If You Didn’t Record A Christmas Song This Year, You Missed Out! (And How To Remedy That)

Why you should record a Christmas songSo it's almost Christmas. As in, it's Christmas tomorrow. But did you record a song around the festive season this year? Or have you ever written one? If not, you could be missing out on a big opportunity!

Today I'm going to look at why this is, and what your next steps should be if you haven't yet recorded a Christmas themed song.

While this won't be one of my longest guides ever, I'll show you a powerful strategy which could open you up to a new revenue source for your music. So read on till the end!

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Why You Should Record Songs Based On Christmas

Unless you live in a country which doesn't celebrate Christmas, my guess if you've heard all those songs played around the festive season. There are the classic ones which were made a good number of years ago, and there are the more modern hits which have been heavily rotated on radio and in shops around the Christmas period. You'll notice that some of these songs are long, allowing for longer radio play time and more royalties.

Did you know that these songs make money for their rights owners every time they're played? Every time they're added to a Christmas compilation CD? Every time they're broadcasted in public? Well, they are!

While the same is also true for any song, the great things about Christmas songs is that they have a much longer life cycle then your average release.

A songs product life cycle
Image from NetMBA.com.

Most songs get made, promoted, then fade out once that promotion stops and a new song comes along. This is illustrated in this picture of the ‘product life cycle':

It may still make money down the line if it has taken off well enough, but the average song doesn't stay around much longer then a few months if that.

With Christmas songs however, these songs are dusted off every Christmas and brought back to life! They're played in shops, on radio, and anywhere else celebrating the festive season!

So what does this mean for you? Simple, you should be getting in on this action!!

If you can record some Christmas songs, promote them and get one or more of them to ‘take off', you could have a song which brings you a consistent source of income during the holiday season. You'll have to put work into getting it on compilation CDs and download packages so you really make the most of this income source, but if you record a good song and put the work in to get it out there, you have a real shot at making this work from you.

So when should you start to work on your Christmas song considering it's currently the end of the year? I'll let you know below.

Write And Record The Perfect Christmas Song From Now!

So it's Christmas tomorrow, and it's too late to release a song in time for this year's crimbo celebrations. So does that mean you need to wait a whole year before you get started recording your festive song? No, it doesn't!

You want to make this song the best it can be, as you'll be competing for attention against some of the best festive songs in history. So start writing this song asap, and work on perfecting it over time. Make sure it's got a good vibe to it, and will sit well alongside other Christmas based songs.

Once it's written, record it so you have a finished product in your hands. From there you can start approaching people who have released compilations this year, and finding out when they accept submissions for next year's CD.

Planning to get your Christmas song everywhere will begin months before Christmas the following year, so get started with putting the pieces in place from now!


If you didn't release a Christmas themed song this year, you have probably missed out on an additional source on income. Fear not though, as you can always prepare one for next year.

Start working on it now, and make sure you release your best possible Christmas guitar song or written song next year.

For all those that celebrate it, have a good one. 🙂

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