How To Get Your Mixtape Noticed

How To Get Your Mixtape NoticedSo I've already showed you how to make a mixtape, but today I'm going to look at how to get your mixtape noticed. Now I'm not talking about mixtape promotion here, no. Instead we'll be looking at things you can do before your mixtape is released, that will increase the likelihood it'll get noticed by others and talked about.

Word of mouth marketing can be very powerful when it comes to getting your mixtape out there, so if there are things we can do to encourage that, we should do them. And guess what? There are things we can do.

Read on to find out ways you can get your mixtape noticed even more.

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Using A Stand Out Name

One thing you can do to get your mixtape noticed, is think of a stand out name. Forget all of the boring regular names you hear all the time, you have to make the name mean something to people!

A UK rapper by the name of Bashy is very good at this, as he's shown in two of his previous mixtapes. His first mixtape was called ‘Ur Mum Volume 1'. While controversial, this name really got people talking, long before the actual mixtape was released. This built up a great buzz around the release, one that went on to sell quite a few units.

His third mixtape was called ‘', and tied in with the launch of this new website. Can you guess the web address? This name worked well because it was self descriptive, and lead his fans to do more than just go “Bashy's got a new mixtape coming out”. Instead, it had people going “He's always got good ideas” and going on to check out his website. While I can't get official numbers for his website hits around the release date, I bet it wasn't any small number at all.

You can use this tactic to get people talking about your mixtape a lot more, get it noticed, and have it stay in people's minds.

Have Your Mixtape Hosted By A Well Known DJ Or Musician

Get On iTunes - Free AccountThis point is pretty self explanatory. While not 100% essential, having your mixtape hosted by someone with an established name can help it get noticed by a whole new audience. Most people won't host a mixtape unless they like the artist already, or have heard the mixtape and like what they hear. If this is the case, there is a good chance they'll promote your mixtape as well as appearing on it.

While your host may have a bigger name then you (Which is why you want them to do your mixtape) don't forget that hosting your mixtape can also benefit them. If they can publicize a new artist that people take well to, they could get known for breaking new talent into the scene. This will boost the power of their name, and boost your name at the same time. It's a win win situation for both of you.

If it's a fellow musician you get to host your mixtape, they will benefit by getting their name out there more, and keeping themselves in the public spotlight.

When approaching someone to host your mixtape, you'll want to mention the benefits to them. Let them know it'll be benefiting them as well as you and you will have a much greater chance of them saying yes.

Have An Attractive Cover Design

Get A DJ To Host Your MixtapeHaving an attractive cover design is one of the most important things you can do when putting a mixtape out there. If your cover is instantly appealing, you will get more people stopping to have a look at what you have to offer. This is the same with both online and offline customers.

The thing is, there is a lot of choice for people out there. What's going to make them stop and look into your mixtape when there's loads of other banners online or CDs in the record shop?

While a lot of music sales will come from people that already know about you, it's a wise move to appeal to general browsers too. A good cover design can do this.

A good mixtape cover will also give a good reflection on your brand. Don't use a less than quality cover just because someone does it for free, it will do you more harm than good in the long term. I'm not saying you should pay lots of money to get your cover designed well, but I am saying you need a good mixtape cover. Whether you can get this for free or have to pay for it, it should still be quality either way.

How To Get Your Mixtape Noticed Conclusion

These are the things you should put into place prior to releasing your music. They will help make your promotion efforts that much easier, as people will naturally talk about it more due to these talking points. If you have a stand out mixtape name, people will remember it more, and be more likely to talk about it. Mix that with an attractive cover design and having a big name host on it, and you've built yourself a good foundation for unit sales.

So that's how to get your mixtape noticed, please leave any thoughts in the comments section below.

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