19 Best Burna Boy Songs

Many people knew Burna Boy would be successful when he burst into the music industry in 2012. Embodying the modern African man with well-kept dreadlocks, this Afro-fusion singer is considered one of Nigeria’s most talented and consistent musicians.

He is a versatile singer and has performed in some of the biggest venues and major festivals, such as the Made in America Festival and Madison Square Garden.

Let’s look at some of the best Burna Boy songs ever.

“Tonight” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2012

Burna Boy released “Tonight” when he was still new in the music industry, and many people liked it. The song was produced by LeriQ, an underrated producer at the time.

The song was a stepping stone for both Burna Boy and LeriQ to cement their status in the music industry.

It is about the spirit of Faaji, a Yoruba word that translates to “enjoyment.” As such, this is the perfect song to listen to when you are happy or having a good day. It’s a popular song to play at joyful ceremonies. 

“Don Gordon” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2014

In this song, Burna Boy further cements his position in the music industry. He has an incredible swagger in the video, and the lyrics are epic.

This song is perfect for listening to when driving for a long distance during the summer, especially if you are alone and bored in the car.

Additionally, it depicts Burna Boy’s versatility. He takes the dancehall route with this single, and he nailed it. The video shows Burna Boy partying in an elevator and taking the party to the streets.

The video quality in this single is superb, and it seems the producer put a lot of thought into producing it. 

“Rock Your Body” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2018

Burna Body demonstrates his versatility once again with “Rock Your Body.” This hit single depicts his romantic side that people would never have believed he had until he released this song.

The song’s primary theme involves bypassing the first-date routine where people get to know each other to ensure they explore their romantic side. Furthermore, the song mainly suits two people who are sexually attracted to each other.

Additionally, “Rock Your Body” showcases Burna Boy’s low-toned vocals, which take it to a higher level. This jam is epic; you should listen to it if you haven’t.

“Money Play” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2019

“Money Play” is your anthem if you are a hustler. Burna Boy demonstrates his love for money and fame in this song and the need to work hard to maintain these things.

The song commences with some fantastic beats, which makes it catchy and fun to dance to.

The main lesson from the song is that money does not come easy, and people should work hard to get it. It teaches people that one cannot expect to be successful without working hard.

Additionally, Burna Boy clarifies that money should not shape you into someone you aren’t. The primary meaning is that your personality should not stem from how much money you make since it can make you too egotistical.

Here is a diverse playlist about money should you want to find similar songs to “Money Play.”

“Odogwu” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2020

After missing out on the Grammys, Burna Boy created his own award when he released “Odogwu.” The song’s title means “Champion,” and Burna Boy reiterates that he is a champion in his own right.

He further narrates how he is a champion among the Igbo people since women, men, and even the chief praise him.

Burna Boy’s melodious voice makes the song magical and sequential. He demonstrates his culture in the song, which is the highlight of the video.

This song vividly depicts that Burna Boy can make a great hit from anything. Furthermore, he can convert any story into a visual masterpiece.

“On the Low” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2018

Burna Boy takes a different approach with this song. He is singing about his love for a particular girl in his life. This song could easily have made it into our list of the best 2010 love songs.

We are not used to Burna Boy releasing such songs. It only speaks highly of his talent and ability to release music different people can associate with and enjoy.

Burna Boy further demonstrates his determination to pursue the girl he loves in the song. Ultimately, the song mainly speaks to those interested in someone and are wondering how they can pursue them.

“Run My Race” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2013

Listening to “Run My Race” makes one interested in learning the Yoruba language. The song is poetic and sensually appealing, and you can listen to it while relaxing at home.

“Run My Race” further explains why Burna Boy is the King of Afrobeat because the lyrics and the video are catchy.

The elements in the video are very descriptive of the quality of music Burna Boy produces. It contains good costumes, beautiful girls, and Burna Boy’s fantastic fashion sense.

“Hallelujah” by Burna Boy

Song year: 2017

If you are wondering whether this song is spiritual, then you are right. Burna Boy takes people to church with this hit.

Burna Boy released this single to demonstrate his gratitude for the things that have happened in his life. He even recounts when he almost died, but God saved him from the situation.

This song is all about giving thanks, and Burna Boy teaches people to be grateful for what they have.

The video also gives you a spiritual feeling, contrary to most Burna Boy songs. He drapes himself in all-white clothes to demonstrate a clean and peaceful vibe and to connect to his Afro-Christian faith.

This song is your go-to if you are grateful that God has done amazing things in your life.

“Anybody” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2019

Burna Boy is that one artist who can easily incorporate jazz into his music. “Anybody” features plenty of jazz and infectious melodies that make this song stand out.

This song feels like one large summertime party. The song’s smooth melody may capture your attention since it gives someone an excitable warmth.

Furthermore, the song has a bouncy beat accompanied by a saxophone riff that will get you up to dance.

“For My Hand” by Burna Boy ft. Ed Sheeran

“For My Hand” by Burna Boy ft. Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2022

“For My Hand” by Burna Boy, featuring Ed Sheeran is a relatable poetic love song for people in a relationship.

The song depicts themes of love, happiness and contentment, illustrated when the protagonists sing about a lady that he loves and adores. He expresses his joy in having her with him every step of the way, knowing she is supportive no matter their life challenges.

“Gum Body” by Burna Boy ft. Jorja Smith

Song Year: 2019

From the beginning, “Gum Body” pulls you into the song. Its electric beats, immersive lyrics, and visual representation in the video show how much these singers committed to expressing love and affection in this song.

Based on the lyrics, Burna Boy shows how much he wants to be with his woman. Thus, if you have a woman driving you crazy, make it known to her. Better yet, send her this song and express your undying love.

“23” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2020

If you are a fan of Michael Jordan and Burna Boy, two kings in their craft, you will likely love “23.”

In this song, Burna Boy pays homage to Michael Jordan. He likens his craft to Jordan’s greatness, singing that Jordan is an all-time great basketball player. For Burna Boy, his music makes him feel like he is on the same level as the legend himself.

Based on the lyrics, Burna Boy offers his audience an idea of loving and being proud of their craft. Thus, if you doubt your talent and abilities, consider listening to “23”; it might change your mind.

“Real Life” by Burna Boy ft. Stormzy

Song Year: 2020

“Real life” is a song of the masses representing the struggles of the disadvantaged black youths in the UK. 

Burna Boy produced this song to illustrate the blurry lines between real life and road life through music and how crime and murder have become just mere statistics in the media, leaving long-lasting effects on society.

As the African American societies suffer under the hands of racism and police brutality, so has the Black youth in the UK. “Real Life” creates an extreme scenario creating awareness of the brutality individuals are experiencing in society. Stand against injustice, stand against discrimination!

“Kilometre” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2021

If you are a fan of Burna Boy, then you will love “Kilometre.”

This highly anticipated song showcases Burna Boy’s journey towards success with an infusion of reggae, dancehall, Afrobeats, and rap blends.

The word “Kilometre” represents the distance and the lengths he covered to achieve his dreams and desires. Thus, this song is a great one to listen to whenever you need some motivation to run the mile and strive to achieve your dreams.

“B. D’OR” by Burna Boy ft. WizKid

Song Year: 2021

Are you ready to get up on the dance floor and shake your body? Consider putting “B. D’OR” on the speakers.

This electric song comes from the prestigious professional soccer trophy (Ballon d’Or) awarded to extraordinary male football players. Burna Boy references some of the A-list soccer stars that have received this trophy, including Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

“Question” by Burna Boy ft. Don Jazzy

Song Year: 2021

“Question” is a mixture of English and Burna Boy’s native language, Yoruba.

Thus, based on Burna Boy’s interviews, he insists that the song is a direct message to any nosy people to go and mind their own business. The chorus explores the notion that though they pose numerous questions about his life, no one will answer them, insisting they should manage their own lives instead of others.

The song may have a deeper meaning, but its beats and native language lyrics can quickly soothe the soul.

“Monsters You Made” by Burna Boy ft. Chris Martin

Song Year: 2020

Musically, this song is engaging, very personal, and contains some deeper lyrical meaning. Burna Boy has taken on the issue of colonialism for over 500 years. The video shows how Nigerian people were marginalized and oppressed during the colonial period.

Additionally, Burna’s militia ambushes the money truck convoy burning all the money inside, illustrating his anger towards capitalism and his people’s oppression.

“Monsters You Made” is more than entertainment. It is a cry for freedom for the African people. If you are of African descent, you can find pride in listening to this song.

“Another Story” by Burna Boy ft. Manifest

Song Year: 2019

Do you want to know when Nigeria became a republic? Burna Boy has a descriptive explanation in his song, “Another Story.”

In this African Giant track, Burna Boy reflects on Nigeria’s independence. Although Nigeria was colonized by the British, Burna Boy’s video depicts Nigerians wearing blindfolds with written declarations, “corruption, greed, violence.” These words stand to call out all the issues that plagued Nigeria during the colonial era.

“Last Last” by Burna Boy

Song Year: 2022

“Last Last” is one of Burna Boy’s latest songs, released in 2022. The song has garnered a massive following and is one of Burna Boy’s best pieces.

Although the song is a mixture of Yoruba and English slang, Burna Boy wanted his audience to understand that he is not exempted from heartbreaks despite his newfound success. He sings that whoever you are, when a relationship does not work out, sooner or later, you will be bound to feel the pain.

Top Burna Boy Songs, Final Thoughts

Burna Boy is one of the best musicians in Nigeria and has helped to elevate the music industry in the country.

One thing that makes Buran Boy stand out from other artists is his versatility. He has released a large variety of types of music. You can listen to his discography on his website or read the lyrics online to get a better idea of what he stands for.

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