71 Best Christian Wedding Songs

You’ll soon be joined in holy matrimony in front of God. While being there with your partner is the main thing, having great music on your big day will make things even more special.

So here are the best Christian wedding songs you’ll likely want to play on the day.


I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song Year: 1989

This sweet song examines the realities and difficulties of everyday life with someone. While a true romantic, Steven Curtis Chapman gives you the impression that he knows exactly how hard life can get.

But that’s what love is all about: sticking together no matter what.

Looks Like Love by Needtobreathe

Song Year: 2007

Needtobreathe tells the tale of resilience and loyalty, two necessary components for any Christian marriage.

Everyone has a past; everyone has things that they regret. But the future is about moving forward together and finding love despite the difficulties.

Flawless by MercyMe

Song Year: 2014

MercyMe has some great love songs. They’re great Christian love songs because they redirect your attention back to God, where a Christian’s hope lies.

This song explains how anyone can be made new in the faith, no matter what might have transpired. It’s a great wedding song because it’s about imperfect people finding hope.

We Can Take The World by Johnnyswim

Song Year: 2014

Johnnyswim is a Christian husband and wife duo. Not all of their songs are about Christ, but they have powerful Christian Themes.

“We Can Take The World” speaks of how the simple things in life can bring two people together and see them through life as one.

Show You Love by Jars of Clay

Song Year: 2003

Jars of Clay sings “Show You Love” as a true love ballad to a special someone, speaking of all the ways they intend to show their special someone the love they deserve.

Everyone wants to be doted on for their wedding day; this is a doting love song.

I Promise by CeCe Winans

Song Year: 2005

“I Promise” brings the soft and sultry voice of CeCe Winans into the world of perfect wedding songs.

This song is about making promises that husbands and wives strive to keep when they enter the covenant of marriage.

When God Made You by Newsong & Natalie Grant

Song Year: 2003

Many Christian songs speak of the love between God and humanity, and then there are a few that thank God for making specific people.

“When God Made You” is a sweet love song that shows a man’s thankfulness to God for making his wife.

Abide With Me by Audrey Assad

Song Year: 2016

Every Christian wedding needs some hymns during the ceremony for good worship. “Abide With Me” is an old hymn that Audrey Assad did a lovely rendition of in 2016.

The song notes how hard life is and how much better it is when people put their faith in God. It’s the perfect song to sing before you make your vows.

Till I Found You by Phil Wickham

Song Year: 2018

“Till I Found You” could be about a man’s search for meaning in faith or his discovery of the woman he would spend the rest of his days loving and serving.

Either way, it’s a beautiful song to play as a first dance or any time during the reception to slow things down.

When I Say I Do by Matthew West

Song Year: 2019

Matthew West’s love song takes a moment to pay special tribute to God, who he believes made the woman he loves.

It’s a sweet tune that evokes a spirit of love and thanksgiving between two people about to commit to spending their lives together.

Love Will Be Our Home by Sandy Patti

Song Year: 1988

“Love Will Be Our Home” isn’t specifically about two people getting married, but it’s a great love song to play during a wedding reception for slow dancing.

The song is about how home is wherever the people you love are and how much sweeter it is to be around them in thankfulness.

There Is A Fountain by Shane & Shane

Song Year: 2018

“There Is A Fountain” was initially written in 1772 by William Cowper, a man who struggled all his life with depression. He expressed his frustration and trust in the Lord through hymns and poems.

It’s a great song for a wedding because it turns your attention back to the one who made everything possible.

I’m In Love With You by Fred Hammond

Song Year: 2012

There’s nothing more exhilarating than falling and love. The only thing that makes it better is when the person you love decides they will love you back. It’s a sweet moment worth commemorating forever in a song like this by Fred Hammond.

Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo

Song Year: 1999

“Flesh of My Flesh” is a song that pays homage to a Bible verse discussing the oneness that occurs when two people get married.

This is an excellent selection if you’re looking for a sweet song to play during your cake-cutting or while taking pictures with friends.

This Is Love by For King & Country

Song Year: 2014

When you get married, you vow that you’ll stick with your person no matter what: for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and health.

These are potent vows that carry weight with them. When For King & Country put these vows to music, they become the perfect first dance song for your wedding.

God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Blake Shelton is not a Christian music singer, but he does have a way of delivering simple truths that work whether you’re a country fan or a Christian music fan.

“God Gave Me You” is a great Christian wedding song because it’s simple, sweet, and all about the good things that God gives.

Multiplied by Needtobreathe

Song Year: 2014

If you’re looking for more worship songs to add to your wedding ceremony, this Needtobreathe song is a great choice.

It’s a beautiful song with strong instrumentalism and powerful words that will get your guests dancing and singing along in a matter of seconds.

Ode To Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven

Song Year: 1824

It’s always a good idea to work some classics into your wedding ceremony. In the same way, if you want to incorporate hymns, you can’t go wrong working with some old compositions from famous men like Beethoven.

“Ode To Joy” is a recognizable tune you can play as a recessional.

Our Mystery by Bebo Norman

Song Year: 2002

“Our Mystery” might not be the best love song ever written, but it’s a fun, upbeat tune you should play during your wedding reception.

You’ll want to grab your partner’s hands and get them out on the dance floor for this one.

For You by Michael W. Smith

Song Year: 1990

“For You” is another excellent Christian wedding song you can play as a dance for everyone or as your first dance.

The lyrics are powerfully moving yet simple and direct, lamenting the inconveniences of everyday life while promising to stay by the side of the promised one.

Household of Faith by Steve Green

Song Year: 1986

Steve Green sings in this song about the importance of committing. When two Christians marry, they promise each other and God that they’ll stay together.

“Household of Faith” explains how to do that in eloquent, beautiful, and musical terms.

Look What Love Has Done by Jaci Velasquez

Song Year: 1999

Jaci Velasquez might not be writing about her husband or boyfriend in this song, but she’s writing a love song that’s worth playing at your wedding.

You might find a few people teary-eyed as this love song plays over the speakers.

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Song Year: 2019

“Reckless Love” is another excellent worship song you can easily incorporate into your wedding music.

It would be a perfect song to add to your welcome playlist, so people can hear it in the background as they take their seats and prepare to watch the ceremony.

You Say by Lauren Daigle

Song Year: 2018

Some people come into a marriage with a lot of baggage. They feel undeserving of the precious gift that they’re receiving in the form of their spouse.

“You Say” is an excellent reminder to anyone about to tie the knot that there is a way to let go of your past and find new hope and love with someone special.

Commitment by Sanctus Real

Song Year: 2013

Sanctus Real has put together a song that pays respect to the concept of commitment and its critical role in the life of a married couple.

“Commitment” is a great song to dance to with your new husband or wife, though it doesn’t have to be your first dance.

I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1956

“I Walk The Line” is not an explicitly Christian song, but it carries many hefty themes that fit within the context of a Christian wedding.

Johnny Cash sings this song about the hard work of being in love. When you find the right person, all the work feels worthwhile.

Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

Song Year: 2008

If you want to know what love is all about, check out this tear-jerking song by Brandon Heath. It’s the perfect song to play while the future wife walks down the aisle or the future husband leads parents and grandparents to their seats.

Heaven’s Knife by Josh Garrels

Song Year: 2015

Josh Garrels has a unique voice that sets him apart from every other Christian artist on the radio today.

With this beautiful song about his wife, he puts all of his skill and musical ability on the line. It would be a great first dance song.

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Song Year: 2003

“You Raise Me Up” is a classic in the world of Christian music, and it’s more of an orchestral worship song than a soft-spoken love song.

But it’s beautiful, and it would be a great song to add to your wedding playlist if you’re looking for good worship songs.

Angel by Casting Crowns

Song Year: 2011

Casting Crowns doesn’t often write love songs, but this one is a hit and perfect for a wedding day playlist.

“Angel” is a love story from start to finish, praising the beauty of young love and how sometimes people know what true love is from the very first moment.

Love Song by Third Day

Song Year: 1994

“Love Song” might seem a little on the nose for a wedding day playlist, but it’s so much more than just a love song.

Third Day does a great job of incorporating faith and human love in this song. So if you’re looking for a soft love song to play at the beginning of your wedding, consider this one.

White Dress by Ben Rector

Song Year: 2010

“White Dress” is a great song to play as your first dance, during the beginning of your wedding, or even as a recessional while the wedding party waltzes down the aisle.

If you’re looking for a sweet song to add to your wedding playlist, consider adding this great tune by Ben Rector.

Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Song Year: 2005

Rascal Flatts is another country band with a habit of writing songs that could work just fine in a Christian wedding.

This song is especially worthwhile for your wedding ceremony because it’s about real problems that often plague people in the world and how hopeful things can become when you meet someone special.

Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin

Song Year: 1972

If you’re interested in incorporating some hymns into your wedding playlist, you might want to think outside the box.

Aretha Franklin is a classic gospel and R&B singer who puts a unique spin on the beloved hymn. Your wedding guests will love this addition.

Let’s Stay Home Tonight by Needtobreathe

Song Year: 2016

Needtobreathe has an excellent track record of making wonderful love songs with amazing lyrics and powerful meanings.

You can hear the love that the lead singer wants to communicate in this piece, making it an excellent choice for your first dance.

I Found Love by BeBe & CeCe Winans

I Found Love by BeBe & CeCe Winans

Song Year: 2009

The lyrics of “I Found Love” are humble, loving, and thankful. It’s a song about how people find love when they least expect it and how sometimes you can pray for years before receiving the answer you’ve been waiting for or wanting.

We Will Dance by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song Year: 2003

Steven Curtis Chapman has been on this list more than once because he has a habit of creating fantastic love songs.

You will want to dance to this song, and it’s not a slow dance. Make sure you bring some comfortable shoes for when this song turns on.

Wedding Day by Casting Crowns

Song Year: 2011

“Wedding Day” is one of those songs with more than one meaning, or at least could have more than one meaning.

It could be about someone’s wedding day and has the lyrics necessary to make it a great song to add to your reception playlist.

Forever Love by Francesca Battistelli

Song Year: 2008

When you get married, you commit to loving one person for the rest of your life, and that person makes the same commitment.

Francesca Battistelli honors this commitment, and the desire for this commitment, with beautiful lyrics and an excellent melody.

Next To Me by Jordan Feliz

Song Year: 2020

As far as modern worship songs go, “Next To Me” is a great one to add to your wedding playlist.

If you’re looking for some great worship songs to help your guests get into the spirit of your wedding, consider using this one from Jordan Feliz.

House Of The Lord by Phil Wickham

Song Year: 2021

“House Of The Lord” is another great worship song. It’s not about a romantic couple finding love or getting married; it’s about worshiping the God who brought them together.

Finding compelling worship songs for your guests to sing together or play before the ceremony begins is a great way to get everyone involved and invested.

Till The End Of Time by Seth Carpenter

Song Year: 2021

We have a few more worship songs to cover for your wedding playlist, and this great tune by Seth Carpenter is next.

Not only is this a great worship song that you can play before your ceremony, but you could also consider playing it during your ceremony as a congregational song.

How Great Thou Art by Martina McBride

Song Year: 2007

Another classic hymn with a modern twist is this version of “How Great Thou Art” by Martina McBride.

If you’re looking for something to sing with your new spouse or a way to worship while you’re out on the dance floor, this would be a great addition.

Whatever May Come by Jeremy Camp & Adrienne Camp

Song Year: 2020

“Whatever May Come” is a duet, which makes it a great song to play while you’re out dancing with your brand-new special someone.

It’s also an excellent worship song, so guests looking for ways to celebrate accordingly will appreciate the addition.

Good Day For Marrying You by Dave Barnes

Song Year: 2015

Everyone wants their wedding to feel like a celebration, a giant party, or the best day of their life.

Dave Barnes delivers a song that reflects this as he describes the perfect day and how he can’t wait to marry his future wife.

Hundred More Years by Francesca Battistelli

Song Year: 2011

“Hundred More Years” is a beautiful love song with a hint of longing and perhaps some well-placed melancholy.

This song is about how you don’t want those special moments to end. Even when you’re in the middle of them, you recognize that you want them to continue as long as possible.

Two Becoming One by Jonathan and Emily Martin

Song Year: 2013

When two people get married, a Christian pastor often makes a big deal about celebrating two becoming one.

Few songs communicate this truth as beautifully as “Two Becoming One.” It’s a great song to dance to if you need a first dance song.

The Marriage Prayer by John Waller

Song Year: 2011

“The Marriage Prayer” is a beautiful and heart-wrenching song that comes from the perspective of a man who wants to put everything he has into his marriage.

The prayer is a lovely reflection of what many future husbands experience when preparing to marry their life’s love.

I Love My Wife by Rufus Troutman

Song Year: 2009

Could it be any more simple than that? Rufus Troutman loves his wife and he wants everyone to know it.

Maybe he goes on a little to explain why he loves his wife and all the ways he loves his wife, but it’s a sweet song nonetheless and great for a wedding ceremony.

Something Beautiful by Newsboys

Song Year: 2006

“Something Beautiful” is a great upbeat song that’s perfect for playing over the speakers when you really want your wedding guests to start dancing their feet off.

You won’t regret adding this fun song to your wedding playlist. It’s upbeat, clean, and has a great message everyone can appreciate.

Love Will Be Our Home by Susan Ashton

Song Year: 1990

Susan Ashton makes her soft and heartfelt voice the star of the show with this beautiful song that you could play at any point during your wedding.

No matter what, you always have a place to call home when someone loves you. And isn’t that what marriage is all about?

You’ve Got Me by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song Year: 2003

“You’ve Got Me” is another great love song by Chapman that’s all about how a wife has the heart of her husband no matter what. Every day of the week and through every up and down, she can trust that he is hers until the end of his life.

Your Love Broke Through by Rebecca St. James

Song Year: 2001

When two people get married, there’s an exciting dynamic of broken individuals coming together and uniting in a commitment intended to last for an entire lifetime.

Rebecca St. James offers a song of hope and redemption that anyone can relate to if they think about it. It’s a great wedding song.

Without Love by Stacie Orrico

Song Year: 2000

A well-known Bible passage speaks of what love is all about. It describes what makes it special and unique, clarifying the characteristics that set it apart from all other powerful forces in the universe.

And without it, we are nothing.

By Heart, By Soul by Avalon & Aaron Neville

Song Year: 2000

There are quite a few Christian worship songs that could have a double meaning if you think about it long and hard.

This is one of those songs. No matter what it means, it’s a great worship song to add to your wedding playlist for guests to enjoy.

I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe

Song Year: 1990

“I Can Only Imagine” is one of the most popular Christian songs out there, and it’s one that’s still played regularly on Christian radio.

It’s a great wedding song because it gets the guests thinking about their faith and worshiping the Lord as one body along with the bride and groom.

Above All Things by Phil Keaggy

Song Year: 1998

Phil Keaggy was an extremely popular Christian musician in the 1980s and 1990s. Today he isn’t as well known, but he has a lot of songs worth playing at your wedding.

“Above All Things” is a beautiful love song with potent lyrics that communicate a clear message about how passionately this man loves his wife more than anything else.

You Must Have Been An Angel by Bob Carlisle

Song Year: 1995

“You Must Have Been An Angel” is a sweet song about a man who has almost given up hope on love until he meets his future wife.

Many people can relate to that feeling, making this song an excellent choice for a wedding reception or ceremony.

Luv Is A Verb by D.C. Talk

Song Year: 1992

Not all wedding songs have to be slow and solemn. When it’s time to get your guests dancing and grooving, crank up this awesome tune from D.C. Talk.

You’ll especially appreciate the rap throughout the song, making it one of the more unique choices you could have for your wedding mix.

I’ll Take Care Of You by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song Year: 1984

Another great Steven Curtis Chapman song you won’t want to leave off your wedding playlist.

It’s a great song about commitment, dedication, and the power of love in someone’s life. 

Born Again by Josh Garrels

Song Year: 2015

“Born Again” is about a man finding faith when he least expects it and wanting everyone in the world to know.

You could easily play this one during your wedding reception to give guests a break from sappy love songs.

Dancing In The Minefields by Andrew Peterson

Song Year: 2010

Andrew Peterson’s love song feels like a song he wrote for himself and his wife. It tells its story against a musical backdrop with lots of creativity and passion. You could consider dancing to this song if you haven’t found a good first dance song yet.

Let My Words Be Few by Philips, Craig, & Dean

Song Year: 2001

Every Christian wedding needs a fair interspersing of Christian worship songs. It’s hard to go wrong when you incorporate many Philips, Craig, & Dean.

I Won’t Let You Go by Switchfoot

Song Year: 2016

“I Won’t Let You Go” could be about God holding on to people who believe in him through every trial, or it could be about a person committing to love someone else no matter what. Either way, it’s a great wedding song.

Beloved by Tenth Avenue North

Song Year: 2005

Another excellent worship song you can use to get your guests singing and worshiping with you and your extraordinary someone.

Made To Love by Toby Mac

Song Year: 2007

“Made To Love” is a love song about how we were all designed to love someone. When you play this one at your wedding, you’ll love how its upbeat temp gets your guests on their feet.

I Will Always Be True by Third Day

Song Year: 2008

Third Day sings many songs about the Lord's faithfulness to Christians, and every so often, they throw in a tune that could easily be a love song from one lover to another.

Can’t Live Without You by Bebo Norman

Song Year: 2008

When two people truly love each other, it feels like there was no life before that person and no life imaginable should anything happen to that person.

If I Stand by Rich Mullins

Song Year: 1988

If you’re looking for some musically beautiful songs that you can add to your reception dance playlist, consider adding this classic from Rich Mullins.

Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

Song Year: 2007

Steven Curtis Chapman writes many great love songs, and this one is no exception. If you need a heartfelt father-daughter song, this is sure to give you a special moment and maybe force a tear from your eye.

1000 Miles by Mark Schultz

Song Year: 2006

How far would you go for love? This lovely song by Mark Schultz is all about that, making it a great tune to add to your wedding playlist.

Top Christian Wedding Songs, Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of Christian wedding songs that you can incorporate into your wedding day to make it unique and memorable.

Between worship songs, heartfelt love songs, and great dancing songs, your wedding will be a great time when you work on some of these songs!

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