41 Easy Christmas Guitar Songs [With Tabs]

Easy Christmas Guitar Songs

There is an undeniable infinite supply of music that you could learn as a guitarist. However, as with most things, a large number of options presents itself with the challenge of choosing.

If you’re stuck in paralysis, why not learn some Christmas songs? These songs are often extremely familiar and provide an excellent bolster to anyone’s repertoire.

Here are some easy Christmas songs to learn. You can bust these out during the holiday season, or in July if you’re feeling festive!

“Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” by Elmo & Patsy

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Christmas songs often tend to be quite serious in tone. There aren’t many songs that provide that fun feeling of celebration.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, on the other hand, is all about fun and laughs! This modern-day classic is sure to be a hit, especially with the children in your family.

“Winter Wonderland” by Richard Bernhard Smith and Felix Bernard

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Winter Wonderland is a classic Christmas song with an iconic melody and wintry lyrics. At first listen, Winter Wonderland seems as if it could be a complicated song.

Throughout the piece, the song seems to deviate from its home key during the verses. Of course, this is just a little bit of magic taken from Broadway stylings.

In fact, you’ll find that Winter Wonderland is quite easy to get under your fingers. Learn this track and you’ll invite the magic of the holiday season.

“What Child Is This?” 

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You’ve likely heard the music of What Child Is This? even if you’re not religious. This song is set against the very famous folklore music piece named Greensleeves. 

For over a century and a half, congregations have enjoyed singing this song during the Christmas season. In a way, it’s become a traditional song, with Christmas not feeling the same if not sung at least once.

“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” by John Lennon & Yoko Ono

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In true John Lennon fashion, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) is far beyond a simple Christmas song. In fact, this really doesn’t have much in the way of traditional lyrical subject matter.

Rather, this is a potent song about the reality of how peace can be so easily attainable. The key to peace is that people have the option to end war and choose peace instead.

There aren’t many songs like this in the realm of popular Christmas songs. Its message has caused it to be a truly timeless classic.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” by Bing Crosby

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Speaking of war, there have been a number of hit songs to come from wartime eras. I’ll Be Home For Christmas is one that was written from the point of view of a soldier overseas.

With families often living far apart, this song has found meaning with many non-soldier civilians. This has helped the song to consistently remain relevant over time.

“Please Come Home For Christmas” by Eagles

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There was a period of time when it seemed nearly every popular band and artist was releasing Christmas albums. Unfortunately, many of these releases tend to be pretty overlooked.

However, Please Come Home For Christmas is a song that the band Eagles have found success with. It remains a popular choice for festive celebrations.

“Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” by Haven Gillespie and J. Fred Coots

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No Christmas would be complete without referencing that jolly man in the red suit! This song is a true Christmas classic that people of all ages enjoy!

“Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms

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Bobby Helms injected a bit of classic rock ’n roll into Christmas with Jingle Bell Rock. It’s so tastefully done that it remains to be a timeless, traditional classic in the Christmas catalog.

“O Christmas Tree”

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People often have Christmas trees in their homes during the holiday season. What better way to commemorate this than dedicating a song to that beloved tree in the corner?

“That Was The Worst Christmas Ever” by Sufjan Stevens

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Sufjan Stevens is a truly prolific modern-day musician who has transcended many musical genres. His Christmas music is especially popular amongst his fans.

This track is becoming a bit of a modern-day classic. It has all of the traditional Sufjan stylings, right down to the sound of the chord progression.

“Frosty The Snowman” by Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson

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Christmas has spawned quite a few characters that are popular in the lexicon of children’s stories. One of the most famous is that of Frosty The Snowman. 

No doubt, Frosty will continue to live on forever, even if he melts away every year.

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” 

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Sometimes, the simplest way of saying something conveys the message far better than wordy expressions. We Wish You A Merry Christmas is a Christmas song that says exactly what needs to be said.

You could think of this as a sort of musical Christmas card. Except, this one sticks in the head, rather than on a refrigerator. 

“Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Johnny Marks

“Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” on guitar by Johnny Marks

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Like the aforementioned Frosty, Rudolph’s brave tale is an enduring Christmas story. From being humiliated to becoming the most important part of the team, Rudolph continues to inspire millions.

We can be sure that Rudolph’s story will live on as long as people continue to believe in Santa Claus.

“White Christmas” by Irving Berlin

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Christmas music often embodies a bit of a dreamy atmosphere. Perhaps it's an emulation of the way that snow falls in the dead of the night.

One song that perfectly captures this feeling is White Christmas. It has been sung by countless artists, many of whom have had great successes with it.

“Deck The Halls”

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Deck The Halls is another favorite Christmas classic that people enjoy singing during the holiday season. The song’s lyrical repetition makes it so that one cannot help but have a good laugh while singing it.

And really, who doesn’t want to belt the song’s chorus at full volume?

“Good King Wenceslas” 

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You might be a little confused about whether you’re familiar with Good King Wenceslas. However, chances are likely that you’ve heard this old, traditional Christmas hymn.

It tells the tale of a king who endured harsh winter weather to help someone in need. In a way, this song’s tale embodies the true Christmas spirit of giving.

“Silent Night” by Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr

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Many songs are associated with Christmas, but none are as synonymous as Silent Night. People all over the world are familiar with this song, with renditions translated for nearly every language.

Silent Night is one of those songs that even non-religious people enjoy hearing at Christmas time. It has a truly comforting effect as if it was rocking a baby to sleep. 

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” 

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Ever get that electric feeling when you know Christmas is around the corner? It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas is one of those songs that embodies this feeling quite well.

With this song playing, it’s hard not to become a little excited with the Christmas spirit.

“Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley

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Elvis might not have penned Blue Christmas, but his rendition is one of the most famous popular Christmas songs. Blue Christmas has a story that almost anyone who’s ever been in love can relate to.

“Let It Snow!” by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn

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This classic Christmas song was actually written during a massive heatwave. While it might have been funny to write at the moment, it has gone on to become massively famous.

Sometimes, things written as a joke can pay off far more than ever intended or thought possible.

“Pretty Paper” by Willie Nelson

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Believe it or not, Willie Nelson’s songwriting craft extends far beyond his country roots. Pretty Paper is a perfect example of this.

Roy Orbison’s recorded version of Pretty Paper is by far the most famous version of the song. It’s been covered by countless others, with Willie recording a few versions himself.

“Little Drummer Boy”

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Little Drummer Boy is one of those odd songs that somehow fits into the lexicon of Christmas music. Without listening to the lyrics, you might wonder what a drummer boy has to do with Christmas.

Regardless, this song is a Christmas favorite, often sung by choirs with interceding musical lines. A serene feeling is provided to an audience when this song is performed.

“Let It Be Christmas” by Alan Jackson

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Christmas is a time when most of the songs played tend to be the traditional songs of years past. However, it certainly doesn’t need to be this way!

Alan Jackson’s Let It Be Christmas is a modern song that many country fans enjoy hearing during the season. Give it a chance, and you might just like it, too!

“Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano 

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Where many Christmas songs are serene and somber, Feliz Navidad is the opposite of that. Feliz Navidad embodies the true celebratory feeling of wishing somebody else to have a Merry Christmas.

With an iconic melody and memorable lyrics, it’s hard not to get this song stuck in your head. Be honest, you know you love it.

“Hard Candy Christmas” by Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton is a true songwriting master, with methods that could dazzle any aspiring songwriter. It is no surprise that she would enter the realm of Christmas music.

Hard Candy Christmas is one of those songs that can be listened to at any time of the year. With a message relating to modern-day life, many people relate to this classic song.

“O Holy Night” by Placide Cappeau, Adolphe Adam, John Sullivan

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O Holy Night is another one of those iconic Christmas hymns that embodies that magical mysterious feeling. You can almost see that famed starry sky yourself when this song is being played.

“Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives

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Holly Jolly Christmas comes from the golden age of Christmas releases and remains a very popular track today. This song seems to convey that feeling of getting all your shopping done amongst the bustle of people. 

“Jingle Bells”

"Jingle Bells"

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What would Christmas be without hearing Jingle Bells at least once? Whether you try or not, you’ll never be able to escape this song’s iconic melody. 

It is featured in nearly every aspect of Christmas, from toys and ornaments to TV and radio commercials. Kids have even rewritten a version to feature Gotham City’s caped crusader.

“(There’s No Place Like) Home For The Holidays” by Perry Cuomo

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Perry Cuomo’s Christmas classic remains to be a popular choice during the holiday season. Be sure to play this for family that you haven’t seen in a very long time, they’ll surely appreciate it.

“Away In A Manger”

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Like Silent Night (though not nearly as popular), Away In A Manger is a popular go-to hymn during Christmas. The song has a melody that almost anyone can easily identify.

“You’re A Mean One Mister Grinch” by Thurl Ravenscroft

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The Grinch is one of those children’s stories with a message that anyone can appreciate. Plus, it’s filled with fun music, especially the song You’re A Mean One Mister Grinch.

People love seeing the Grinch go from Scrooge to a soft-hearted lover. The transition is a story as old as the Christmas spirit itself.

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

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Almost chant-like in nature, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is a fairly popular Christmas hymn. It has a memorable melody and a very stately musicality that sets it apart from other classics.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

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Among newer Christmas songs, none is more famous than Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. It is one of the most played songs during the season and can be heard nearly anywhere you might visit.

“We Three Kings”

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We Three Kings is another popular hymn that congregations enjoy singing at Christmas time. It tells the tale of the Wisemen who were guided by the massive star in the sky to visit Jesus.

“Christmas All Over Again” by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

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Is it surprising to see a Tom Petty song amongst this list of Christmas songs? In a way, this would be a classic Tom Petty song if it had a different title and changed lyrics.

Nevertheless, Christmas All Over Again is another modern-day Christmas staple. It’s also quite easy to play!

“Up On The Housetop” by Benjamin Hanby

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There are many songs about that man in red, but one of the most famous is Up On The Housetop. This is a fun and lighthearted song about how he lands on rooftops to deliver presents.

Kids especially love this song, particularly for its onomatopoeia-laden lyrics. 

“Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

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Another massively famous Christmas hymn sung in churches is Hark The Herald Angels Sing. When sung by a choir, it does sound as if a chorus of angels is singing the song.

This song is a perfect choice for your guitar repertoire. It makes for a great choice if you know others might be willing to sing along.

“The First Noel”

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The First Noel is yet another song relating back to the birth of Jesus. As such, it embodies a serenely beautiful musical atmosphere.

This song has had many famous renditions recorded in the past. Many of these have featured some of the best recorded vocal performances in history.

“It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” by Edmund Seers and Richard Storrs Willis

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Speaking of that nativity scene, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear is yet another song popular in churches. The melody was written by Richard Storrs Willis, who actually studied under the famed composer Felix Mendelssohn.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is a song that was first sung by famed actress Judy Garland. Since then, the song has been recorded by others, including Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and many more.

This is one of those songs that will forever remain a timeless song in the Christmas lexicon. Learn it and create your own iconic version!

“The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole

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Nat King Cole is one of the greatest crooners of the 20th century, singing with an absolute effortless approach. The Christmas Song is one of the most popular songs to emerge from the 1940s.

Like Let It Snow, this song was actually written during the dead heat of the summer. Regardless, it perfectly embodies all of the nostalgic elements people typically think of when thinking of Christmas.

Easy Christmas Guitar Songs, Final Thoughts

Even if it isn’t anywhere near Christmas, it’s the perfect time to learn Christmas songs. By the time Christmas rolls around, you’ll be armed with a well-practiced repertoire.

Sure, many people don’t enjoy hearing these songs outside of the holiday season. However, these songs are great tools for studying songwriting and learning melodies! 

Be sure to have a Merry Christmas, and enjoy learning some of these timeless classics.  

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