lead individuals to neglect their responsibilities to their families and themselves.

The song's intro and outro carry an air of ambiguity, capturing the zeitgeist of our consumption-driven society, where we often exploit and misuse things to fill the void of need in our lives.

7. “Verdansk” by Dave

Song Year: 2021

“Verdansk” is another smash hit for Dave and peaked at number four on the UK rap charts in 2021.

The song features a dark and somber beat and melody that gives space for Dave’s introspective lyrical content. He uses his time to reminisce about his mother, playing video games, and rap battles.

8. “Titanium” by Dave

Song Year: 2021

Dave returns from a short hiatus to give us an epic track on “Titanium.” The rapper uses clever wordplay as he mentions owning gold and titanium. He also mentions other rappers need Vibranium to defend against Dave. This is a nod to the MCU and “Black Panther.

While not a chart-topper, “Titanium” was a modest hit and reached number three on the UK R&B charts.

9. “Law of Attraction” by Dave & Snoh Aalegra

Song Year: 2021

“Law of Attraction” is a slow-burning love song from Dave and Snoh Aalegra. The duo uses the song to teach about their romantic experiences and how the exes handled breaking up and loss.

The song is melancholic yet romantic and a departure from Dave’s UK grim roots. Still, the song is a welcome addition to his discography and a great interlude on his second album.

10. “Professor X” by Dave

Song Year: 2019

“Professor X” was featured on the Netflix TV series “Top Boy.” Dave made his acting debut in the show and played the character Modie for the series. The song was a modest hit and reached platinum record status.

“Professor X” captures the essence of Dave's artistry, combining sharp wordplay with a captivating flow.

11. “Disaster” by Dave ft J Hus

Song Year: 2019

In a surprising collaboration, Dave joins forces with J Hus on the track, “Disaster.” Despite J Hus serving an eight-month prison sentence for carrying a 10cm blade at the time of the album release, his presence on the song showcases his versatile greatness.

Both artists bring their unique styles to the table on the track. The result is a dynamic and engaging track that highlights their strengths.

12. “Lesley” by Dave

“Lesley” by Dave

Song Year: 2019

In the poignant and emotionally charged track “Lesley,” Dave tells a riveting tale of a girl named Lesley who endures abuse from her boyfriend, Jason. The song serves as a layered and tragic story that carries important messages, urging women to take control of their lives and seek help in difficult situations.

“Lesley” showcases Dave's ability to address sensitive and thought-provoking subjects through his music. Through his poignant storytelling and compassionate lyrics, Dave creates an atmosphere that resonates with listeners throughout the track.

13. “Question Time” by Dave

Song Year: 2018

Dave delivers seven minutes of engaging and controversial verse on “Question Time.” The song’s politically charged lyrics question war, government policies, unemployment, and the hardships of living in today’s world.

With its compelling narrative and heartfelt plea, “Lesley” serves as a testament to Dave's artistic depth and social consciousness.

14. “How I Met My Ex” by Dave

Song Year: 2017

“How I Met My Ex” is the fifth track on Dave’s sophomore EP.  Dave uses the song to showcase his vulnerability and how a recent relationship ended. The song recounts the story of how the couple met and is accompanied by a minimalistic piano riff played by Dave.

The track delves deeper into the hidden insecurities that young men often grapple with. Dave sheds light on how these insecurities can take a toll on relationships,

15. “No Words” by Dave, MoStack

Song Year: 2017

“No Words” features a smooth groove and afro drum beat that is sure to get everyone dancing. Dave teams up with MoStack for the track and the duo perfect their flow over the three-minute track.

Set against a melodic piano backdrop, Dave takes the opportunity to address his grievances with those he perceives as fake, highlighting his issues with the youths who lack authenticity. On the other hand, MoStack uses his verses to share insights into his own experiences with women and his conflicts.

“No Words” was a modest hit for the duo and peaked at number five on the UK R&B charts.

16. “Venting” by Nines, Dave

Song Year: 2018

Dave adds his talents to “Venting” along with fellow rapper Nines and the duo give us a critique of society, culture, and materialism.

Dave spends his verse talking about his friends and foes and how he cannot tell the difference between the two. The rapper feels lost and has decided it’s better to be alone than with fake people.

Through their lyrics, Nines and Dave challenge listeners to reflect on the materialistic aims that often dominate popular culture. They navigate various aspects of our society, exposing its flaws and offering a critical lens through which to view our world.

17. “Streatham” by Dave

Song Year: 2019

Rappers are known for paying homage to their roots, and Dave is no stranger to his home. “Streatham” is the second single of the rapper’s debut album and Dave uses his verses to reminisce about his neighborhood.

Collaborating with producer Nana Rogues, Dave crafts a captivating sonic landscape that complements his introspective storytelling.

The song was a major hit for Dave and peaked at number three on the UK R&B charts while reaching number nine on the pop charts.

18. “Wanna Know Remix” by Dave, Drake

Song Year: 2016

Dave went international on the remix to “Wanna Know.” The UK rapper teams up with megastar Drake for this deep and introspective track.

The song talks about a beef between rappers and acknowledges issues with rapper Meek Mill and how to address these issues.

Throughout the beat and instruments, you can hear Drake’s pop influences. Dave provides a stunning display of his lyrical skills over the beat, and Drake gives us his usual rhyme patterns. The song was a modest hit and reached number nine on the UK R&B charts.

19. “My 24th Birthday” by Dave

Song Year: 2022

“My 24th Birthday” is the sequel to Dave’s track “My 19th Birthday.” This track serves as a personal reflection, allowing Dave to delve into his thoughts and experiences on reaching another milestone in his life. It offers listeners a glimpse into his journey and growth as an artist and individual. By drawing connections to his previous track, Dave invites fans to join him in this new chapter and witness his continued evolution.

The rapper talks about the hardships he endured as a child and how he overcame them and made it to his 24th birthday.

20. “18Hunna” by Headie One, Dave

Song Year: 2019

“18Hunna” is a powerful collaboration between two prominent UK artists, Headie One and Dave. The track lets both rappers showcase their unique flow and rhyming style over a dark and brooding drill beat.

Gritty and grimy, “18Hunna” lets both rappers paint their narrative about street life and their pursuit of success. Both rappers offer a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that shaped their careers.

“18Hunna” was a major hit for Headline One and Dave. The track reached number six on the UK pop charts and number three on the UK R&B charts in 2019.

21. “Paper Cuts” by Dave

Song Year: 2019

Originally a preview track that Dave leaked on Instagram, the song received instant attention before its release. The artist used a viral campaign with other rappers to gain even more listeners, and the song was already a major hit before the actual release date.

“Paper Cuts” features a dark drill beat and signifies a departure from the rapper’s signature rap style. “Paper Cuts” exemplifies Dave's ability to adapt and explore different musical styles while maintaining his distinctive storytelling and lyrical dexterity. The song's release satisfies the eager anticipation of fans who were captivated by the preview and eager to experience Dave's take on the drill sound.

Top Dave Songs, Final Thoughts

Dave's music has captivated audiences with its raw authenticity, introspective narratives, and social commentary. From powerful tracks that address societal issues to introspective tales of personal growth, his discography reflects his artistry and ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Dave songs.

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