How To Share A Youtube Playlist Link Quick & Easily

How To Share A Youtube PlaylistGetting views on YouTube is getting harder. It’s becoming difficult to drive viewers to your YouTube channel and off of their social media platform of choice.

Once you have people watching your videos, you need to keep them on your channel watching more of your videos. This drives up your traffic and visibility, and if you have ads enabled, you can even make a little bit of extra money.

This is why we recommend sharing a playlist link when you are asking people to watch a YouTube video.

How does this work? Read on.

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Why Share A Youtube Playlist Link?

Generally speaking, people cruise social media and are most likely going to see your video being advertised there. They're not just going to happen upon it organically.

Hopefully, your post was interesting enough for them to click through and watch your video. At the end of the video, YouTube starts auto-playing other videos.

When you share a standard video link, the videos that auto-play afterwards could be anything. They could be your videos, or they could be someone else’s. They may be on a related topic, they may not be.

You need to get selfish here, and ensure that if people are going to YouTube to watch your video, they’ll end up watching a few of them.

Sharing a playlist link means that you get to choose what video they’ll watch next. Whatever is next in the playlist will start playing immediately after the first video is done.

This is beneficial not just because it keeps the viewer on your content, but also because you can have some control over what they see.

You don’t have to include videos that you don’t like or are not proud of in your playlist. You can make it the best of your content – only videos that you want people seeing.

How To Share A YouTube Playlist

How to generate more views for your videosFirst off, you need to create a playlist on YouTube.

Creating playlists is easy. As long as you are logged into your artist YouTube account, you can just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the URL of the video you're planning on sharing. Under the video, click the “Add to” button. It’s three horizontal lines with a “plus” sign underneath it.
  2. Click on “Create new playlist”. Name the playlist and set the privacy setting to Public.
  3. Click Create.
  4. From here, you repeat these steps and add the videos you want in your playlist to the playlist you created, instead of making a new playlist every time.

You can access, edit, and change your playlist any time by navigating to your Library.

Once you’ve created a YouTube playlist for your video, you can share it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the playlist you’ve created, and click on the video you want to share within the playlist.
  2. Click the Share or Embed button, and ensure that the “Share with playlist starting from [your video]” box is ticked.
  3. Copy the URL or code into whatever medium you’re using to share the video.

The process is simple, but it makes a difference! It’s little things like this that drive extra views.

What You Should Include In Your Playlist

Should you share Youtube playlists or single videos?There is lots of media you can include in your playlist, depending on what you’re promoting.

Some artists create video blogs or non-musical content. This can be included in the playlist and promoted.

Other artists have music that is designed to be played in the background, so in that case it’s good to just keep the music flowing, uninterrupted.

For most artists, however, you’ll have videos floating around all over YouTube. Some of them are your videos, on your channel. Others are videos other people have uploaded, be it live video, concert footage, a feature, an interview, or some sort of a YouTube series. You’ll have lyric videos, music videos, and you probably have individual album songs with the album art uploaded as well.

I think you should curate your playlist with the most engaging content you have.

Start it off with whatever video you’re currently promoting, and keep it strong off the top with your best live content, best music videos, etc.

It doesn’t have to be videos hosted on your channel either – videos from other people’s channels are still worth promoting.

People watching your videos won’t care so much about whose channel it is if it’s good content and it has a bunch of views.

As the playlist goes on, you can mix in videos that are just audio from recorded music, because if people are still watching the playlist, they’ll probably be interested at that point, of have it turned on in the background.

If you are doing a pre-order campaign or a Kickstarter camapign or something like that, you can slide those videos into your playlists as well. Just make sure not to keep it there if it’s outdated, as that will lose a viewer fast.

Finally, if you are feeling generous, you can feel free to include music from your friends in the scene and beyond. This may result in the playlist getting shared to a new audience, and cross-promoting isn't a bad idea.

Sometimes, putting your music alongside artists of greater renown can make your work seem stronger, through the power of association.

Making A Good Impression On YouTube

Getting more exposure on YouTubePeople who take their YouTube presence seriously know how to make a good impression.

It’s not terribly hard to elevate your channel to a professional level. Try these steps:

  • Create an engaging thumbnail for each video. A sharp, still photo can be effective. Look to other content creators for ideas.
  • Make your titles and descriptions intelligent and cohesive. Stick to an aesthetic, and try not to compromise. This is a part of your public image.
  • Feel free to annotate your videos. Within a video, provide links to other relevant videos and content. Send people to Spotify, send people to your website, send people to merch – whatever you want! It’s your video.
  • Keep things updated and fresh. Clean out old content that you no longer associate with. Quality over quantity, always.

How To Share A Youtube Playlist Link Conclusion

So there you have it, sharing your Youtube playlist doesn't have to be difficult.

In fact, it's pretty easy to do once you know how.

If you've any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

You can also share other helpful Youtube tricks too.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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